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    Due to the extended rain delay of four hours and 23 minutes, the Chicago White Sox are offering fans with tickets to Sunday’s game a complimentary ticket to a home game in April 2014 (excludes Opening Day and Boston series). Once 2014 tickets go on sale, fans can bring their ticket stub or mail it to the U.S. Cellular Field box office to redeem it for a best available outfield reserved or upper level seat.

    This past Saturday night the Twins and Tampa Rays game at Target Field was delayed by seven minutes at the start due to rain and delayed again after four innings for two hours and four minutes again due to rain. Down 4-0 and on their way to being shut out for the second day in a row and well on their way to their third straight 90 loss season maybe the Twins should have done a little something for the 1,000 or so fans that stayed for the duration of a 7-0 loss. Many Twins players have long ago given up on this season and started to plan their off-season get-aways and it appears that the Twins front office seems to have forgotten this years ticket buyers also. I wasn't at that game on Saturday night so I don't know for a fact that the Twins did nothing but todate I have not seen or read anything anywhere that the Twins threw those fans any kind of bone to thank them for staying to watch the remainder of a dismal game in crappy weather. I did hear that closer Glen Perkins bought some Twins fans a round of beers during the delay. Thanks Glen, very cool. Over 2.2 million fans have paid to see the Twins play this year and that is pretty darn good attendance for a team that is playing terrible baseball.

    In full disclosure, I should mention that I have been a Minnesota Twins 20-game plan season ticket holder for many years but did not buy them this year. Why? Because we had seats in the top row of section 103 on the aisle next to section 104. There was an aisle to our left so as we looked towards home plate to watch the action all the people constantly walking up and down the aisle throughout the game blocked our view of play. The seats across the aisle in 104 were seldom used in 2012 so when the 2013 ticket renewal package arrived we asked to see if we could move to section 104 with our 20-game plan. The Twins said no way they want to sell 20 game plans in that section and after chatting with the Twins about this situation about once a month throughout the off-season we could not arrive at an agreement so we have ended up with no season tickets in 2013. We have attended fewer Twins games this season because of this but with the Twins poor play for the third year in a row this has actually been a blessing and has saved us a bunch of money on parking and concessions while we watched the games on TV. It now looks like nothing has changed for 2014 either, the Twins called the other day and asked if we wanted to get our 20-game plan again and I asked them if they were going to allow us to sit in section 104 and they said NO, they still don't want to sell 20 game plans in that section. To my way of thinking this is unbelievably arrogant (and stupid) to not sell tickets to fans that want to attend Twins games when the team stinks and attendance is falling all around them.

    The Twins used to be a fan friendly team but since Target Field was built it seems like the organization has found numerous ways to stick it to the fans. Heck, even the players seem to have that attitude. Over the years you could send a baseball card to a Twins player and 90% of the time you could expect to get your signed card back in the mail a couple of weeks later. This year I have sent about a half-dozen cards to various Twins players and not one card has come back. Trivial? Yes, but it still sends a message.

    Maybe the Minnesota Twins organization has gotten too stale and set in their jobs. The Twins try to sell themselves as one of the top fan friendly organizations in baseball when it fits their needs but at times there are members of the Twins organization that come across as arrogant stuck up snobs that refuse to bend their so-called policies and keep doing things the same old way. I am not sure what it is going to take for change to take place in this organization, the Pohlad's need to take a hard look at the entire structure of this organization and see what they can do to shake it up. That means from President Dave St. Peter on down to GM Terry Ryan, manager Ron Gardenhire, the coaching staff, the medical staff and yes, the Marketing staff that has done nothing since Target field was opened in 2010. Don't get me wrong, the Twins have many great employees doing what they think is best for the organization with great passion but sometimes you can be in a position so long that you close your mind to new ways of doing things. The time has come for a big shake-up at Target Field both on the playing field and in all the Twins offices.

    I personally value loyalty a lot but you can't keep surrounding yourself with "yes" men and hope to get new ideas and new ways of doing things. Executives, Front office personnel, managers, and coaches, are really no different then the players themselves, they may have done a great job over the years but the time comes when you have to part ways like you did with Voila, Santana, Knoblauch, Cuddyer or a Morneau. The Twins have players on the field that just plain don't belong in the big leagues and they have off the field personnel that don't belong in their jobs either. The Minnesota Twins like any other business need new blood now and then and that time is now.

    The Twins recently announced that there will be no ticket price increase for 2014, I will believe that when I see it in black and white and do a comparison between the ticket prices and plans for 2013 and 2014. I want to belive the Twins but.....

    Twins fans are and will continue to watch through this off-season what the Twins organization does to improve this team from top to bottom. The Twins can brag about the 2014 All-Star game at Target Field all they want but it isn't going to put butts in the Target Field seats and a better product on the field. Come on Mr. Pohlad, do something about this mess and do it quick because Twins fans are jumping off the band wagon left and right! If you need some help, give me a call.

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