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    hitension53 reacted to bean5302 in 12 Days of Twinsmas: #5 Bert Blyleven   
    If Blyleven had played on good teams, he'd have won 350 games and 4 or 5 Cy Youngs. Blyleven accumulated the 13th highest total WAR among pitchers in MLB history.
    164.8 = Walter Johnson (1907-1927) 163.6 = Cy Young (1890-1911) 139.2 = Roger Clemens (1984-2007) 119.0 = Pete Alexander (1911-1930) 116.3 = Kid Nichols (1890-1906) *109.9 = Tom Seaver (1967-1986) 106.8 = Lefty Grove (1925-1941) 106.6 = Greg Maddux (1986-2008) 106.5 = Christy Mathewson (1900-1916) 101.1 = Randy Johnson (1988-2009) 100.1 = Warren Spahn (1942-1965) *95.9 = Phil Niekro (1964-1987) 94.5 = Bert Blyleven (1970-1992) *Bert Blyleven's contemporaries. Honestly, Bert Blyleven was the second best pitcher in his era (70s and 80s) behind only the legendary Tom Seaver. and pretty even with Phil Niekro. Blyleven was better at his best, but Niekro was less up and down. Blyleven accumulated 49.1 bWAR in a Twins uniform including half-seasons where he was traded from and to the Twins in 1976 and 1985. This is behind only Killebrew, Carew, Mauer and Puckett. No pitcher in history has added more career bWAR in a Twins uniform. Not Kaat, Santana, Viola or Radke (who was much better than you remember and spent his entire career in Minnesota).
    Blyleven is 5th all time in strikeouts and 9th all time in complete game shutouts. 
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    hitension53 reacted to chpettit19 in A Perfect Free Agent Exists for the Twins   
    I don't think the plan is to have to sign 3 starters every offseason. I think 2 years ago was supposed to be the last season of that plan. Then last year was. Now this year is. The plan is to start producing their own arms. But then covid happened and delayed the arrivals. Then they all got hurt. But now they're all starting to need 40 man protection so they can't really delay anymore. The young arms are the plan. They're really what will make or break Falvine. I think that's why we hear them talking about being creative with piggy back starters, etc.
    I'd think Rodon on a 1 or 2 year deal would be good and it's a move I'd make. Nothing wrong with bringing him in and flipping him at this deadline, next offseason, or the next deadline if that's the best move then. But I'd bring him in and at least have an opening day starter worthy of starting opening day. But everything, in 2022 and beyond, comes down to whether or not they can start producing their own arms. If they can't it's all a lost cause.
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    hitension53 reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in Offseason Status Update: Buxton Locked Up, MLB Locked Out   
    The Twins signed Buck, What a great relief to thousands of Twins fans. It simply had to be done. Tony O. and Kitty and Buck O'Neil are going to the Hall of Fame, "The snail's on the thorn;  God's in His heaven - All's right with the world.!" Thank you FO and Hall of Fame Early Baseball and Golden Days Committees and Robert Browning.
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    hitension53 reacted to mikelink45 in Twins show patience   
    The off season is going much faster than last year, but don't worry the FO shows patience.  Snydergaard signs with the Angels, Rodriguez signs with the Tigers, Verlander signs with the Astros, Graveman signs with White Sox - but don't worry.  We waited out Berrios and he is now a Blue Jay for a contract we should have offered, but didn't because the team is patient.  
    The Rays sign Wander Franco to a long contract keeping their home grown star, but we are being patient with Buxton, our home grown star and will wish him well wherever he goes.
    The Giants keep DeSclafani and sign Loup.  But be patient.
    The Dodgers sign Heaney - but don't worry, there are more where he came from - isn't there?
    As reported in the comments below Matz signed with the Cardinals. 14-7 record,  3.82 ERA, 29 starts.  Not interested - let's wait.
    And we did sign Jake Cave.
    Isn't it fun to be patient?
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    hitension53 reacted to twinsfanstreif in AL Playoff Matchups a Little Clearer   
    We all know who we're gonna face, we knew that from day one, nothing changes
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    hitension53 reacted to Pensacola Blue Wahoos in Pensacola Blue Wahoos: Photo-A-Day   
    Hey all,
    Pensacola Blue Wahoos here, the Double-A affiliate of your Minnesota Twins.
    We've enjoyed partnering with TwinsDaily over the past year to ensure that they've got all the Twins prospect photos they need, and now want to bring them to you directly!
    During the 2020 season, we'll be running a daily photo blog right here, bringing you behind the scenes at Blue Wahoos Stadium with Twins prospects and creating a visual scrapbook of the season.
