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  1. Just for clarity I am not suggesting all of them could bring back starters but a couple could and others could bring back relievers. Just listed possible moveable parts who could attract some level of pitching.
  2. Before I start I should mention my bias. I believe In taking care of the future, if you take care of the future the future will take care of you. Anywho, The twins are in an interesting position. At the start of the year no one predicted them into being in the position they are in, as a fringe contender. On the buy sell front I hope they do not sell any of their top prospects, as it is likely a mistake for a borderline team. That being said after so much losing, winning is such a strong craving. We all want the Twins to make the playoffs. So here's how I would manage the situation. Use position players who have a viable backup not named Buxton Kepler and Sano to acquire pitching. Preferably guys with future control or low cost rentals. Guys who could bring back varying levels of pitching: Rosario Polanco Escobar Adrianza Dozier Grossman Vargas Palka Granite Giminez Any of these guys could be moved without destroying the future, but could bring back a rental bullpen piece(s) mid rotation starter with control, a rental back end starter..etc.
  3. Wow this took a turn that I did not expect. When starting this thread the general opinion was he wouldn't be able to hit major league pitching. With his hot month some are saying he should replace Buxton or Rosario. I believe the truth is somewhere in-between, Zach can be a useful player to add into the mix. Speed off the bench the ability to spot start in the outfield while allowing Robbie to stay at DH and create the best defensive outfield in baseball. The pitching staff is the worst in baseball and needs all the help it can get.
  4. Yea it really is about the last bench spot and a debate about replacement level power bat and a potentially replacement level 4th outfielder. At the end of the season probably won't make much difference.
  5. Rosario would still be the everyday player but Granite would bring speed and base stealing in the late innings which the twins haven't had off the bench this year. While playing good defense.
  6. Wade needs to play everyday while Zach could help the bench imo
  7. Would it make sense for Zach to be the call up when the twins go back to 12 pitchers? He would give the Twins a real base stealing threat off the bench Could compete with Rosario for playing time as Rosario still shows no patience at the plate. Would be more of a true 4th outfielder over Grossman(who I love as a DH/PH). The already great outfield defense would cover even more ground with Buxton Granite and Kepler. Do you think Granite make sense for this roster?
  8. Assuming Buxton and Kepler continue to get better who is the other outfielder? I would love to see Palka get a chance with Rosario the 4th outfielder and if that doesn't workout keep Rosario and Grossman What would your outfield look like?
  9. I think Escobar can be good offensively and adequate defensively. I do not trust Polanco's defense at SS. Escobar is under control for Awhile still but could get expensive via arbitration.
  10. Hi this is much first post on here but have been reading for a long time. We have talked a lot about Dozier and pitching lately, rightfully so. My question is what should we do at SS? 1. Start Eduardo Escobar I was a big believer in Escobar since the Liriano trade. He's show he can play with solid XB power. Do you trust him to bounce back? 2. Let Polanco continue to develop and pray he can become a leave average defender? The bat is already good enough. 3. Scrap the offense and get a defensive wiz up here like Engelb Vielma? The offense was pretty good And forward steps by Sano, Buxton,Kepler, and others could make this Viable. 4. Go outside the organization and if so who do you sign or give up to acquire them? I am assuming Nick Gordon will not be ready until atleast June 2018. I would go with Escobar to start the season and if things go bad bring up Vielma. What would you do?
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