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  1. You seem to have been personally offended by my opinion. I am not a consultant hired to assess why 2021 has been a disaster for the Twins. I am a fan. I watch the games, follow the news, and think about the team. I am not on the inside. I am not in a position to diagnose what the problems might be. My main assertion was that there was a problem in the coaching, which I don't think is too far from your assertion that the problem lay with underperforming players. I get that we have analytics that can produce insights around player performance, and that the same is not available for off fiel
  2. I disagree with your premise- Pull a guy of the street and have them manage a team and even if you have an allstar roster you still are not winning. Its a fantasy to think that you assemble the best 9 players and that will translate to wins. I grew up watching the England national soccer team. 11 of the best players in the best league but chronically mismanaged leading to disappointment (conditioned me well to be a Twins fan). Rocco can obviously manage because he has won the division twice. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't something amiss with the coaching team and organizati
  3. ahh didn't see that he was DHing but that explains why Broxton was also playing last night. If it weren't for his day-to-day injury i'd say park Cruz in a corner outfield spot tonight and hope it isn't an embarrasment to show to other teams "hey look he can play the field, no really, he is out there right now. That's his glove and everything"
  4. It didn't work out but look at it Outside the Kiriloff left field hole to start the season that is exactly what the Twins had. A projected defensive powerhouse left sided infield with masters in those positions. Same with centrefield and right field. Sano who is pretty good at first, Garver and Jeffers as good catchers. I'm sure you are talking about Astudillo who is lovely to have on the bench to cover injuries but shouldn't be starting in the field or relied on to hit. Arraez is serviceable alongside Polanco defensively. Then Cave who fits the role of the 4th outfielder on a team with a
  5. Looks like Refsnyder may be headed back to the IL after last night which frees up the room for Buxton. Otherwise I was thinking it would be Rortvedt sent down to make room on the active roster
  6. I get the Twins haven't been the most injured but firstly I wonder if that includes COVID & Concussion lists. My understanding is these are not IL stints because they don't require 10 days out. (It could well include this information I'm just not sure) Secondly, Its all well and good having injuries but no team has lost their superstar for a five weeks of the season. Imagine where the Blue Jays would be if Vladdy Jr had been out. The record without Buxton isn't that much worse but that was during a period where the Twins got hot and includes, but also he played through injury for a bi
  7. Thank Goodness for the FILs cable subscription
  8. Definitely going for the 80/90s digital retro look in all the marketing this season. I'm sure somewhere in the marketing department there is a big binder with exactly the rationale and aims of the campaign but I agree it seems a little out of place. Personally I think it is fun but I would be better with some context or integration into other things
  9. The JBJ discussion is eugh. He is a guy signed to earn a $13 Million in two years. The Twins (And no sane/grounded team) would pay that for a 4th outfielder who did not contribute at the plate. Cave is... well eugh is the kind thing to say but he gets league minimum. No contest for a team with 2 top outfield prospect, an MVP in centre, Solid Kepler and then Arreaz who they also want to get playing time for. Injuries make a fool out of teams and the Twins over rely on utility but if I am building the roster I prioritise cheap to stretch the budget (The size of which should be another debate).
  10. I was going to start a new topic but found this and am putting it here- Do Twins pitchers use anything? I've been looking at baseball savant at a few of the guys who have been with the Twins a while and a few who have gone elsewhere. Anecdotally, I haven't noticed it but then again that could be the broadcast team not showing the right shots or the predominantly dark coloured hats. It is really hard to tell from baseball reference as well, unlike other guys in the league. Take Berrios- No obvious jumps although an uptick of ~90 rpm on the fastball this season. I haven't heard a consensus
  11. I keep seeing things on Twitter about "Well at least we will get prospects for Nelson Cruz Et Al" and thinking that is really naive. Even setting aside his age, the increased leaguewide value placed on prospect capital, I can't see the Twins getting anything more than a really low level prospect. Right off the bat you can rule out half the teams because no NL team will touch him. I've seen people suggest he could fill in a pinch hitting role but I don't think that is realistic. The obvious comp is Sandoval with the Braves but the key difference is that Sandoval can, in theor
  12. Hard to know when the negotiations will start but after missing a few games today seemed like a proof of life assignment. Show the other teams he is still healthy and on the block. I agree with Jorgenswest that he value is limited by not being a utility guy, there aren't many contenders who could really use him. Maybe if the Twins eat all the money he could take Odor's spot on the Yankees. I'd be shocked if he isn't dealt but I would be surprised if they got anything higher than a 5th round pick. I don't really think the Twins will get anything in their sell off but that's another point
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