    While we wait for Opening Day, we'll drop some of our favorite shots from last year here. If there's a player you want so see, just leave a comment and we'll take a look in the archives!
    Welcome to #WahoosLife!

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    hitension53 reacted to Ebby Calvin Laloosh in Report: Twins Willing to Back Out on Blockbuster Deal   
    Does this mean we can talk about Maeda in next years "Ex-Twins in 2021" forum or not?
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    hitension53 reacted to Dman in Report: Twins Willing to Back Out on Blockbuster Deal   
    And we are officially out of the trade per MLB trade rumors.  Glad we didn't budge.  I guess Boston\Dodgers found a better offer for Maeda?
    Happy to have you back Brusdar.  I hope you close out\shut the door on many games against the Sox in the future. 
    Thank you FO for not caving!!  I am fine with this result given the circumstances.
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    hitension53 reacted to Elliot in Front Page: Gibson’s Departure Throws Your Dad’s Preseason Banter Into Turmoil   
    I do back into parking spots. I am not impressed with weather reports more than a day or two out. And I can’t shake the thought that when all is said and done, the Twins will pay more and get less than they would have with Gibson.
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    hitension53 reacted to DesertTwinsFan in Collapse?   
    I'm with you. I already posted my fear that they won't even make the playoffs. If they lose the next 4, I think Cleveland, Tampa, and Oakland all pass them up. It's just my Minnesota training, I hope.
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    hitension53 reacted to jz7233 in Front Page: Twins Minor League Report (8/16): Willians Astudillo Homers Again, Bailey Ober Shines in Double-A Debut   
    If Ober can stay healthy and effective, he could be Twins #4 pitching prospect soon. Jax could be #5. Forget about Duran and Alcala. I think they are overrated.
    #1 Graterol
    #2 Balazovic
    #3 Thorpe
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    hitension53 reacted to Blackjack in Front Page: Buxton’s Body and Cave’s Opportunity   
    The Kinks - (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
    Superman, superman, wish I could fly like superman
    Superman, superman, want to be like superman
    I want to be like superman
    Superman, superman, wish I could fly like superman
    This song always pops into my when I hear that Buxton is going on the injury list - again - because of running into something - a wall, the ground, another player, after awhile you realize it isn't just an unfortunate accident. Its Byron not thinking.
    Problem is that the 1) the Twins are a better team with him in the lineup. Save the spectacular play for the last out in the World Series. Otherwise play smarter, realize that you're not superman, that you are a human with breakable parts.  You can't tell me that he couldn't play hard and still be a good defensive center, without the stupid contact.
    2) He's going to play himself right out of the league with injuries. How many concussions can a body take before he has to call it quits. Look no further than Joe Mauer. Concussions forced him away from catcher and lingered through out his career.  When Buxton does play himself out of the league with injuries I know I won't feel sorry for him.
    Falvine and Baldeli need to spout the party line "thats his style of play" but I wish someone like Tori Hunter would take him aside and say "listen kid, you're being stupid, play hard but play smart" -- only in stronger terms.
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    hitension53 reacted to David HK in Front Page: Twins Game Recap (8/5): May Throws Fire, Sano Launches a Walk-Off Bomb in Twins Win   
    I sometimes check out the oppo team's sbn board, just to see how their fans are reacting- and maybe, just maybe, for a little chuckle of schadenfreude. 
    True to form. Of course, just like folks we know (and are), they're kvetching about their recent bullpen acquisitions not paying off, and I got another chortle about one fan's musing that Twins fans must also be cursing their bullpen for giving up the lead. (True dat).
    But one thing that I appreciate so much about this board- once Arraez got that bloop, F-bombs everywhere, and after the Sano blast, some of them started personally sniping at each other, going so far as to cut and paste weeks-old posts to rub stuff in someone's face. 
    I look at this place as one refuge where fans can bitch and moan and celebrate together-without resorting to personal beefs, and keyboard warriors are not something we have to deal with. (That's what twitter's for). My kudos to the admin's, and to the people on this board itself.
    I gotta say, these past few days-- my country is grieving and tearing itself apart, and Hong Kong where I live, is literally tearing itself apart. It's incredibly scary here right now; yesterday and last night were some of the worst hours of my life. I needed this couple hours of respite for my very soul today. I'm happy for the Twins win. And I'm happy to share it with folks like you.
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    hitension53 reacted to Old Twins Cap in Article: Building for Primetime   
    No panic. Twins are winning and slugging and pitching well.
    F.O. will add relief at some point.
    But, for now, with a lot of games coming up against the Whities, the Royals, the Tigres and the Indians, no need to jump into something rash.
