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  1. I take it you didn't watch closely the ball coming down in the video (see better quality video on mntwins.com). It goes almost straight down (in fact its trajectory is close to the angle of the right field stands) as if it hit a wire or something else. It is just interesting - I've never seen that before at Target Field.
  2. The Larnach home run looks like it comes down at an angle as if it hit something, but not sure what it would be. Can anyone tell what happened there?
  3. I am the one who is running up the hill from near the bottom of the hill - I didn't get the ball, though I did get the ball that Rooker hit in the next at bat. But, yes, as nicksaviking correctly notes, I am obviously the good looking one :-).
  4. Thanks, DC Twins! (I've followed but never posted.)
  5. This is my first time commenting... I was there at the game in right field with my kids (Larnach gave a ball to the kids), and you can see me running up the hill trying to catch the ball. The ball was crushed. It hit the top of the hill and went down the other side. I think he'll be up before too long. Best, David
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