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  1. Seth, Now that the dust is settling on the crazy MLB trade deadline, we have the draft pick signing deadline to think about today. I see we have 5 unsigned draft picks as of right now. Are you hearing any buzz on any of these 5 players? Any buzz on if any of the 15 signed players are going to get some run with any of the minor league affiliates? Thanks.
  2. Barnes came up not long ago and pitched pretty decent. Decent enough to spell Happ from the rotation in my opinion. Running Happ out there the rest of the season as a 4th or 5th starter with an expiring contract hinders the organization from seeing what they have potentially for a bounce back season next year.
  3. I wonder if the Twins would be in on this guy. Seems like the Twins should have some money left to spend in the International pool.
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