    The next move is the big move, so make sure it is the right move.
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    hitension53 reacted to zwiefz in Nick Burdi   
    I saw a couple weeks ago that Nick Burdi was doing great with the Pirates.  I know it has been a while since the Twins lost him in the Rule 5.  But I also knew that he spent all of last year injured and couldn't remember how all the specifics of Rule 5 worked(I now know the answers).  After seeing how amazing his numbers were I couldn't help but thinking: 1)Damn, it sucks that the Twins couldn't keep him around and 2)despite that I know why they left him unprotected.
    However, today I saw the following article on Sports Illustrated.
    No matter what team a kid plays for, that video made me a little sick to my stomach.  He clearly had busted his tail to come back from injury, was living his dream and living up to his potential, and then POOF, it looks like his dream is gone on one pitch.
    I always root for ex-Twins and ex-Twins prospects. Just wanted to start a thread to wish Nick well(even though I know he'll never see it  )
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    hitension53 reacted to nclahammer in Article: Twins Catchers Focused on Maximizing the Strike Zone   
    This is the most comprehensive article I've ever read on pitch framing.  Very well done.  What a great read.
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    hitension53 reacted to twinstalker in Article: 2018 Twins 40-Man Roster Decisions   
    Arraez is the only position player who stands any chance of being protected. I don't really think the Twins would worry that someone is going to take Zander Wiel and keep him on the big league roster all year.
    I don't know enough about the pitchers to comment. Suffice it to say, if the Twins didn't think enough of the close ones to give them a look in September, it's really unlikely they'll be protected. Some of the bigger arms or ones that are just coming back from injury (like Jay) have a chance.
    I always think that this type of article makes little sense without listing the current 40-man roster so that we can get an idea of how many spots there might be. For this particular year, though, I think there are going to be a lot of changes and new additions from outside the organization.
    Off-topic: Is there anything you can do so that two spaces after a period doesn't show up as zero spaces? A lot of us learned to use two spaces after a sentence, and in no way is that going away because we're commenting here. :-)
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    hitension53 reacted to AlwaysinModeration in Article: MIN 6, KC 4: Long Day at the Office   
    May was painting the upper half of the strike zone, three swinging strike outs. It occurs to me that with the increased focus on launch angle, the high strike is very hard to hit. Even when they get to it with that upper cut swing (which is hard), players would only pop it up.
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    hitension53 reacted to Mike Sixel in Article: Twins Owe it to Themselves to Look at Existing Talent in Second Half   
    They are out of it....they should be looking at the young guys, and getting them MLB experience...IMO, of course.
    Well, Belisle could be gone, that would be strategic....how about Morrison, why keep him around at this point? That's 2....and it wasn't hard.
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    hitension53 reacted to shimrod in Article: TB 19, MIN 6: This Never Happened   
    I'm fully on board the "fire Molitor" bandwagon after watching that debacle. The Astudillo appearance was nothing less than an extended middle finger to the fans who remained to watch the ninth inning. 
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    hitension53 reacted to Squirrel in Article: Royce Lewis: Patellar Tendinopathy   
    Thanks, heezy! Once again, educating the masses here at TD.
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    hitension53 reacted to jimbo92107 in Article: Joe Mauer's Concussion Symptoms Return   
    I can personally attest that it is extremely hard to drive with concussion symptoms. Far worse than being totally drunk. You can see, but you lose track of what things are. In my case, I slowed down, veered to the side, then banged into a parked car. I could see the car, but I could not think of what to do to avoid hitting it. 
    Thing is, the previous day I had been knocked flying from my bicycle, but I didn't notice concussion symptoms until the next day. I did not feel "clear headed" for almost a year afterwards. Concussions are horrible, terrifying things. Maybe the worst part is, the damage from concussions does not fully heal, and it tends to accumulate over time. I feel bad for Joe Mauer. His symptoms may fade, but he will be vulnerable to concussion symptoms for the rest of his life. 
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    hitension53 reacted to TheMatt in Article: Twins Trade Phil Hughes, Draft Pick to San Diego   
    Very disappointing basically selling 74th pick for 6 million
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    hitension53 reacted to wabene in Article: End of the Road for Phil Hughes and the Twins   
    Phil Hughes has my respect as does the FO for making this move.
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    hitension53 reacted to OldTimeTwinkie in Article: MIN 7, STL 1: Five Alive   
    Hmm mm, Sano Gets hurt in 2017 Escobar fills in and Twins take off. 2018 Sano gets hurt and "Mighty Mouse" fills in again and Twins take off. Correlation or causation?
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