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  1. These drafts are the reason the Twins have been brutal. 4 out of the 6 were complete misses. Gordon is jury is still kind of out on but he certainly is no all-star caliber player. The first few years of Buxton in the bigs were brutal at the plate. Now it seems like he has it figured out but can't stay on the field. All and all just a horrendous string of picks.
  2. All and all this isn't a terrible group of draft picks. The two that I remember that I was disappointed in were Revere and Gibson. Revere for the obvious reasons that he was a two tool player. Hit and speed. That's it. Not someone that should've been a first rounder. Gibson because If I remember right this was during the "pitch to contact" years and that's who he was. But I wanted a pitcher for the Twins that could get an out himself if needed. Whoever the twins had in the rotation at that time when he was drafted I felt like he fit the mold but I wanted to see the Twins get someone outside of the mold. It's unfortunate Hicks and Garza had better years after they left the twins. We dealt Hicks for some back up catcher. IF I remember right, in 2010 the Twins could've had Cliff Lee for their playoff push if they would have gave up hicks. Instead a year or so later we trade him for a catcher whose name is irrelevant.
  3. I know that I am in the minority on this, but I believe we have to trade him. My sole reasoning is I with the haul we would get for him, assuming it would be good, plus the pieces we added from the last trade deadline would give us a better chance at a world series in 5 years lets say versus keeping Buxton. If we re-sign him, how long before we are contenders with him on the team? Not next year, maybe the year after at the earliest? That's a stretch with the White Sox young talented core plus the Tigers are primed to make a run soon as well. IF we were contending in the next 2-3 years I would say signing him is a must, but we are not. So I say trade him. We will have some rough years for sure but I think it sets us up better in 5 years to win a world series versus keeping him on the team. I'll head for cover as I am sure I will be roasted for this.
  4. Hey everyone! Long time follower and first time poster! Here is my probably unpopular opinion of Buxton. I think we need to trade him or spend that money it would take to sign him on pitching. I just don't see us winning a World Series in the next 4-5 years with him. IMO a team has a better chance of winning the WS by spending the money that would go to Buxton on pitching versus signing him. With the young arms we acquired in trades this year and IF (big if) they live up to that potential, I could see us contending again in a few years. We have quality young arms and quality young bats in the minors on the cusp of making an impact. Spend the money that would be allocated to Buxton on young pitching or trade for a blue chip prospect and I think we could be dangerous in a few years. I hate the comparison of Buxton to Trout but what have the Angels done with the best player in history potentially? Nothing, because they haven't had the pitching. My whole argument is based in the fact that we will never win the WS via free agency. We will win it by our young prospects living up to their potential and having a couple awesome years before they hit free agency and bolt. Like the Royals in 2015. Buxton is fantastic. He is an otherworldly talent. But a small market team like us can't have so many eggs in one basket. Especially one who is injured often. Feel free to rip me!
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