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  1. No possible way we should be giving up more that Graterol, just because the fans let Bloom have it on his first major deal. Personally, I would pull out of the deal, and keep Graterol, and see where we are at the deadline. Let the Dodgers supplement the pieces, as I wasn't keen on giving up Graterol for Maeda in the first place. Let the Dodgers and Red Sox deal with themselves.
  2. Could just imagine if Sanó heard a trash can banging and laying off breaking balls low and away and forcing only fastballs to be thrown to him what the comparison would have been between him and Bregman (prior to moving to first this year)...
  3. With looking at what the Padres are offering Boston for BOTH Price and Betts, I would think that we could package something together that would involve Rosario, a top 5 prospect (Larnach?), and two low level prospects, and eat the majority of the Price contract? By the Padres offering Myers, they are still getting a bad contract out of the deal, and by dealing Price and Betts (shift Kepler to Left) to us, they get a major league 30+ HR hitter in Rosario, a top prospect, two low level prospects and relieved of the Price contract. Just imagine if we had Price in our rotation and swapping out Rosario for Betts (even if it is just one year of him, which works out because Kirilloff would be ready by then?
  4. I'm really high on Sandy Alcantara. Any idea's on a package to get him? Also, does anybody consider him an "impact" pitcher, or am I crazy??
  5. Definitely think the punishment should have been more. Seems like by letting them keep their title and rings, is almost like, a thief robbing a bank, stealing $3 million, getting caught, going to jail for a bit, but still gets to keep the money he stole forever. Does the time, but keeps the royalties to use for when he goes free.
  6. What about Rosario, Nick Gordon (family ties), and Thorpe for Alcantara from Miami?
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