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  1. Good to know. I also purposely framed my statement to see who would automatically assume it meant I wouldn't watch if they were kneeling. Which was almost everyone. Also good to know.
  2. Just wondering if I need to bother watching or not.
  3. I absolutely expected exactly this after the first third of Game 1. Different year, different players, different coaches, different FO....same old s*#$.
  4. As far as the pitch selection and sequence to specific batters, isn't that partly on the catcher to study previous ABs and not call the same sequences over and over? Unless of course the pitcher is shaking off signs.
  5. It's always up to the bats to beat the Yankees..and they always fall short. Let's hope just this once it's different. There's so much wrong with a lot of the talk I'm hearing on the radio and at work, but haven't had a chance to put it into words yet. One thing I will say before having to go back to work, is that the talk of "all the pressure is on the Yankees" is garbage. All the pressure SHOULD be on the Twins..the Yankees are the monkey on their back. And if there's pressure on the Yankees, so what? They're the Yankees. They can play under pressure.
  6. The most fascinating sentence in the OP "the Twins will be closer to contending in 2018". Is that a guarantee? We've heard "next year" for years. Are we the new Cubs?
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