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    D.C Twins reacted to Brock Beauchamp in Blueprint for the Future after Cruz   
    I agree with a lot here but I'm not sure why so many people minimize Berríos' skill level right now. No, he's not an ace, at least not by my personal definition, but it's almost impossible to classify him lower than a good #2 right now.
    His ERA rank out of American League qualifying pitchers the past three seasons: 8, 13, 11.
    HIs ERA+ over the past three seasons: 119.
    That's pretty clearly a guy who, if he's maybe just a click below a traditional ace, is clearly in that second tier of starting pitchers.
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    D.C Twins reacted to bean5302 in Blueprint for the Future after Cruz   
    Here are my preferences, if possible, keeping in mind it takes 2 to tango and the Twins have no control over whether or not any of the impending FAs will actually be FAs since their current teams are all just as likely to extend.
    Trade: Polanco, Sano (eat $11MM), Buxton
    Acquire: Syndergaard
    Extend: Berrios, Rogers ($10MM 2022), Syndergaard (20 MM 1 year), Refsnyder (750k)
    Sign: Verlander (20MM 1-2yr AAV), Baez (20MM AAV), Cruz (12MM AAV)
    Release/Nontender: Cave, Garlick
    C = Garver, Jeffers
    1B = Kirilloff
    2B = Arraez
    SS = Baez
    3B = Donaldson
    UI = Gordon
    LF = Larnach
    CF = Celestino
    RF = Kepler
    UO = Refsnyder
    DH = Cruz
    SR = Verlander, Berrios, Syndergaard, Balazovic, Winder, Maeda
    RP = Rogers, Duffey, maybe a couple other FA relievers. The rest of the bullpen from our system.
    This probably puts the Twins at $140MM (assuming they eat Sano's contract). If it's too much $$, might have to trade Donaldson and go with Miranda.
    Edited this because I forgot to put Maeda into the rotation (assuming 1 pitcher is down all the time)
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    D.C Twins reacted to Brandon in Why Trade For a No.2 Starter When You Already Have One?   
    Acquiring a starter like Ray, Stroman, Minor, Bumgarner, Syndergaard, or Greinke would do several things for the Twins. 1. We could skip Pineda a few times in the rotation to help limit his innings. 2. Send Martin to pen so we have a 2nd lefty. 3. Insurance from injury. What happens if a pitcher gets injured? 4 Incremental improvement is still improvement and every little bit is gonna help.
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    D.C Twins reacted to Aggies7 in Jim Kaat makes sense   
    Just thought about this. Shaving 2 innings off every game means 162 less innings for each team to sell food and merchandise. Thats the equivalent of 18 games. If the owners wouldn’t want to trim down the schedule by 4 home games, they’d never go along with 7 innings.
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    D.C Twins reacted to ND-Fan in Jim Kaat makes sense   
    I get tired blaming the length of game all on the players you have to look at ownership and Tv for length of game the time between team changes have added at least 50 minutes a game because of commercials. If they really wanted to speed up the game shorten the number of commercials on team changes.
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    D.C Twins reacted to Rhino and Compass in WARNE: Four Trades the Minnesota Twins Should Consider Making   
    Trade posts are my favorite. Thanks for putting this together!
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