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  1. This is just not accurate analysis. Yes Steer does not have the arm of Machado or Arenado. But your analysis is just plain wrong and very misleading. It reminds me of this great video showing how video analysis between plays (in this case pitch speed) can be so misleading. Generally if not done very methodically, it will be no more accurate than just a flat out guess.
  2. If you actually believe that Urshela’s only peer on defense is Brooks Robinson, then I can no longer trust any opinion regarding defense you might have (and probably anything baseball related for that matter).
  3. I agree that having players set the culture is important, but urshela is definitely expendable out of those three guys (and hopefully part of a trade to help improve the pitching staff). He is an average fielder at best (definitely not gold glove) and his defensive metrics put him as one of the worst third baseman in the league (-3 OOA). Eye test he is also not gold glove (he is not even close to a top 10 by eye test). His bat is league average right now, but league average bat and below average fielding makes you expendable, especially at 3rd where you want a good bat. I’m glad the culture has changed and he has been a part, but his days are numbered on this team (he is also 30 years old with one year left of arb). I think he can stick around in a role maybe until the end of next season possibly, but that’s only if one of the Prospects doesn’t play him out of the lineup or off the team entirely first.
  4. Martin is arraez light (as in light in the ba/obp department) with worse defense. He seems to have the yips throwing the ball anywhere in the infield but especially on the left side. He is not an option unless he improves defensively or the twins are desperate to “justify” their investment. Hopefully he is ready in a few years (before he is rule 5 eligible). Urshela should be no more than a stopgap (which is what I believe the twins are using him as). Once the minor league Calvary is ready (Royce, steer, and perhaps julien), his services are no longer needed. And the Calvary is coming quick.
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