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  1. I was thinking the same thing here too. But maybe they were waiting to see if they traded Ervin Santana or Dozier before then? I guess we will find out tomorrow.
  2. In the end I think you tender all of them. It would say a lot of they non tendered either Gibby or Santiago. That would mean they clearly have other plans (which is good) and see something in our roster/farm system the old regime didn't. I have been waiting for Gibson to break out for 4 years but after numerous injuries, I think 2015 is the best we are going to get from him. At best he is a 4/5 starter. Additionally, I have always been hard on him since the Twins took Gibson 22nd in 2009 while Mike Trout went 3 picks later at 25th overall Let that sink in.
  3. Best option I believe is to sign a vet guy on a cheap one-year deal in the hopes that Garver will be ready to make the jump. Looks like his bat is there judging by his AA/AAA numbers and his defense has been above average in the minors. Having a name like Castro, Wieters, or Ramos would be fun, sure. But how much will they really help vs. an internal option? If the FO has no faith in our current players then definitely invest now. Maybe Ramos will be cheap coming off injury
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