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Prospect Talk: Edouard Julien, Jordan Balazovic, Brooks Lee and More


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Tom Froemming
The Minnesota Twins promoted Alex Kirilloff to the big club and sent Trevor Larnach back down to the minors. Even after that move, they still have some hitters with the St. Paul Saints I think you can argue have proven they deserve more of a look in the majors. That plus highlights of prospects Edouard Julien, Jordan Balazovic and Brooks Lee.

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After seeing Miranda over the first 6 weeks of season, he looks like a project at 3B. The intuitive aggressiveness isn’t there & the routine plays seem less routine. That said, Polanco - Correa - Farmer - Lewis - Lee are our likely infielders with Kiriloff in ‘24. Julien doesn’t feel like he has a fit with the Twins due to fact that he’s only a 2B. Polanco may turn into a RH hitting 1B by next year for more flexibility. Because of 1B - RH hitting combo, Miranda has a better chance of making team than Julien.

If Buxton stays healthy & productive through ‘23 there won’t be many AB’s at the DH spot in the foreseeable future. Again, despite the promise, Julien is on the outside………..there is a chance they don’t pick up Polanco’s option for ‘24 but if he is close to what he’s shown early in ‘23 for the balance of season, they have to bring him back. Farmer is signed for ‘24.

Walner is able to put up similar stats to Kepler, we expect/hope! He should be in right next year.

Larnach - Gordon - Taylor or new young guy from system (Martin?) Walner ………..Gallo & Kepler gone. 

I see Miranda & Julien as excellent trade chips for an arm………if Julien started getting reps in OF soon he may have a shot at making ‘24 team but that doesn’t seem realistic.

Could drop Polanco but, again, if he performs around his historical numbers this year he’s going to be tough to displace……..Lewis is awfully talented & Lee is a switch hitter that can play multiple positions. Julien on outside!

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