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Twins Spotlight: Tim Grubbs


Seth Stohs
Seth chatted with Wind Surge broadcaster Tim Grubbs about his broadcasting career, becoming a Twins affiliate, their incredible stadium, and about some pretty impressive prospects that spent time in Wichita.

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Seth:  Just finished watching your entire interview with Wind Surge announcer, Tim Grubbs.  Wanted to express my appreciation to you as well as Tim for such an informative and insightful piece.  A few days late in seeing this as I just returned to the Kansas City area from a 2-day roadtrip in Branson, Mo. 

For those who haven't taken the time to watch this, I'd highly recommend taking the time to watch the entire 50+ minute interview as the dialogue between Seth and Grubbs was excellent!   I found it very interesting the hear the broadcasting background of Grubbs as he matriculated from covering a variety of sports through his tenure with Tulane University sports and then to working in the Marlins organization for many years.  

As interesting as the first part of the interview was, I found it especially intriguing to understand from Grubbs the trials and tribulations he faced after the 2019 season ended. Grubbs shares with Seth how he he handled the difficult transition caused by Covid---thinking he'd be continuing as a AAA announcer for the Marlins-----to having to learn everything from scratch working for the Twins in their movement to their AA franchise beginning in Wichita.

The last part of the interview was also highly informative as Seth gains perspective from Grubbs about what we can expect to see from a large number of players that spent time with the Wind Surge last season.

Having attended 2 games in Wichita in the middle of June last season, I would strongly encourage Twins fans to invest the time to schedule a road trip there in 2022.  The ballpark is AMAZING!!  Not only are the tickets very affordable ($15 box seats), but this is a state of the art stadium that provides a great game day experience.  Seth--hopefully your work schedule allows you to get to down to Wichita this season.  You'll be quite pleased with the result.  

I'm planning on attending the Surge mid May homestand against Springfield so my wife can see her future Cardinals.  Would be great to see you or other Twins fans there!  Should anyone--who's debating making this trip next season--let me know if you have any questions.  



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