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  1. I'm not going anywhere with anything except to tell you, he's a first year pro. As are every single other 2021 draftee, it's that simple. What off-season throwing program did he go thru? I'll fill you in on something, he had an extremely condensed "throwing program", if that's what someone wants to call it, after he was done in Florida in 2021. He didn't pick up a ball till late December with a <15 toss minimal build-up till he showed up in January. Pending his work load in 2022, it'll be interesting to see how the Twins handle this off-season. He's at the halfway point of season one and you act like the guy has 200+ innings under his belt. That's not just an opinion, it's a common sense opinion supported by damn near every single front office in MLB. Baseball America is likely the most laziest publication out there when it comes to college baseball and draft projections after the first round, maybe two. Baseball America, or whatever other publication you decide to cite next, is irrelevant during the process. They may assist with a tip, but it starts & ends with that. D1 Baseball covers college, with a lot of focus on the midwest, better than anyone else out there. And they were all over Povich and it grew as the 2021 Nebraska season went on. They ended up pretty spot on regarding him. What rank BA & "everyone else" had for the 2021 draft, and has for drafts moving forward, is irrelevant. What matters is what's going on after they're drafted. So, do us a favor and let everyone know how many boards he's moving up. Hint: Almost everyone. Oh, and by the way, Baseball America has an update coming & guess what!? LOL, uh huh, he's getting a bump in their ratings so thanks for inserting them in to the discussion... Also, just so you know, the Twins hosted Povich the same week they hosted Miller. 60-70+ Twins staff in attendance, including the decision makers. All at Target Field, with intention. I can say for certain there were 13 other ball clubs that wanted to host Povich that week and they decided on the Twins. 19 different teams, some multiple times, watched his bullpens from the time Nebraska's season ended up to the draft. They all went to Omaha to do so. Joe Bisenius did a heck of a comprehensive job on Povich throughout the college season. Point of sharing this is, teams aren't exhausting their resources in the last 3 weeks leading up to the draft on someone that is far down many teams' boards. The Twins had a choice to make; take a gamble and draft him in the 5th or 6th where they had projected him OR, move up to the 3rd as multiple teams were in position to take him in the 4th round. I believe there were 4 teams, but I'm not 100% certain, maybe it was 3 but no less than 3 were prepared to take him in the 4th. If you doubt me, reach out to Seth or Ted and ask them. Just do us a favor if you do contact them, share their response. No, that isn't what the Twins are doing. If they were, he'd still be in Florida. You don't aggressively place someone in their first season of pro ball outside low A to focus on getting command and control over one or more pitches. You do so to challenge them against older competition, whether it's 1 or 2 years doesn't matter & that's what the Twins have done. Right, wrong, or indifferent is another discussion to have but one I'm not interested in outside of sharing I thought he should've started in low A for the first 4-6 weeks then go from there. Had that happened, I don't think we're having any further discussion outside of 1 v 2 years of pro ball. Ahhh, back to judging (meaningless) numbers. I'm going to give you another hint, and leave this discussion for good. ERA & RA9 are quite possibly the last thing they look at in high A. Here are the 4 categories of focus; FIP (2.90), K % (32%), K/9 (12.3), BB % (7%). The ( ) represents his 2022 numbers, and I believe they're up to date. The first three are damn good, and the fourth needs just a little work which I think will happen once he grasps the velocity jump.
  2. When using in-season stats, like you did, to discuss a player that was just drafted less than 12 months ago yes - on the mound facing competition is the discussion. If you add value to a prospect due to what happens off the field, and still don't like Povich - your original opinion is even more questionable. But that's the great thing about opinions, everyone has one. His gains off the bump should excite every single Twins fan out there. Huge jump in velo, huge jump in slider rpm, more consistent change and added to his body. But off the field is meaningless for this discussion as they get placed for what they do during competition & get paid for what they do on the field. I'm well aware of what to consider. I've been there. My name was called. 11 years worth between every single level, including winter ball in 3 countries, plus the show with 5 different teams. You're not corresponding with a below average fan that doesn't understand the work that's put in 12 months a year. Your sarcasm is noted. It's alright, you don't like Povich. I would like to see more consistency from him, but he has shown a lot of promise in less than 12 months as a professional for me to keep a close eye on him. He's still in his first year as a professional.
  3. That's weak. 10 innings, 4 appearances after one is drafted isn't a year in pro ball. It's 3 weeks of pro ball, not a year. You don't need to exaggerate something to bolster an opinion that is in the extreme minority across multiple outlets. But, maybe that's why you did so. Just say you don't like him, without manipulation.
  4. You keep saying two year pro. Povich is from the 2021 draft, what am I missing here?
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