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  1. Diamond 2.0 Duensing 2.0 Blackburn 2.0 Joe Mays 2.0.....
  2. Guys like Richardson see a lot more strikes in the bigs. His walk rate would get cut in half.
  3. I like Polanco, but how does a guy have five triples and no steals?
  4. I'm about ready to kill OOgie, whatever the heck that is. Ebola > Joe Mays > OOgie.
  5. I wonder if he's grown well past 5'10", or is he just Mexican Tall?
  6. There's zero chance of Rosario skipping Ft. Myers.
  7. I think Hicks will eventually be a 20 HR guy, so I see his ceiling as very close to Buxton's. Since he's so much closer to the bigs, he's easily ahead on my list.
  8. That's a remarkable stat. Over the past 2 years, he gets plunked more often than MLBers draw walks (8.9% to 8.1%). I wonder how many other times the umps didn't give him his base.
  9. Jorge Polanco from the IFA class of 2009 is very much a legitimate prospect as well.
  10. No, because nobody expected a ton of talent in return. There are two tradeoffs in the prospect package matrix. The first is proximity vs upside, the second is quantity vs quality. Ryan failed on both counts. The Twins are in a position right now where adding a couple of guys who will be nothing more than be modestly useful in the next couple of years gets them nowhere. The only way to significantly improve the team through a Liriano trade would have been to accept some risk while exercising some patience. They weren't going to get a sandwich pick for him, but I think they could have landed an A-ball pitcher with a 20% chance of being a #3 some day - which is about what a sandwich pick is worth. That's a better deal for this team.
  11. The Twins weren't going to get much for Liriano. That's a given. What I don't like about this deal is it shows that Ryan is looking for players who could possibly help next year over higher upside guys who are farther away. The real future of this team is mostly in the low minors right now, and it would be better to enhance that group (especially with some pitching) than to put bodies on the field in 2013.
  12. Max Kepler has apparently found his power stroke. 6 HR is his last 10 games. Yeah, it's E-town...but he also has a 20/17 BB/SO this year. .286/.412/.540/.951 on the season, .337/.444/.699/1.143 in July. He could be kind of a big deal some day.
  13. Love Gasol Pek Rubio Budinger Barea Ridnour Hummell Only 4 roster spots left and the Wolves are pure!
  14. Ten others recorded all of their outs by strikeout in their debuts. Among them is the immortal Gary Wayne, the only other Twin on the list. He went K BB BB K BB BB K vs. the Orioles on 4-7-1989.
  15. Per Baseball Reference it's happened 7 times previously, first by Gopher sports legend Paul Giel for the '54 Giants and most recently when Edwar Ramirez KKK'd the Twins on July 3rd, 2007. I can only search for guys who K'd every batter they faced in the debut. It's probable that others struck out their first three, but stayed in the game.
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