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  1. 3 hours ago, Mike Sixel said:

    He didn't apologize. That wasn't an apology.

    Look the dude once told a female reporter intern the only women he talked to when he wasn't fully dressed were either on top of him or under him. He's a horrible human. 

    Jennifer Frey was her name, and if anyone is interested there is a well written article about that incident, her career as a woman in sportswriting, and her tragic life that if you have the time is an engaging read.


  2. 4 minutes ago, gunnarthor said:

    The effect for Twins fans who watched the team was that the team was utterly playing below expectations, that nothing worked. It was a system failure. Again. 

    That seems hyperbolic. It was a, "total system failure" in 2016 because not only was the team's record abysmal, but the drafting and development process had produced virtually nothing tangible from a vaunted core of players and draft picks. Plus, the team was at least a decade behind every other organization in the league analytically. 2018 was a disappointment, no doubt about that, but it wasn't as if the 2017 team cruised to a division title. They squeaked into the second wild card spot with 85 wins, in what was a very weak division.

  3. 15 minutes ago, roger said:

    This season and team has become a total disaster, an embarrassment.  Yes, there are pitching problems that could have been addressed by the FO prior to the season.  Yes, there have been ton's of injuries.  But at some point we have to understand that this team and the players have quit.  That is on management beginning with the on field leader.  If I am Mr. Pohlad, at season's end I demand that a change to the on field staff undergo a total change.  If the FO is unwilling to be 100% in on that decision, they also go.

    The team scoring 14 runs after falling behind 10-0 shows that the team hasn't quit, at least from an offensive perspective. This is an abysmal pitching staff. At this point it seems like pick your poison and the question becomes less, "which guy gets us out of this jam" and more "which guy would you like to give up three runs in an inning today?"

  4. 2 hours ago, jorgenswest said:

    Seems like a reasonable question and I don’t see anyone in season. He doesn’t have a bench coach that might step in. Is Toby Gardenhire ready? Is he clearly better?

    I sure hope your question is a large part of any discussion in the Twins front office. If you fire a manager with his two his previous successful seasons you better have a pretty good idea of how you will replace him and be confident that it is a clear upgrade.

    Also, I think it needs to be considered how much time are you willing to give a new manager. If you're dead set on firing Rocco after two division titles in three years, then how long are you willing to stick with a new manager if they struggle? Do they only get a season because the expectations for the playoffs are set, or if they're not knocking on the door to the World Series after two years are they gone? Or does removing Baldelli mean it's rebuild time, in which case why not keep him if the team isn't going to be that good?  

  5. 42 minutes ago, In My La Z boy said:

    Why do we play the games? We play to win. Not us. Not Rocco. Probably not this front office. Definitely not Jim Pohlad. Winning is not the all encompassing agenda around here. I wish it were. Must not be a salary cap thing, Tampa is always there, A's are always there. Rocco fits us I guess.


    You can make the argument that Pohlad is more concerned with the bottom line than winning games, but not the FO or Rocco. You can't fire an owner, but those three don't have the luxury of indefinite job security; they are absolutely playing to win every day. I'd guarantee they're not champing at the bit to be fired, especially since there is always the chance they won't coach or run a front office again. Tampa is the exception to the rule, if every team could be as savvy and ahead of the curve as the Rays seem to be they would do it in a heartbeat, it's not an easy task. 

  6. 44 minutes ago, In My La Z boy said:

    I can appreciate this critique - brevity is the soul of wit - much better than the novel we could all write, of which this particular critique wraps up a portion of it. The Rocco in-game mismanagement mistakes are plenty this season. I wish we had a manager, and an organization that fed off Donaldson's type of energy and emotion. We don't. Might as well deal him to a more aggressive fired up organization that prioritizes winning at every turn, and doesn't mind getting down and dirty to do it if that's what it takes.

    I get it, I think we just have different definitions of what constitutes, "wit." Personally, I prefer a level-head for a manager, let the players get fired up and emotional, but the manager needs to make the cool, rational choices. I don't know what to say about down and dirty, because I'm not sure what you're implying.

  7. Definitely a mountain out of a molehill situation. This wasn't Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon going after each other in the dugout. When you foster an environment that encourages a player's competitive drive this is going to happen, but all parties involved handled it well. Donaldson and Arraez got their say, Cruz mediated it, and Rocco focused on the game at large. Had this escalated to anything notable then coaches get involved.

    1 hour ago, Whitey333 said:

    We certainly don't have a manager that manages a game.  Seems like his computer manages for him.

    Can we just stop with this critique? Criticize Rocco for his lineups, or his defensive placements, or pitching management, but this is such a lazy take that it's all but worthless.

  8. 18 minutes ago, Whitey333 said:

    The ridiculous banter regarding rbi production is ridiculous.  Just as the new wave of boring analytics is ruining the game.  The game thrived for decades without all of the invented and discovered stats.  Now the game is boring and becoming unwatchable.  Add in a poor team that manages by computer and trends and refuses or is unable to manage in game is sad.

