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  1. Best Twins Managers; Tom Kelly, Billy Martin and Gene March. None of them would put up with the lackadaisical play of this collection of Twins. Not running out balls. Carrying the bat to first base. Catchers down on one knee with a runner on third base resulting in failure to block balls in the dirt. And on and on. I’ve been to Twins (Baldelli’s) spring trading camp and then to the Red Sox camp. As different as night and day. His handling of pitchers is a joke. Winning is a low priority to him. He should be fired.
  2. During last night’s game vs Houston, Jose Altuve hit a home run that was initially called foul. After replay showed the ball hit the foul pole and was a home run, I assumed Altuve would then run around the bases and touch home plate. Not in today’s game. He didn’t have to. Just remained in the dugout. So I’m waiting for the next logical step in baseball’s march to ruin the game. When players hit home runs and they have finished their antics of flipping the bat and/or standing and admiring their feat, will they eventually just return to the dugout & not bother circling the bases. After all, it would, “speed up the game”.
  3. What is the black MLB patch on the Twins uniforms this year?
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