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  • Touch ‘Em All Pub Crawl Signup Has Started!

    John Bonnes

    Signup has begun for the Touch 'Em All Pub Crawl, sponsored by Proximo Spirits, and you can join us by clicking on this link. Tickets are $60. The event starts August 23rd at noon and includes a $27 Twins ticket, a t-shirt, and a whole lot more as described below. Last year was legendary and we expect a much bigger crowd this year. Grab your tickets right now.

    Twins Video

    And then I got to see Brock’s great t-shirt design, to the right. "Cappacino and Cream" is the color choice for 2014.

    So let’s put a pretty little bow on things.

    1. Tomorrow morning you’re going to want to click on this link (it'll be active tomorrow) to buy tickets. We’re selling them at cost for $50 on Friday only and go up to $60 after, and they’ll only be available for a week.
    2. It starts at noon on August 23rd at Barrio in Lowertown, includes stops and raffles at Campus Pizza, Di Nokio’s BarZia and Masons and of course the Twins game. More details are below.
    3. You can also buy just the shirt if you already have tickets to the game.
    4. Last year’s was legendary and I expect nothing less this year.

    We’ll see you tomorrow!


    The details are coming together for the Touch ‘Em All Pub Crawl sponsored by Proximo Spirits. Remember, tickets are on sale on Friday at 8 AM at this link and not only will they be sold at a discount that day, we have a history of selling out early. Here is what we know so far….

    First, since Proximo makes some damn fine liquors, we’ve been promised a couple of incredible drink specials throughout the trip from some high-end products like Maestro Dobel Tequila. I’m telling you this early in the story so you can start pacing yourself right now.

    We’ll meet up at noon at Barrio Tequila Bar in Lowertown, which also has been awarded some of the best Mexican food in the Twin Cities. They’re hinting at an all-you-can-eat taco special to gear us up for the trip ahead and a raffle for some free pizzas from Papa Johns. Also, Aaron Gleeman has promised to show us videos of his cat.

    From there we’ll jump on the new Metro Transit Green Line to the U of M and Campus Pizza. There will be more food, drinks and a raffle for DiamondCentric t-shirts. Parker will also entertain us with outtakes from the Twins Daily photo shoot by Twin Cities Business Journal.

    Our third stop is DiNoko’s BarZia in downtown Minneapolis, home of Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza. There will be yet more specials for the t-shirt wearing crowd and a raffle of four highly sought after Twins Daily Winter Meltdown Pint Glasses. Nick Nelson will impress us all by not rapping.

    Finally, we’ll end where we did last year – at Mason’s Barre & Restaurant. If you were with us last year or at the Meltdown or at the Home Run Derby party, you know they always take care of us. We’ll also have a very special raffle…..

    At each bar, you’ll be able to get a stamp on your hand. Anyone who is at Mason’s and has all three of the other stamps will be eligible for a special drawing for two pairs of front row Twins tickets for a game later this year.

    Finally, you’ll be going to a Twins game with us all where we’ll watch Alex Meyer or Trevor May pitch a perfect game while various Twins players buy us rounds of cocktails*.

    So click on this page, bookmark it and then set an alarm for Friday morning. That day the price is just $50 which includes a $27 Twins ticket, the Pub Crawl t-shirt and various other incidentals. The price goes up on Saturday to $60 and sales are completely over by Friday the 1st.

    (We should also mention that if you already have a ticket to the game, you can still join us at a reduced price. Just buy the t-shirt for $25 and you’ll still be welcome on the crawl and enjoy all the specials and benefits of our members. You’re just on your own at the game.)

    We spend enough time online or listening to each other on podcasts. It’s time to meet up. Please get in early so we can make sure we see you there.

    *Not totally guaranteed. Hell, none of this it totally guaranteed. We’ll do the best we can.


    It started as a bad pun. It ended as a legend.

    Last year Twins Daily and Gleeman and the Geek had their inaugural pub crawl to a Twins game, the inappropriately delicious #GrandDrunkRailroad. The idea was simple: start at one end of an LRT and pub crawl our way to a Twins game where we would sit together and share the love.

    Our organization skills might not have been the strongest, but our enthusiasm carried the day. I still remember the look on the unsuspecting first bartender’s face as 80 people in red t-shirts swamped his understaffed place on a Saturday afternoon. But like any good runaway train, it built momentum from stop-to-stop. It ended at Hrbek’s with Glen Perkins making national news by buying a round for the revelers during a rain delay.

    For those that missed it, I have good news: you’re getting a do-over.

    On August 23rd, starting at noon, the Touch ‘Em All Pub Crawl, sponsored by Proximo Liquors, will be rolling through the metro area. Once again we’ll be starting at one end of town (this time, St. Paul) and making our way, bar by bar, to the Saturday night Twins game versus the Detroit Tigers. I can promise a little more organization – for instance, the bars should actually be prepared for us this year – and several additions to the proceedings. But mostly what you can expect is revelry and community.

    We want as many people to show up as can, so we’re offering this at cost for one day. On Friday (7/25), we’ll start selling tickets at 8:00 AM for $50 per person ticket, which includes a $27 ticket, a $20 t-shirt (+ shipping) and several other bonuses. If we have any tickets left – and that’s a big “if” because we sold out the Winter Meltdown by noon – we’ll sell those at $60. One week from Friday (August 1st), we’ll need to cut off sales completely to get the t-shirts ordered and delivered in time for the event.

    Keep checking this space for more details throughout the week and for where to buy the tickets.

    On behalf of all the writers of Twins Daily and Aaron, we hope you can make it this time. You’re going to get to meet a lot of great people – I know dozens of people who travel to the Twin Cities for this event. Plus, there is something special about seeing a Twins game with 100+ people who love it as much as I do. This is one of our favorite days of the year. Join us and see why.

    And maybe be part of the next legend.

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