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  1. Just want everyone's thought on this. I've coached baseball for over 15 years and have always taught my kids how to look at the defense and hit what they give you. It really doesn't take that much to either wait on the pitch or react quickly. It drives me crazy watching the professional players look out in the field and see a defense that is shifted to one side or the other depending on your tendency. Tell me how a professional ball player has no idea how to use the entire field. I really don't care even if you have to bunt but there again your a professional player you should be able to at least make them question were the ball is going. I know MLB pitching is different at the top level but so are the batters. Just curious on everyone's opinion on why we continue to see this more and more. I'm not just pointing out the Twins I'm saying across the entire league. Tell me your thoughts.
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