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    This post isn't approved for general viewing, but since I did spend some time and thought composing it and trying to impart serious intent, I feel it does relate some more pretty cogent facts to the debate on the "Nunez back/Vargas optioned to AAA" thread. I thought that a blog-piece might be just the place for it.
    This post was made in response to a poster that felt that those opposed to the Vargas demotion were "shading" the truth of what the Twins brass was thinking on the matter, that Bernier occupying a spot and not playing, benefited the club, and the poster also went on to say that what Vargas currently has to offer in helping the Twins in their current situation for the week upcoming was "minimal, at best". Here's my response:
    That's pretty dismissive of a guy who has been one of the Twins top 3 producers since April 29. In truth, since Vargas had his time off, here's his slash- .347/.373/.510/(.883) OPS+ 148
    In the spirit of the humorous vein intended..... I'm thinking that how the Twins FO got to the "shade that they're throwing" went something like this in Sunday's pregame personnel pow-wow-
    Jack Goin- "Hi TR. Hi Mr Molitor. Hey, I really have to give out big props to you and Bruno. Since you gave Kennys that time off, he's just a shade lower in production than our top of the order guys, Dozier and Hunter. He's making a ton more hard contact, he's cut his strikeout rate by over 20%... and I know you won't believe this, he's flipped his base-running numbers from negative to positive.
    And I don't want to shade this, but the timing couldn't be better, we go to PIttsburgh on Tuesday, and many of our other bats are either hurt, scuffling, or in the cases of Hicks and Rosario, still adjusting to major league pitching. And the best thing is, due to your recent playing patterns, Vargas is well-rested and ready.... perhaps Mauer has become a little fatigued and needs to clear his head, my back-tested numbers suggest that he could use a day off on this road trip---"
    Unnamed Twins Manager- "We leave tomorrow morning, gotta get Nunie back on the 25-man and make the corresponding move. Robinson is already back as the back-up OF, we certainly have plenty of depth in the OF....
    Jack Goin- And may I suggest, great timing on this move, this morning, Sir...! SugaShane is a lifetime .323 BA/.758 OPS hitter in PNC Park! Of course, he's only hit .206/.570 as a PH, so it's sure a good thing that we can use Vargas in that role when he can't DH, having that power bat on the bench increases our chances of winning a close game by nearly 11%---
    Unnamed Twins General Manager- --- I wasn't aware of Robbie's history at PNC, make a note, Rob... cc'd to Paul.... let's mark him down for some late inning PH duty. Now about that depth situation, 5 OF, adding Nunie into the mix makes it possibly 6 out there, plus we now have not one, not two, but THREE utility infielders! Well this is coming together quite nicely, and best of all, since Bernier "provides the benefit of not playing him", I think we have our 25-man roster set for the roadtrip.
    Jack Goin- Uhh, Skip, my current numbers indicate that the roster is still at 26.. or were you thinking about DLing Duensing.... my numbers indicate that currently, Duece can't get his own Grandmother ou-.....?
    Unnamed Twins General Manager- Thanks for your input Jack, I truly value your clear and honest background light-sabre analysis, and especially without the green eyeshade.
    Uhh, Rob, why don't you go ahead and make the travel arrangements for Vargas? And be sure to let Quade know that we take care of the affiliates in this organization... (Geez Louise! did we really give him both Vargas and Hu in the same week?)
  2. jokin
    It's gotten to the point where you can't make up what's happening with the Yankees this month. Sporting an infield that featured the likes of Yangervis Solarte, Scott Sizemore (first major league start), Brian Roberts and then later, Dean Anna and Kelly Johnson (along with Derek Jeter), the Yankees continued their remarkable and unlikely run to the top of the AL East in April. Tonight, Solarte started a picture perfect 5-4-3 triple play in the 2nd inning in the Yankees convincing 10-2 win over Tampa Bay Rays Ace, David Price. Here's the video:
    Oh yeah, Solarte has been moving up in the batting order lately, showing management's confidence that what's happening with Solarte may not be so fluky. He's batting 6th now, with veterans Roberts and Ichiro batting in the 8th and 9th spots. Solarte proved Girardi's hunch was correct, as he fell one triple short of the cycle, going 3-5 tonight. He is now batting .373 with a .1017 OPS
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