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  1. The pitching coach is less than desirable for such a current staff that cannot compete in their division. When will the FO understand that pitching is the most important asset on this team? It will be another ho hum year with less than 80 wins with a possible third or fourth place finish in 2022.
  2. Wes Johnson is not a good fit for this team with many young pitchers. Wes has never coached in minors or big leagues, just college, can't figure out what FO or manager goal is with this young staff.
  3. Build Back Better Baseball, if you don't like the lockout, then boycott baseball
  4. A competent pitching staff is greatly needed, good pitching stops good hitting, an experienced one or two veterans is what Twins need to be competitive in 2022 & beyond. Wes, the college only pitching coach, is a questionable staff member. Think small,stay small, in the market, now if only Buxton could pitch!!
  5. OMG, another poor pitching year for Twins, very sad state, think small, be small. 2022 results: Sox,Tigers,Guardians,Twins,Royals
  6. Tampa Florida a mixture of snowbirds, tourists is reason for attendance woes. Many fair weather fans and many minor league teams around the area also. Who wouldn't want Twins to be similar to Ray's? Its about talent ,recruiting, talented baseball FO STAFF & Scouts, in my opinion. I like Josh D, only because I threw teamn BP @ Auburn University Tigers, but his best years are behind him..
  7. Small market dreams went away along time ago, think small, stay small. Twins need better baseball FO people, look at Tampa always in contention, good minor league players despite trading away top notch staff and still competitive. Carl P wake up you will lose the fan base if you continue low ball players. This isn't Town Ball. home grown is rarity. Can't live in the past, many fans. .still do..unfortunately
  8. This FO is another on the cheap hire, same w/Manager, same w/ Pitching coach. Bally Sports really what we're they thinking,not about fans for sure. Trade bait is Buxton, get some good players while he is still under team control. Can you say injury prone? Even in minor leagues, hello..
  9. It's time to spend $$ and rebuild this team, starting with 2 starters and 1 dominate closer. The revolving door from St Paul AAA, was not successful full term. Defensive help at SS with a bat,is imperative. Solicit some T Bay internal folks and scouts, they must be doing something right. A college only pitching coach, really, no.minor league experience, what's that all about, guess JA Haap comments were valid. Act small.market, you will always be small market,except for Tampa. Front office. Spend some dollars make this team competitive. Eyes on Detriot this year. Ford family money will bring this team in contention very soon. 2022 Chicago,Cleveland,Detroit, Minnesota & Kansas City
  10. Very few comments on the manager and his coaching staff during this lackluster season. There have been many coaching decisions,especially with pitchers that are very questionable. Such as leaving in your starter who is getting " shelled" by opposing batters, building up an insurmountable lead in runs. Wes Johnson is first time ever college pitching coach who never spent a day in minor league baseball, thats very suspect in his ability to handle MLB caliber players. Twins need to evaluate Roccos performance and not rely events from the past. Change should be highly considered.
  11. Time to look also at the manager and his coaching staff, not just the players.
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