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  1. Take it from a Red Sox fan- Lin CAN do it! He can hit when given a chance, and when he wasn’t playing 8 different positions with the Sox, he was a very good infielder-great range! He could be a star on this team.
  2. As a Red Sox Fan of over 50 years, I can tell you with confidence that Tzu-Wei Lin was never given a chance to play one position (he played 8 postions!) and whenever he got hot, they sat him down. This man can HIT if ever given the chance to play more than one consecutive game. I recall one instance where he was hitting 5 for his last 7 at-bats, and they sat him so that Brock Holt could get some swings in after being on the DL. You never sit someone when they are on fire like that. You wait intil they cool off and then sit them. I have never seen a player so mismanaged, and I’ve lived through a lot of bad managers since 1966.
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