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  1. Hmm now 3 for 5.... 6 hits in the last two games two doubles a hr run 3 rbi and 3 runs at least yeah we couldnt find room for this guy right.....
  2. 3 for 3 with 3 rbi sounds about right way to go Arcia!!
  3. Well that didnt take long low and outside pitch to left center field for a yard sale. He is 2 for 2 today
  4. Why is it that if dozier or nunez or escobar pooches a play its ok heaven forbid arcia didnt make a play and its the end of the world..... and is ragged on by bert and dick.....if they dont like him try and dfa him and watch a team pick him up and he goes on to bat 250 with 30hrs a year
  5. Two games in a row he is actually starting wow.
  6. I suppose since he had two doubles yesterday now given one was a gift but i would suspect molitor lets him ride pine for another two weeks
  7. If they arent going to play arcia let him go so he can flourish somewhere else. I still cant figure out why he didnt pinch hit for suzuki last night. I think our mgmt might need to be drug tested
  8. It seems there is no love from broadcasters for the huge improvement arcia has made this year. He came to camp ready to go and i for one am impressed
  9. Does anyone know if he played winter ball this year at all
  10. Well he went 1 for 4 last night with another moster bomb, 3Ks to go with it too got to love that power though
  11. 6 hr in the last 9 games for arcia what does he need to do to get called up #arciapower
  12. He is on fire in AAA right now, where is that call
  13. I'm in favor of bringing him back up, he is heating up in Rochester, leg kick appears to have been toned down a bit and is making better contact and going the other way, what are your thoughts?
  14. In my honest opinion it is time to bring him up and let him figure it all out at the MLB level, Sick up seeing Robinson out there in left. Just my feelings, I know he is struggling in AAA but its time to see if he will sink or swim.
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