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Twins 2021 Position Analysis: Relief Pitcher

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#21 DocBauer


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Posted 24 March 2021 - 08:37 PM

I only included Thorpe as the last reliever here because of the uncertainty around Thorpe's fourth option (which is of course now cleared up). With that sorted, I expect Dobnak to be the long man in the pen.

I've been waiting to hear but missed it somewhere. I can assume now, apparently, that Thorpe was indeed awarded the extra option year, yes?
"Nice catch Hayes...don't ever f*****g do it again."

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#22 mikelink45


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Posted 24 March 2021 - 09:04 PM


If you change predict to bet, I am not betting against you. I would like to see them trade some of this OF depth but that might have to wait until the trade deadline. Who knows ... an opportunity could arise if the right contender has injuries early in the season.

I like Smeltzer's story, but I keep seeing others pass him - Thorpe now, the prospects next. 

#23 DocBauer


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Posted 24 March 2021 - 09:41 PM

While appearing to be speaking out of both sides of my mouth, I am not worried about the pen, and am actually pretty optimistic, while also being concerned.

Why concerned:

Losing May. Let's be honest, he wasn't always Mr. Consistent. There were times he'd walk someone and then allow a big double or HR before striking out the side. But there were plenty of times where he was in a groove and could just be nasty. And once in a while you just need that high velocity, high K to come out of the pen. I really would have liked to spend a little more $ and kept him.

Even if Wisler has a great year, he's not going to duplicate last season. But he was solid and versatile. The Twins have reasons for not keeping him that sort of make sense, but be was inexpensive enough I probably would have kept him.

Forgetting Clippard is out now, we lost a very consistent middle inning arm who has proven himself over and over again.

Why not worried:

OK, RP are volatile in nature, such is their role, except for the best of the best. But there is no age or injury factor or years of mileage on Roger's arm not to expect a rebound.

While I would have liked to keep May, how can we feel bad about Colome? They guy has been very good and very consistent for the past few years. I just bring myself to feel bad we have him.

Robles was a poor signing if you only look at his horrendous 2020. But that's true for a TON of pitchers and players from 2020. His last few previous seasons are very good. The scales tip to the positive no matter how hard you look.

Duffey started slow in ST, looked good, then had a bad game. It's ST! He's working on stuff, getting his work in, and I'm just not worried until I see something that should make me worry.

Frankly, while optimistic, I'm more worried about Stashak and Thielbar continuing to prove they are good. I think they will, particularly the younger Stashak. I'm "worried" how long it may take Alcala to really harness his stuff and show the confidence in himself to replace May. The stuff is there, we've all seen it.

We all have our thoughts, which is great, but IMPO, there are no "easy" removals from the 40 man to add additional BP arms unless someone, unfortunately, ends up on the 60 day list. But despite some top young arms like Colina and Chalmers and the possible, temporary, usage of young SP in the pen, the FO went out and loaded up on interesting depth pieces. Who ever heard of Harper, Wisler or Matt Magill before they came out of nowhere the past few years to provide real help for a time? For that matter, who really expected the re-appearance and re-surgance of Thielbar?

How about Stashak looking like a keeper after being an OK milb starter? While gone now, what about what Littel did when given a shot?

Only time will tell about Farrell, Waddell, Clay and Hamilton, maybe Sparkman, Minya and others. But it's a very interesting collection of arms with ML experience and none. 30yrs old and younger. Decent to excellent FB and sliders and other various other offerings that give St Paul a great introductory season BP while providing depth for the Twins.

I get a kick out of "secret sauce" and it gives me a chuckle. What it really means is a collection of great coaches, given great data, and a collection of arms to work with and develop. But quick now, tell me the last great RP you can think of that was a RP all through milb and dominated at the ML level? Even just limiting it to the Twins, despite some successful role players, the best of the best were former SP.

The nucleus is in place for an excellent back 4. There is the potential for a really good middle ground, with some exciting arms getting close. There are some really interesting depth options who could surprise given need and opportunity. (Again, a potential 40 man crunch).

Secret sauce? No. Just some really smart baseball people with the Twins. Concern? Yes. I want to see the transition take place and work as well as hoped for. Worried? Not at this point.
"Nice catch Hayes...don't ever f*****g do it again."

--Lou Brown

#24 Major League Ready

Major League Ready

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Posted 24 March 2021 - 10:41 PM


I like Smeltzer's story, but I keep seeing others pass him - Thorpe now, the prospects next. 


I would be trading Smeltzer in the next few days for a lottery ticket or a dozen baseballs because when the final cuts are made I would take Law over Smeltzer. I hate to say it but it's not because of great confidence in Law but I have no confidence Smeltzer is going to contribute. Great story and I wish him well but his spot on the 40 man needs to be realloctaed. 

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