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  1. It's actually kind of funny what happens. When a MLB organization starts the process for a P1 Visa, the US government will give an order to a domestic investigation agency to do some research. Evidence must be profided of the existance and age of the player. This is because in countries like the Dominican a lot of age-fraud has happened. This agency should be approved by the CIA. So some employee of the investigation agency will then come to the players house and will gather proof of existance. How do you prove your existance? Well, first of all you need a birth certificate. Which is pretty understandable. In wealthy countries that's a pretty simple process. Apply for one by Internet and you will receive it by mail. In other countries this could be a complex process. Cause you have to go all the way to City Hall and even than there's no insurance that there will be a birth certificate. But that's not enough. As parents you must provide evidence that when the child was born, it stayed in your household since and that you raised him all his live. So we had to provide a picture of every year of his life where the 3 of us were on the picture. If we were not on pictures with the 3 of us, than we had to find pictures where we as father & son or mother & son were on. But these had to be related to the same moment. This meant that we had to dig in our holiday- & birthday pictures, which brought us through memory lane. Additionally to these pictures we had to provide class-pictures from kindergarten, primary school and secondary education. Nowadays luckily everything is digital. But there were some years when pictures where hardcopied and not all pictures survived through the years. Eventually we found them all. Furthermore the investigator interviewed our neighbours and some of the teachers of the schools where my son went. This was to prove that he really exists, lives where he says he lives and is who he is. In this case you may hope that these people co-operate or else the process takes much longer. After all the evidence is gathered, it is send back to the US and you have to wait for the approvement. When approved you can start the appliance with the US council. Between approvement and finally receiving the P1 permit it took about 4 weeks. The whole process about 3 months.
  2. If you're interested, I can describe the process for a newly International signee before the P1 permit is actually is approved.
  3. This absolutely a great progress. Tha adaption of this kind of approach will take a while. New technologies will make players better. Players get personal mealplans, weight lifting programs and development plans. Next step is to lift the monthly wages in the minors so they can keep up to these mealplans and nutrion plans. As soon as they leave the player development center they not always have much too spent on nutrion.
  4. Last Friday was the final start for Donny in his first professional season. The GCL Twins were already eliminated for first place and for the playoffs. In the first inning the GCL Red Sox managed to score a run on a double and a single. It was the lone run of the game and Donny settled in after this. The Twins gathered a run here and there and won the game with 7-1. Most of the players went home after Saturday's final game. The International signees will do the same in the next couple of days. A select privileged group is invited for an additional strength camp from October till the X-mas holidays. These players will return to Ft. Myers after a month of rest. Final numbers for the season. IP: 37.1 ERA: 2.89 BB: 17 SO: 41 AVG: 0.197 WHIP: 1.15 W-L: 2-1
  5. It's been a while since the last post. The last 2 outings of Donny were shortened cause of heavy rain. On August the 11th against Donny threw 3 innings before the game got suspended with a score of 0-0. The game was resumed on August the 18th as part of a doubleheader. In the second game of that day, Donny got the start. So in theory he started both games of the DH. The first game was won by the Twins. The second game got suspended after 4 innings and was resumed the next day. In this game Donny lasted 3.1 innings and was replaced after he got muscle cramp in his calf. The resumed game was lost. This wasn't his best game a he had a bit of trouble finding the zone. Although he came behind in the count a couple of times he got 5 K's. Besides that he was hit hard and surrended 4 runs (3 earned) and 6 hits. With only one week left, the GCL Twins are still a playoff candidate with 2 games behind the Red Sox and the Rays. It's going to be tough, but it's possible. If not, most of the players will go home next week after a long (first) professional season. IP: 32.1 ERA: 3.06 BB: 15 SO: 37 AVG: 0.200 WHIP: 1.18 W-L: 1-1
  6. After a couple of good outings, the game on August 1st was tough. In the 2nd inning the GCL Orioles got on base with a walk and a pair of singles. Unfortunately with 2 outs with a 2-strike count, Donny left the ball to much over the plate and Trey Whitley hit a triple. This made the score 4-3. After this inning, the GCL Orioles got on base a couple of times and managed to score one more (unearned) run in the fourth. The Twins lost the game in the 8th. cumulative numbers: IP: 26.0 ERA: 2.77 BB: 12 SO: 30 AVG: 0.167 WHIP: 1.04 W-L: 1-0
  7. Donny named Minor League pitcher of the week
  8. Yesterday Donny got his first professional win. He really had it going. Last week I mentioned that when he would lower his BB ratio, he only would do better. Well, yesterday he did. In the 5 innings against the GCL Rays, he threw 9 K's, 1 BB and they could produce only 1 hit against him. While the Twins scored a couple of runs and the bullpen kept the Rays from scoring, after 6 outings he has himself a W-L record Numbers after 6 outings: IP: 22.0 ERA: 2.05 BB: 11 SO: 25 AVG: 0.137 WHIP: 0.95 W-L: 1-0
  9. In his 3rd start of the season, Donny had a reasonable outing. He's working on some new grips on his fastball and it takes some time too get the right feeling. In the first 2 innings, of his 4 inning outing, this cost him a couple of walks. All together the Orioles couldn't score a run on him. With 4 K's, 3 BB's and 2 hits, he was replaced in the 5th with the score still 0-0. So again, no descision. After 5 outings he's got some nice stats. When he can lower his walks per game, he will only do better. IP: 17.0 ERA: 2.65 BB: 10 SO: 16 AVG: 0.158 WHIP: 1.12
  10. In the game against the Rays on July the 11th, Donny threw 4 innings. With 2 K's, 1 BB and 6 hits against him, the Rays scored 3 earned runs. His ERA jumped from 2.00 to 3.46. The Rays jumped on his curveball, which was a bit high that day. After leaving the game with a 2-3 score, the Twins got on top of the Rays and won the game. This left Donny with another no-decision and he still has a W-L record of 0-0.
  11. We did the same thing. Left about 7.50 PM.
  12. Friday 6th of July, Donny was planned to pitch 4 to 5 innings after Landon Leach. Out of precautionary considerations, he was pulled after 2 innings due to a tired arm. The first of the 2 innings was descent with 3 up, 3 down on a groundball and 2 soft on the handle line-/fly-outs. In the second he worked himself in to trouble bij hitting the first batter and walking the next two. He pulled himself together and struckout the next two before ending the inning on a groundball. In 2 innings he threw 2 K's, 2 walks, 0 hits and 0 runs. It was a privilege to attend some of the GCL games on our stay in hot Florida. Unfortunately our visit to Ft. Myers Miracle on the 4th of July rained out. But we had a great time and it was good to see the kid again.
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