    All these, "boring" stats have existed for decades and teams have been using them for years. Now they have names, so a guy doesn't have "warning track power" we might instead look at ISO or a different statistic. If anything this can make it easier to understand the game for newcomers as it doesn't read like insider baseball information.

    Look at Earl Weaver being arguably the most famous example of a manager altering his lineup based on favorable matchups using slugging or on-base percentages. If you watch the game you should notice there are plenty of managers, Rocco included, who ignore what the "computer" says they should do quite often.

    I really don't understand this argument, if you don't like statistics just ignore them, RBI, batting average, and runs still exist in the stat line. It's not information that's making the game, "unwatchable" there are many other factors that have led to baseball's viewing decline.

  9. 2 hours ago, wsnydes said:

    I'm not really a fan of Baldelli, but the inconsistency of giving a manager all of the blame and none of the credit is tiresome.

    It's making it harder to actually have a discussion about Baldelli too with people throwing in hot takes without any real evidence behind them as some alleged smoking gun. I think his faults have been more apparent this year and he should be open to criticism, as should the entire team. I'm not a die hard Baldelli fan, but I feel like I come across as one because people on here resort to saying inane things like, "he's a computer" or "only manages with a spreadsheet that's why he lost the clubhouse." Those aren't complaints based in reality and you can't argue with fiction.

    2 hours ago, Dodecahedron said:

    Molitor had fewer faults than Baldelli, and everyone agreed he had to go.

    Case in point, a hot take with no evidence.

  10. 31 minutes ago, bighat said:

    This goes beyond the front office. It's a leadership problem and a clubhouse problem.

    Rocco should get another crack at managing next season, but this year he's completely failed to motivate the troops. There have been several hot button moments this season and Rocco has been absent for all of them. Whether it was Simmons and the Covid-19 stuff, Buxton's freak injury, Colome's meltdowns, Donaldson's trash talking, that crazy A's game where Arraez threw the ball over Sano's head....those are opportunities for leaders to LEAD. Inspire. Preach. Call guys out. Coach guys up. To light a fire. Do something. Anything.

    Rocco's approach, on the other hand, has been to quietly keep plodding along, sticking to a broken formula. And when you look at this team listlessly getting smacked around day-in and day-out, it's clear he hasn't done enough. Rocco Baldelli's lost the team, and now he's in charge of a ghost ship and he should shoulder much of the blame.



    I don't think Rocco has been great this season, but it doesn't seem like you're giving him any credit for things he has done well. For one, he had a touching perspective on Buxton's injury that you should read https://www.startribune.com/byron-buxton-rocco-baldelli-share-a-history-of-injury-setbacks/600070980/. Two, I really don't understand how calling guys out publicly would help make matters improve. If you think there's a clubhouse problem, something I don't see any evidence for, then does anyone think it would be better by Rocco tattling to the media? He seems to have a good rapport with the players and they handle things internally, I see no issue with that approach. I don't want to come across as a Rocco stan here, because I'm not, but some of these feel like unfair accusations.

  11. I work with kids and this is anecdotal, but the increased level of commitments has kept kids from playing. We talked about it in class one day and there were a number of kids who felt that it was all about winning and not enough about playing to have fun from way too early an age. Combine that with the increased length of seasons and the prevalence of coaches now requiring players to do off-season work and it can become too much for a kid. If they want to work a job for some spending cash or if they need to help out around the house it hampers them and makes it a lose-lose proposition. Kids shouldn't have to give up a majority of their free time to play sports.

    I don't have hard evidence for this, but I also think increased parental involvement hasn't helped matters and seems to have pushed kids further into win at all cost mode, while simultaneously undermining coaches. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Mahoning said:

    Countless times I have read the local experts asserting with confidence that Rosario would be easy to replace. Well, he is playing for a team with a poor offense and has 41 RBI -- more than any Twin. SO EASY to replace, and yet the Twins have not replaced him. Good for Eddie -- he went to an organization than knows how to win. 

    Well, he has a .668 OPS and an 81 OPS+ which means that Kirilloff and Larnach are hitting better than him in every category except RBI, so it's fair to say the corner outfield spots are doing well in the interim. Plus we got to see classic Eddie when he was thrown out walking back to second on an admittedly boneheaded play. Honestly who would you rather have in LF, Rosario or Larnach? The answer seems pretty straightforward. I agree that it seemed people were too eager to get rid of him and I like Eddie as a player and he seems like a good person, but this narrative that he was an irreplaceable bat and clubhouse leader just doesn't make sense.

  13. 6 minutes ago, puckstopper1 said:

    How can Kirilloff have the 2nd worst WPA for the Twins when he had 2 of their 4 hits in a 10-0 blowout?

    Is this an example of those wonderful advanced stats showing how meaningful they are again?

    Because WPA takes the context of the game into account. A batter getting a hit in an 8-0 game has much less impact than that same batter getting out with a runner on base in a 3-0 or 0-0 game. Blowouts effectively negate WPA, as they should.

