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  1. I have to believe Correa is getting at least $30 mil/year, but I guess I could be wrong. The actual main problem is that only the top free agents have projected salaries, unfortunately
  2. I know the website spotrac, but a lot of those projected salaries seem off to me. What other websites are there?
  3. Since our season ended, I've been creating different offseason plans for the Twins. I've created win-now plans. I've created tank plans. I've created offensive-heavy plans. I've created pitching-heavy plans. This is my favorite one that I believe gives the Twins the best chance for being competitive next year and for years to come Free Agent Addition(s) (with my projected salary, could be way off don't bully me): Eduardo Rodriguez, SP ($12M) Jon Gray, SP ($10M) Raisel Iglesias, RP ($10M) James Paxton, SP ($6M) Dylan Bundy, SP/RP ($4M) A.J. Cole, RP ($2M) Trade Acquisition(s): Paul Dejong, SS ($4.3M) Extension(s): Byron Buxton, CF ($15M) Lineup Luis Arraez, LF Josh Donaldson, 3B Jorge Polanco, 2B Bench Byron Buxton, CF Ryan Jeffers, C Mitch Garver, C Trevor Larnach, OF Alex Kirilloff, 1B Jose Miranda, Utility Max Kepler, RF Refsnyder/Garlick, OF Miguel Sano, DH Paul Dejong, SS Rotation James Paxton Eduardo Rodriguez Jon Gray Bailey Ober Joe Ryan Bullpen Long Reliever - John Gant Long Reliever - Dylan Bundy Middle Reliever - Caleb Thielbar Middle Reliever - Jorge Alcala Middle Reliever - A.J. Cole Set-Up - Tyler Duffey Set-Up - Taylor Rogers Closer - Raisel Iglesias Thoughts: The total increase in payroll from last year to this year is ~$7.55M, but I am probably way off on some of the numbers (money is the hardest part for me but I wanted to include it to try to stay realistic). I feel like the SPs I added both solidify the rotation, but also leave room for some competition or breakout season (plus Maeda when he returns). There's also a ton of underrated options for relievers in this free agency. Even though I went with Iglesias and Cole, there are still more relievers that I would love to see in a Twins uniform. Eduardo Rodriguez: While his standard stats are not impressive this year, his statcast numbers are really good. Couple that with 2 solid seasons in 2019 and 2020 plus the fact he is only 28 makes him a great pickup. Rodriguez gets compared to Pineda a lot, but I believe Rodriguez is much better Jon Gray: Gray has been a breakout waiting to happen for 5 years now. While I think that ship has sailed, he is still a solid pitcher. With an xERA of 3.95 and an average fastball of 95 MPH, Gray is an appealing mid-rotation starter. Raisel Iglesias: Most of the time I'm not a big fan of paying relievers big bucks, but Iglesias is a bona fide closer. He is a top 15 reliever in baseball. I wouldn't want him for an overpay or for a long-term contract, but a 2 year/ ~20 mil sounds great. James Paxton: My favorite free agent this offseason. Paxton was a great pitcher up until 2020 when he started dealing with injuries. His fastball normally averages around 95.4 MPH, but was only averaging 92.1 MPH in 2020. In 2021, he pitched only 1.1 innings (before getting injured again), but his fastball was back up to 94.1 MPH on average. He showed he still had his old stuff, and if he can show it again for next year, we could get an ace at a discount because of the injuries. Dylan Bundy: Bundy was great in 2020. Not so in 2021, although statcast shows he may have been a tad unlucky. Bundy's only 28 and has shown greatness before. I see no harm in taking a flyer to see what we can salvage A.J. Cole: Cole has been a really solid reliever the past 3 years. The problem is he has pitched only 57.1 innings those 3 years. If Cole can remain healthy, he would be a good addition to the bullpen Paul Dejong: Instead of signing one of the big name SS, I decided to look at trade options, and Dejong is my favorite candidate. I'm not sure how realistic a trade would be however. Cardinals fans seem done with him, but that doesn't mean the front office is. While I haven't actually made a trade, I think something like Dejong for Cole Sands might get it done. Dejong has a very team friendly contract ($4.3M/yr with 2024 and 2025 club options) and is a solid defender. Although he hasn't been good offensively the past few years, he has shown flashes of it in the past (30 HR in 2019). Maybe a change of scenery would benefit him. Also, Dejong could just serve as the gap between Royce Lewis/Austin Martin. Byron Buxton: Duh. Hope $15 mil is enough but if not give him more. Pay. That. Man. So there you have it. Please tell me what you think of my plan. Do you agree with me or am I an idiot? I would love to know what others would do. As I was typing this I realized how much I was targeting players coming off of injuries, so that might be a problem. Also, let me know if you want to see my other ideas for this offseason too.
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