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  1. I think I'd prefer Kinley over Duffy. I think he is worth giving a chance. He throws an easy 99 & you can't teach that. Duffy doesn't impress me & the only quality he has is the ability to pitch multiple innings ...plus they can still option him. I think Hildenberger will make it but I wouldn't count him as being a lock. He's looked really bad so far & maybe hitters are starting to catch up to his funky delivery.
  2. Boshers seems like the #1 choice but can anyone clarify what is going on with Chargois? He's been taking up a spot & I have no idea if he will be able to pitch anytime soon. If he can't stay healthy I would think he might be #2 on the list
  3. I agree that just being better than Willingham, etc.might not be the ultimate goal it's still better than getting worse. I guess I am placing some/more value on Hunter being a good veteran presence than some others are. This team could use someone to light a fire under them at times. Mauer doesn't have that personality & I don't think Rios, Rasmus or Aoki would have that affect either. If not Hunter...who else? I don't see Rios as much of an upgrade, Rasmus is highly unlikely to want to come here & Aoki might be ok but he's not that great either. The Mets gave Cuddyer a 2yr./21M deal AND were willing to give up their 1st round pick. It's not like the Twins are going to find a guy who is great on defense and can hit and is young and is a good clubhouse guy just waiting to sign. Unless the Twins wanted to go with what they have, Hunter is probably as good a choice as anyone else..especially when you factor in his leadership/past ties to the Twins. It's a one yr. deal. It can't be that big of a mistake
  4. I don't think it's a great sign by the Twins but "someone" has to play OF & there aren't a lot of good options available. It's a one yr. deal & they can probably flip him at the deadline if they feel Rosario is ready. I don't fully believe the defensive metrics that claim he is terrible. Those same metrics have Nori Aoki as a better defender than Carlos Gomez & list Mike Trout & Andrew McCutchen as 2 of the worst defenders in all of baseball. They also list Johhny Peralta as the 3rd best defensive SS last year. Peralta is rated much better than Danny Santana in every stat, including range. I don't believe that. I saw Hunter play a decent amount of games last year & while he isn't what he once was he's still better than Willingham, Colabello & Arcia. For better or worse, Hunter will let everyone know how he feels about something. This team can probably use a little veteran mentoring. I don't think they would get that with any other signing. I don't see a lot of other options. They had to pay 10.5M just to get a 39 yr. old OF. I don't know who else is available that would be worth signing...assuming you don't want to do a 3 or 4 yr. deal. PS. Just curious. How would most posters have felt if the Twins had signed Cuddyer to a 21M/2yr deal like the Mets did..assuming Cuddyer would have been willing to come back. Would that be viewed as a better/worse deal than Hunter?
  5. Volquez is definitely a gamble but unless you want to pay $120 million + you are going to end up signing someone with question marks. After Shields, Lester & Scherzer they are all a lottery ticket of some sort. Volquez has a very good fastball & when healthy he has had pretty good results so I don't agree he has been getting by on smoke & mirrors. I would think he could be signed for a 2 yr. deal with an option for a 3rd yr. at a reasonable price. That list doesn't look that great. Who else on that list do you think would be a good FA signing?
  6. I'm not against the Twins going after a top tier FA pitcher but their history indicates they won't so I'm not counting on them changing. If they did, I'd prefer Lester. I'm concerned about Scherzer holding up for much longer...plus he wants $200 million. Shields has been a very good pitcher but he is older & KC's defense & park have helped him out. I'm afraid he will turn into Correia in a couple of years. One guy that might be worth going after is Edinson Volquez. He has good stuff, if he stays healthy. They might be able to get him for a 2/3 yr. deal at a reasonable price.
  7. I'll be the first to admit I thought it was beyond stupid when they put Santana in CF but I've come around on the idea. He's made some bad plays & bad throws but he has made some big improvements already in a short time. I still think he should eventually be a SS but *right now*, he is still an overall upgrade over Hicks.(IMHO) I don't know, I think Fuld is decent in CF. He seems to track the ball ok & catches everything. He should be a backup OF & pinch runner once Nunez & Plouffe return & I'd rather Hicks get regular playing time in the minors than fill that role.
