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  1. The twins are about to sell off parts of the team due to a terrible 2021 first half of the season. But are the twins contenders and are a year off from contending or are they just pretending and have more work to do Let's go position by position and find out. Catcher-garver 67 rbi in 2019 hurt in 2020, behind him nothing, catcher still a work in progress.... First base-sano stats in 19 79 rbi 20 down in production this year down further where Alex kirloff is now taking time at 1st and doing rather well, 1st base incomplete. 2nd base and shortstop- Polanco has played both this year bringing in Simmons and last year playing Luis Arreaz there as well decent production but is it enough, I will say ok but the change is not enough for this year. 3RD base- simple stay healthy position fine, but if not you need to start over, keep Donaldson healthy position fine. Outfield- injuries, under performing and perhaps a miss on the front offices part, Rosario yes flakey and sometimes undisciplined but a true sparkplug who many times re energized the team, outfield needs Buxton and a reboot from Kepler and larnach playing everyday. Pitching- goes without saying it needs help!!! And Wes Johnson is not the answer he was a 1 year answer. So this tells me a reboot is needed and 2022 is not going to be the year we are back, until the pitching is repaired and the positions are better settled we are not ready to compete till 23-24 Thoughts???
  2. welcome... This is my 7 point plan for the 2nd half of the season, so simple straight forward plans 1)Rocco gets 1 more year, let him learn and figure things out if he does we reap the benefits. He doesn't he goes. 2)Cruz gets dealt but 1 player coming back must be mlb ready I'm not saying wandy Franco don't worry, but say an arm for the bullpen. 3)Rogers gets dealt for a young starter period, say Garcia from the Astros If not sign him say 2 years 25 million (12.5 yearly) with a player option 4)Donaldson trade him for some minor league potential obviously the more we help with the salary the better, but sometimes just gotta move players on. 5)Kepler gets dealt would like a deal to a team like Pittsburgh, hey I love max but we have our 2 lefty batters for the future kirloff and larnach pirates have good arms who could help sooner than later and max can be a staple in that lineup for years to come. 6) Simmons and Oakland are a great match. 7)Barrios gotta deal him he is not going to give a team friendly deal sorry, so I think a deal like the clevinger deal could work, in that deal Cleveland received. 2 pitchers 2 infielders a catcher and outfielder. So deal him before you lose him There are a few DFA candidates but this will allow the team to reload for 2022 Sjm
  3. The team needs to be realistic instead of holding out hopes for a miracle. After reading the article I see more of a balanced approach is needed because if done right we could be back in 22, Cruz- Tampa Bay, better prospects and they are pitchers. Rogers- dodgers, could be the centerpiece of a bigger trade with perhaps Pineda, Bauer is gone which means price may go into the rotation, dodgers have prospects ready to play Barrios- cardinals or brewers (unless he agrees to a extension)brewers are a #2 away from big things they have young pitching and position players, cardinals always have good talent and their young ace Flaherty has been on the IL. There are others who could be dealt many have called for Buxton but I am on record saying not yet. Let's see what the team does, happy fire sale...
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