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  1. I am a season ticket holder and I did receive the letter and the verbiage about Molitor is correct. I can also confirm that I will be e-mailing the Twins(when they e-mail me soon requesting 2017 season tickets) that I will not be renewing if the order to keep Molitor still holds. To hire a new POBO and GM and then to handcuff them is completely ludicrous. I guess the more things change with the Pohlads, the more they stay the same. If they want to be this stubborn, they can keep my 2017 season ticket $ as well.
  2. Wise One, I've never understood this line of thinking. So many folks say coaching matters little in baseball. Really? Joe Maddon and his staff don't matter in Chicago? Terry Francona and his staff don't matter in Cleveland? Is it all on the players there. Off the Baggy is dead-on. There is a severe development problem, and has been for years, in this franchise. The Twins MLB staff is clearly falling well short. However, I concede that it's systematic and the minor league staffs are doing a woeful job of preparing players for the big leagues. The new President of Baseball Operations can't come soon enough. This whole thing needs to be turned upside down.
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