  8. People keep bringing up OBP like it trumps every other stat. Hicks batted .192 last yr. & is at .198 this yr. but BAM!...his OBP is .338. His SLG% is .262, which is #295 out of 300 players with more than 120 AB. Right now, he can't hit ML pitching & I doubt his walk rate is sustainable. Fuld is not a great option either but he still has a better BA, SLG % & OPS than Hicks. I'm guessing once Plouffe returns Santana will get most of the starts in CF & Fuld will become a defensive replacement for the corner OF or a pinch runner...a role he will be good at. I don't think that's a role Hicks should be used at unless they are giving up on him ever being a ML regular. I hope Hicks eventually becomes a good ML player but he isn't one now. I think he definitely needs to be in the minors learning to hit. I don't know if they are punishing him by putting him in AA, maybe he feels more comfortable there & it's better that he has some success at a lower level to rebuild his confidence. Santana & Fuld can both play CF so they don't need another backup OF. Having Plouffe & Nunez both out is causing problems. I know Florimon sucks but they need "someone" who can play MI. I guess they could cut Florimon & bring up Bernier but it's probably a wash
  9. It's possible to make a good case for a number of pitchers. That's a huge improvement from previous years. While I said Darnell deserved it based on his stats, there are other pitchers who could also make that claim. Meyers is the most exciting for me & May has really taken a leap forward this year so I'd be happy with either one of them. Meyers isn't on the roster so I would give him a little less chance then the others. It seems to me, the Twins aren't in a rush to promote May. They want him to build on his success before advancing him. IMHO
  10. I wouldn't pick Darnell only on being LH but he deserves it based on his stats. My opinion is it is a benefit to have a LH starter against certain team's lineups. Yankee stadium is a good example. Why are you using career stats? I don't think it's relevant what their ERA was 3 or 4 years ago. Have they improved since then? Scott Diamond's career ERA is pretty good but he's not getting promoted anytime soon. Darnell outpitched Meyer last yr. in AA & his stats are at least as good, if not better than Meyer's this year in AAA. I think Meyers has more upside & hopefully will be a #1 starter eventually but Darnell could be a solid starter also. He looked fine in his one ML appearance.
  11. I'm not a big fan of a 13 man staff either but maybe it is the best answer. Parmelee doesn't have much of a role since Morales signed. Cut Parmelee, send Deduno to the pen & call up either May or Darnell. I prefer Darnell but they both have pitched well enough to get a shot. I like Darnell since I think it is a good idea to have a LH starter. It's a nice change to have several good options to chose from . There are a number of bullpen arms who they could promote if they cut Burton. Pressley, Achter, Tonkin or Pino are all candidates for the bullpen. I'd like to see Lester Oliveros promoted to AAA soon. He's dominating AA, they just need a spot for him.
  12. Baseball Reference is incorrect. He's only had 156 PA all year. It shows him as having only 6 PA as a LH batter all year. Fan Graphs shows he has had 20 PA vs. RH pitchers as a RH batter. He has had 3 hits, all singles so far.
  13. We are all just speculating but maybe Brunansky or Gardy had multiple meetings with Hicks trying to get thru to him without much success. At that point maybe they thought calling him out might work better. You can't use one cookie cutter approach with all people. I like the ability to get on base as much as the next guy but it's not the only stat that matters. His BA is .198 & his SL% is .262. Those are really, really bad numbers & a large amount of walks doesn't overcome that. I'm not ready to give up on Hicks but he should be in AAA. I think he should have been there from the start of the year but that's the Twins fault.
  14. I understand. I doubt pitchers are very afraid of him & they certainly aren't trying to walk him but it happens a fair amount of the time. Yes, he fouls off a fair amount of pitches, works the count a lot & eventually he either walks or strikes out. He strikes out 27% of his PA & it seems like he takes strike 3 way more than he should. When he's not striking out he walks 17% of the time. Bottom line, he's batting under .200 for the 2nd straight season. Does anyone really think that's an acceptable BA even though his OBP is a "stellar".338? Plus, as mentioned, he's giving up switch hitting & that can't be easy against ML RH pitchers.
  15. Hicks is good at one thing right now. NOT swinging the bat & hoping the pitcher walks him. That skill can only take you so far. At some point a ML player needs to be able to actually hit the ball. Yes, Hicks OBP is similar to Spans last 3 yrs but their SL% & OPS differ significantly. Hicks is .338/.597(2013) & .262/.602(2014) while Spans ranged from a low of .348/.679 to a high of .395/.738. And I don't think Hick's will improve after giving up SH in the middle of the season. People can make the case that the Twins screwed up the situation with Hicks (& I agree) but I can't believe anyone thinks Hicks shouldn't go to the minors ASAP. Regarding Mauer's .342 OBP. He's not doing so great right now but he does have a "little" bit of history indicating he will be ok. Hicks history indicates he needs more minor league playing time.
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