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  1. Great topic! Here are my all-time starting 9 baseball books: Where Nobody Knows Your Name - John Feinstein The Grind - Barry Svrluga They Played For the Love of the Game - Frank White Try Not to Suck (Joe Maddon) - Jesse Rogers and Bill Chastain Ninety Percent Mental - Bob Tewksbury (former Twins P) I'm Fascinated By Sacrifice Flies - Tim Kurkjian Is This A Great Game or What?! - Tim Kurkjian The Big Chair - Ned Colletti The Culture Code - Daniel Coyle [amazing book in general that applies to and references baseball] ---The back-up starting 9: Ahead of the Curve - Brian Kenny Dropping the Ball - Dave Winfield Smart Baseball - Keith Law Baseball in San Diego - Bill Swank Lou - Bill Madden The Arm - Jeff Passan Power Ball - Rob Neyer Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero - Jeff Pearlman Hardball: A Season in the Projects - Daniel Coyle ---there are many bad baseball books out there too....
  2. For many of those reasons, I also really enjoy Topps Archives each year. There were some wonderful set designs in the 80s and being 37 now, seeing today's players on the classic '87 through '92 era designs is very fun.
  3. Yes! I suggested this to fellow Twins minds in November. I'm all for it. I think Almora would thrive on Team Rocco.
  4. As a card lover, I have to admit I strongly dislike Heritage. I like action shots. I love Stadium Club and have grown to really enjoy the crisp action photos of the flagship the past 2-3 years. I do appreciate Heritage having such a large set, but wish they'd use action photos. Happy ripping, nonetheless!
  5. Petco Park: Best park and by far the best beers. Target Field has gottne better at good beers of late, but can keep swapping out crap beers for good IPAs and Pale ales.
  6. This is a very enjoyable feature on the terrific person and leader we have in Twins Territory! https://kstp.com/sports/the-woonsocket-rocket-visiting-rocco-baldellis-hometown/5646933/
  7. Because they are doing things? They have turned the franchise around in short order and are getting better and better. You have to give to get.
  8. Thanks for sharing! I love the excitement of Topps Series 1, it means our gross winter is nearly over. I will get a couple packs at Target tomorrow and hope to pull a Variation card (the only "hits" I chase), as well as some of the 35-40 cards on my wishlist. The cards I don't want I will give to my students. I will then go to the great Three Stars Sportscards in Bloomington on Sunday to get those singles I don't pull in packs. Stadium Club is the set I will splurge on and buy a hobby box. I love that set and this year they look especially lovely!
  9. When Miami was last here (and basically ended Phil Hughes) I was so hopeful to see Jose pitch, but he went the day before. What a talent. He'd be making more than Gerrit Cole.
  10. I forgot to add Jake Marisnick (will have to wait due to interleague scheduling) and my immense desire to observe the great young Fernando Tatis Jr. in person (my wife and I may travel to SD to see Twins at Pads in Sept).
  11. Who do you all enjoy watching compete and showcase their skills at Baldelli's Ballyard? Here are my current favorites: Francisco Lindor Nolan Arenado Kevin Kiermaier Mike Trout Andrelton Simmons Ozzie Albies Lorenzo Cain Christian Yelich Giancarlo Stanton Cameron Maybin Julio D. Martinez Marcus Stroman Avisail Garcia (no one stands as dangerously close while on deck!) Yasiel Puig Matt Chapman Manny Machado I'm very eager to observe Kike Hernandez this season. Baseball rules!
  12. Valid thought, but yes, he is a lock. He was by far their best INF defender last year and is a very good once a week starter in LF and RF when all are healthy. He is a big-time bilingual presence in that healthy clubhouse, as well. Yes, the Houston stuff is a stain on him, but he seems like the kind of teammate that will address it with his peers, just not the media and fans. He is a very sound baseball player and a good one to have on a team like this one. I envision him finishing many games at 1B or LF this season with fewer ABs than his previous 4-5 seasons.
  13. There really won't be a wrong lineup, assuming the starting 9 are all healthy. Here are what I expect will be common lineups: vs. RHP 1 Arraez 2 Polanco 3 Donaldson 4 Cruz 5 Kepler 6 Sano 7 Garver 8 Rosario 9 Buxton -or- 1 Kepler 2 Donaldson 3 Polanco 4 Cruz 5 Sano 6 Rosario 7 Garver 8 Arraez 9 Buxton vs. LHP 1 Polanco 2 Donaldson 3 Cruz 4 Sano 5 Garver 6 Kepler 7 Rosario 8 Buxton 9 Arraez "MarGo/Ehire" lineup 1 Arraez 2 Polanco 3 Donalson 4 Cruz 5 Kepler 6 Garver/Sano 7 Rosario 8 Gonzalez/Adrianza 9 Buxton
  14. I've been listening/watching/attending to all games since I was 7-8 years old in 1990. Here is my current perspective on Twins programming. Radio > TV. The Twins Radio team is very good and such a part of spring/summer/autumn around here. Now the winter Hot Stove show keeps fans like myself happy in the sad months, too. You get more information and authenticity via the radio program. Cory Provus is simply incredible. Provus is a treasure that I think some are finally starting to notice. Gladden can be funny and good as a side man, but is not good at play-by-play and I agree he is unprofessional when/how he says Latin names. He and Cory have a great rapport and genuine fondess for one another. Atteberry is very talented and terrific at the pre/post-game show and I love when he is with Provus. He gets a little wordy when filling in for Gladden, but you can tell he is enjoying the gig, which is important. He knows a lot and is great and sharing it. TV: I think Bremer is actually quite good. He is very informed and has the voice. He loves the Twins, which is good. Sometimes, yes, a little homer-ish, but he is a MN native and fan. He is very professional and easy to listen to. Bert is just a name some odler fans latch onto. He is not good at this gig. His act is beyond tired. Morneau is terrific and getting better. I think Hawkins is very good, but like that he only does a few games. Kaat is amazing, but can't be expected to do many games. I am thrilled he will be on Twins radio this season at times! I find Hunter overrated. He was a tremendius player to watch, but he isn't useful on TV. He is too goofy and closer to Bert in terms of "when I played" vs. how the actual game in front of him is being played and who is playing it. Smalley is great and really grown on me. I love when Smalley and Morneau are together. I also think the FSN set duo of Dave Benz and Glen Perkins is refreshing and entertaining. Marney is fun and has good presence. Her filling in on TV and radio once in a while would be a big plus, I think. I think Audra is terrific at all of her roles. I'm not a Gorg guy...or Laudner. I think Trevor Plouffe would be such a great addition in a variety of roles. Now, he won't be leaving his SoCal home for the whole season, but if you could get him for 40-60 games of some analyst work with Dick and Cory, as well as FSN set time, and where I think he'd really shine, roaming the concourses and sections and talking baseball and beer with fans. He's a cool man with lots of commonalities with we fans, other than his hair. I listen to a lot of out of market radio and TV and honestly the Twins have some of the better programming, especially radio.
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