  14. 2 hours ago, FanFromPhilly said:

    I'm frustrated by this team but I don't understand these comments.  The Twins have won Word Series in 87 and 91 and the Mets have won in 69 and 86.  Why are the Twins the sorry franchise?

    I don't get these either, sure this team is absolutely frustrating but was nobody watching from 2011-2016? Those years with few good players and no quality prospects in the minors close enough to make any positive impact. I saw Yohan Pino pitch a game in person and thankfully we haven't hit that low yet. Be frustrated with this team, and feel free to criticize the many criticizable aspects, but let's be rational as well.

    17 minutes ago, MMMordabito said:

    Fire Rocco.

    Stop this, it's not going to happen, nor should it. What team would fire a manager coming off two straight division titles after a few admittedly bad months? An incompetently run team, that's who. I swear we're starting to sound like the Strib comments section on this site.

  15. 43 minutes ago, darwin22 said:

    I can't disagree with that, but I'm not sure if ANY MLB managers "have complete control of their roster."  Saying that, I cannot believe Falvey/Levine are dictating to Rocco that Shoemaker MUST remain in rotation.  That seems 100% Rocco's decision, which, imo, is 100% asinine.

    They're probably not saying he has to remain in the rotation, but they are almost certainly saying he has to remain on the 26 man roster. If Rocco is lobbying the FO to keep him, you're right that's entirely the wrong decision. However, it's almost a pick your poison scenario, they'll never say it publicly but they don't trust him starting, but they also don't trust him in the bullpen either. That's a longwinded way to say it's a bad signing that for some reason this team seems reluctant to admit to.

  16. 55 minutes ago, darwin22 said:

    Absolutely disgraceful.  Saying that, coming from Bal-dummy, I can't say I'm surprised as his "trust the process" mantra is his standard comment.  

    It's almost as if Baldelli doesn't have complete control over who is on the roster and has to use the players he's given. So rather than trash talk one of his players he gives a non-answer.

  17. 22 minutes ago, heresthething said:

    Exactly, someone does.  No way a Tom Kelly coached team or looking externally a Ned Yost team would be performing like this.  And there were several years both of those coaches had low levels of talent and their teams weren't playing like this.  

    What? I have as much respect for Tom Kelly's two World Series titles as the next poster, but let's not pretend that there weren't some bad players on bad teams playing badly. Tom Kelly did oversee a stretch of years so bad that the team was nearly contracted.


    A proposal like that would certainly result in a greivance or lawsuit which owners would certainly lose. MLBPA is one of the most powerful unions in the world. Owners lack the authority to make ultimatum overtures like that.

    Let's not forget that the MLBPA is not going to allow scab players into its membership so any player that has a reasonable chance at making the majors would be a fool to scab.


    Diesel said


    "Sano had his breakout season last year. 34 home runs with a .923 OPS is nothing to sneeze at. And that was with a very slow start."


    On a team that hit 307 home runs for some unknown reason. I would just like to see him be available for an entire season one time. .247 average nothing great and he drove himself in 34 times so 79 rbi nothing to rave about.

    How is it Sano's fault if he has fewer people on base when he's up compared to his teammates? RBI is an opportunity stat. Besides 79 RBI for a #5-7 hitter is more than respectable. 



    I mean, if I had a follow-up piece to the original one that was drawing attention and ire, I might tease the follow-up rather than telling people off. But that's just me. What do I know?


    As long as there's a follow-up then he was 100% justified in being a dismissive jerk to people that pay to read his work. 

    In his defense he's been doing both the prospect list and the list of those who just missed the cut for a decade or so, with a quick turnaround, if any readers don't know that it's on them. Besides let's not pretend that anything more than a small fraction of the twitter replies are valid criticism, rather just people complaining that their team's prospects got the shaft so why do they deserve replies? I'm not even the biggest Keith Law fan, but he is unusually open in engaging with people and even if you disagree with his methodology the guy isn't an idiot, he just grades people differently. 





    No worries, in about 20 years (+ / -), I'm almost certain half the teams in baseball will have folded or will be folding. Millennial's couldn't care two hoots about baseball or hockey for that matter. They aren't really interested in the NFL either.   


    It's not just millennials. The number of older adults (I'm talking 30-40 year olds) who would rather play video games as opposed to go outside and see a baseball game is growing. Why spend $115 bucks on a Wednesday night to go downtown when you can sit in your easy chair and play Red Dead Redemption or whatever and order pizza? I'm sure we all prefer baseball over PlayStation but we're in the minority.


    To be pedantic, millennials range in age from 25-40 so it's not exactly the youth of today killing the game. You could make compelling arguments for a variety of reasons, i.e. wage stagnation, cost of living increases, rising debts, etc. as to why people haven't turned out. It's especially disheartening to see a team that typically hasn't spent enough on the field, and I'll eat these words if they change that this offseason, cater to an elite crowd to pad the Pohlad's wallets.

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