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  1. My idea for the Twins offseason is... SP: I would have to Twins signing two solid veteran pitchers, one a little more well known and respected could return to previous form and be an ace in Kershaw, as well as a solid veteran lefty in Kikuchi. I also though Dobank could start the year in the rotation, where he isn't amazing but he will give time for some potential BP/AAA guys such as Doran, Thorpe, etc to develop and take his spot later in the season. 1. Clayton Kershaw (RHP) ~$18M 2. Yusei Kikuchi (LHP) ~$15M 3. Randy Dobnak (RHP) ~$0.8M 4. Bailey Ober (RHP) ~$0.6M 5. Joe Ryan (RHP) ~$0.6M RP: Our bullpen would include 3 lefties (including the cp) and 5 righties. Mychal Givens is a veteran RP who had ok number in 2021 but will be good for vet experience in a somewhat unexperienced BP. *Cody Stashak is in the BP pending on his health after missing most of 2021. Could be replaced with another young cheap RHP if not healthy. RP/SP6: Lewis Thorpe (LHP) ~$0.6M RP/SP7: Cody Stashak (RHP) ~$0,6M RP: Juan Minaya (RHP) ~$1.0M RP: Tyler Duffey (RHP) ~$3.5M RP: Caleb Thielbar (LHP) ~$1.5M RP: Mychal Givens (RHP) ~$4.0M RP: Jorge Alcala (RHP) ~$0.6M CP/RP: Taylor Rogers (LHP) ~$7.0M Positon Players: I kept most position player from 2021 with the team. At SS I picked up Freddie Galvis who is a cheap SS who is know for his great defensive (similar to Simmons) but has a strong arm and can hit the ball out of the ballpark 10-20 times a season. I also thought that Kyle Garlick played well for the team last year before his injury he had a .232 BA in 99 AB, he also has solid defense and is on a cheap rookie contract. Resigning Nelson Cruz was done for a couple reasons one he is one of the true DH's available as well as he is a clubhouse leader and veteran, and with an influx of youth coming in, it will be important for his to help mentor them as well. I also think he won't need to play every single day as he is getting older 1-2 days a week of rest. It would be ideal if we could get him for less than 10M but I believe that will be the going rate. 1B: Miguel Sano ~$9.25M 2B: Jorge Polanco ~$5.5M 3B: Josh Donaldson ~$21.0M SS: Freddie Galvis ~$3.0M C : Mitch Garver ~$3.5M RF: Max Kepler ~$6.75M LF: Alex Kirilloff ~$0.6M CF: Byron Buxton ~$8.0M UTILITY: Luis Arraez ~$1.5M UTILITY: Nick Gordon ~$0.6M 4th OF: Kyle Garlick ~$0.6M BACKUP C : Ryan Jeffers ~$0.6M DH: Nelson Cruz ~10.0M
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