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    I like your thoughts. Bottom line is we have a lot of holes to plug and get some looks by some young players to see where they are at. The lineup isn't dominated by great players, and our starting pitching even looks worse. Miranda is a lock and load and see what he can do at MLB level. Kirilloff bat tells me he needs to be playing very frequently try. Larnach should be plugged in occasionally and I think is written off more than should be. Initially his bat looked nearly as good as Kirilloffs but he eventually faded. Slot him in RF occasionally. Gordon needs time and can be a utility but I don't see as much more than that. Arraez is tough but needs to play regularly too. Rooker is a wildcard but feels like a pure DH when we finally give up on Sano (2022). The conclusion is that over 2022 and 2023 we are going to get a lot of guys coming up to see if they can be apart of the puzzle going forward because 2022 looks like a 90+ loss season- Easily. Its not fun to talk non-competitive before the season starts, but its easy to see this team isn't going anywhere with the current pitching and has more than a couple holes to fill in the field before we can come back to competitive ball.
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