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  1. I think Eovaldi is an intriguing target, and I don't think the Twins front office should waive the white flag on a Frankie Montas trade. I also think reuniting with C.J. Cron is worth considering. Cron has been outstanding in the Mile High City, and would have 1.5 years of control left at the deadline.
  2. I would tend to agree with you. I think welcoming back C.J. Cron is the most exciting option, and also carries the most upside. Not to mention, I value the fact that he carries an additional year on his contract.
  3. Much has been – and will continue to be – written about the Twins’ need to acquire more arms before the trade deadline; that’s absolutely true. Less explored, however, is whether the Twins might be in the market for a lineup addition. With the usual caveat that the trade deadline is months away, it’s never too early to speculate on moves that might bolster an organization looking to end a postseason drought. Between an imminent exit for Miguel Sano, an overmatched rookie who needs further development in Jose Miranda, and an out-of-position Luis Arraez, acquiring a slugging first baseman could be a sensible move. With that in mind, here are three targets the Twins could look to welcome (or reacquaint) to Minnesota: Trey Mancini: Once again, Baltimore finds themselves in the basement of the American League East and staring up at a multi-year climb back to relevance. This home run derby alum is in the last year of his contract and his Statcast page paints a picture of a slugger continuing to frighten pitchers. Given that Mancini’s services would only be “rented” for half a season, it would also likely be a more economical option. Josh Bell: Much like Mancini, Bell is headed for free agency at the conclusion of the 2022 campaign. Though the National’s first baseman has struggled to barrel balls with consistency this season (32% barrell%), his intrinsic power and max exit velocity offers an intriguing upside. C.J. Cron: Cron was an important contributor to the thrilling 2019 Bomba Squad Twins, and has continued to slug in the Mile High City. With a .319/.364/.604 (.969 OPS) line, Cron’s 2022 numbers are well-above his career averages. Of course this could be attributed to the Coors Field effect, but Cron’s Statcast page suggests a deeper reason for optimism. In addition to adding a power bat in the Twins lineup for a postseason push, Cron is also under contract through the 2023 season. Do any of these power hitters intrigue you? What additions do you think should be in the Twins’ future? COMMENT below.
  4. The seasonal tradition of bemoaning the many false-starts of Minnesota’s spring is typically accompanied by an equally frustrating tradition: questioning whether it’s too early to panic about the Twins. If recent history is our guide, we may be fast-approaching that point. Of the five American League teams that punched tickets to the playoffs last season, none started worse than 5-7. Now admittedly, that’s a small sample size, but it reinforces the conventional baseball wisdom that good, playoff teams avoid spiraling losing streaks. While only one 2021 AL playoff team (the Boston Red Sox) finished their first 12 games above .500, the remaining four closed out the opening month of their campaigns close to or above the .500 mark. The New York Yankees owned the worst April record of the 2021 AL contenders at 12-15. At the current pace of the 2022 Minnesota Twins, they’ll be lucky to sniff 10 wins throughout the month of April. Simply put, these games matter too and that’s not good enough. The Twins’ offseason was certainly exciting, but it’s now time to demonstrate that those signings and trades will translate to victories. Given an underwhelming 2020 and an abysmal 2021, the current iteration of the Minnesota Twins – front office to club house – have not earned our patience. If the (recent) past is prologue, it’s time to start piling up series wins and turn the fortunates of this season around.
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