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  1. My dad and I played for Tony in a fantasy camp down at the Twins spring training complex (won the WS btw). I got to see what a great man Tony was and my dad got to spend time with one of his favorite ballplayers of all-time. We made a pact to go to Cooperstown when Tony got elected. Unfortunately, my dad passed away in 2019 and we didn't get to make that trip. When Tony gets in, maybe my son and I will go...
  2. They might have to make a separate room for the steroid users and other 'cheaters' of the game. Put a big asterisk above the door and start letting these guys in. We cheered for Ortiz, McGuire, Bonds, Clemens and Rose and all the others. Yes, they cheated or gambled on the game. But we loved the game and we loved the guys. There were also a lot of guys that were using steroids that won't make the HoF even though they cheated.
  3. Now that Sid is gone, one less vote for each of these guys.
  4. His fishing show is done, maybe he could use a job... I was actually thinking we need a more pure hitter like Carew, Molitor or Oliva
  5. Is anybody else concerned about Brunansky as a hitting coach? I really didn't see any improvement in Twins hitters last year aside from more strikeouts and more homeruns which suggest we're swinging for more power but we also had fewer RBI and BA, OPS were both down from the Vavra era...
  6. I'm a big believer that a guy is at his athletic peak between the ages of 28 - 32. Let's get him on-board for 3, 4 years until Pinto hits that period. Sounds like a perfect signing to me. Of course #1 & #2 on my list of signings are pitchers. This would be #3 for me.
  7. If he's our fifth signing after 2 power pitchers (E. Santana & Garza or Nolasco) and a couple of big sticks (Saltalamacchia & Beltran) I'd be fine with the longshot signing.
  8. Arroyo is very much a 'Twins Way' kind of pitcher, I'd guess Ryan has high hopes of getting this deal done. I'd prefer we step out of the mold and go after more of a power pitcher like Ervin Santana. In a perfect world we'd get both...
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