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Everything posted by mrtwinsfan

  1. Mlb network just spent 10 min going over what should of been done on that play , saying it was Arraez ball all the way - they slowed it down to where Arraez was waving and calling, and theres a practiced rotation that went ALL wrong,, broke it down real well, bottom line to them Duffey looked lost on standing there, and turtle also wasent paying attention , Arraez ball according to the way its all practiced in spring training and ??.didnt matter what area of the mound which surprised me. And even said Duffey should of been moving Tortuga out of the way, neat seeing how Harold and them spent alot of time on it, Arraez hope ur not hurt ,
  2. Hope we get Max back, watching philly and washington , Blake Parker just pitched to Brian Dozier, now Matt Morin is in,, Luck or not Gotta hand it to front office with the way the bullpen has developed, And how important they will be now with 2 Starters, Ya lets get this done Quick , 1ST TIME IN 9 YEARS, Loving it,
  3. I am more concerned about Max, all Rocco ever says - coming along nicely, tired of that, did the same with Byron - remember, how that turn out Need Max back healthy
  4. Great saturday of baseball, how would it feel to be a fan of Baltimore and detroit,, We have more wins than them combined, Winning is Fun
  5. hope we get a o.f. of Eddie- Max-Cave at least, . Wade and Lamarre have no reason to be seen again, maybe Wade ? and Sano at 1b, would help, Dont wanna see Cron either
  6. And the Yankees hit 6 home runs broke there record from last year and r tied with the twins, And they lost 12-11 funny!!!
  7. I want to see Kiriloff,, Cubs called up there 2018 1st rd pick from a.a. all he did is get 3 hits his first game, would rather see him over Wade- lamarre- the fast kid ? even maybe over cave, WHY NOT -- Service time , Thats getting old, More and more teams r calling up younger guys, Why not us ??
  8. Bremer, sit back and let Bert and kaat talk old school baseball, Gonna enjoy this series Mr. Kaat has always been a favorite of mine,
  9. Well then - Lets start the series with a win, kind of relieves alot of these comments
  10. Gibson is 9-9 with a 5.37 ERA in his career vs. the Tigers (21 starts). b4 last night- he is what he is- NOT GOOD
  11. Sorry but i dont think anyone is taking Eddie and giving up a 1 or 2 - 3?
  12. I know Cave has been playting good , SORRY, i just dont trust him in center, fine in left or right
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