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  1. I thought the Andrus/Manea trade was too cheap also but according to mlb trade simulator it’s a slight overpay by the Twins. They have Andrus has a near -5 points player, I would probably add in another decent prospect too. Maybe Johan Duran to include with Cavaco and Strotman as they are top 20 team prospects.
  2. This is my blueprint as to what a very successful off-season would consist of. It would add several strong players but not trade away any of the core. 40 man moves Free Agents following WS Simmons Pineda Colome Remove Kyle Garlick Lewis Thorpe Devin Smeltzer Juan Minaya Ralph Garza Non tender Jake Cave John Gant Willians Austudillo Danny Columbe Thorpe, Smeltzer, cave, Austudillo have all had several chances and it’s time for the Twins to move on. Coulumbe Gant Garza Minaya and Garlick are all replaced by superior options 40 man at 29 Add for Rule V Lewis Sands Miranda Winder Enlow All are easy protections except for Blayne Enlow whom I think will be a Bailey Ober type slight surprise add that will turn out well. Trade Drew Strotman Keoni Canvaco and Jermaine Palacios to the Oakland A’s for Elvis Andrus and Sean Manea This trade proposal kills two birds with one stone for the Twins. It gives them their starting shortstop for next season at a reasonable price of roughly $7 million and also gives them another starter to fill in the rotation. As for the A’s this also is a reasonable deal as they are looking to cut payroll this trade would save them roughly $18 million. In addition it also gives them three lottery ticket prospects. Free Agent moves Sign Eduardo Rodriguez to a 2 year $30 million dollar deal Sign John Gray to a 3 year $30 million dollar deal Sign Mychal Givens to a 1 year $5 million dollar deal Sign Carlos Martinez to a 1 year $3 million dollar deal Sign Joc Pederson to a 1 year $4 million dollar deal Rodriguez and Gray are both looking for a decent payday but also might improve on their numbers with a change of scenery which is why they could be added for fairly cheap. Martinez is added as either competing for a rotation spot or bullpen long reliever type role. Givens is a solid reliever for the backend of the bullpen. Peterson enters as the leftfielder while Kirilloff moves to first and Sano takes over the DH spot. 40 man is full Bonus Prediction This leaves the twins payroll lower than last season up until spring training when the twins finally come to an agreement with Byron Buxton on a large extension to keep the star in the Twin Cities resulting in a 5%bump in payroll for this year. 5 Year $90 million dollar deal
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