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    ewen21 reacted to nclahammer in Why the Eddie Rosario hate?   
    And I think with that comment, this discussion has just "jumped the shark."   You don't just simply replace 32 HRs and 109 RBI with a rookie.  How many of those 31 other leftfielders accumulated those stats?
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    ewen21 got a reaction from DrNeau in Buxton's Greatness Knows No Bounds   
    Sorry, but I cannot help but roll my eyes at the title of this article.
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    ewen21 reacted to jkcarew in Buxton's Greatness Knows No Bounds   
    His career OPS is 672...and that represents a very clear boundary on his greatness.
    If we attribute the difference of 22 DRS to Buxton alone...that amounts to 2 wins.  If Buxton is going to be OPS+'ing 80 (or less), it won't take much for an average defensive player to make up the 2 wins in the batters box.
    The defensive stats are cool...they just don't have the value that is often insinuated as part of Buxton conversations.  Even center fielders have to hit some to have value.
    Having said that, if Buxton could OPS+ a consistent 90, he'd have a lot of value.  Think somewhere between Gary Pettis and Paul Blair.  And I still think it's realistic that he can do that.
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    ewen21 reacted to JaleelWhite FanClub in Buxton's Greatness Knows No Bounds   
    Can't wait for next's week's version of the "Buxton's 2017 was INCREDIBLE!" article.
    I appreciate your articles, Ted. But the timing of this one hits a sore spot for me (and expect others - thus the comments above).
    We as fans have heard enough about his defense. The team needs him to be an all-around player. I don't need metrics to tell me no matter how great he is in CF, if he's a bottom-5 MLB hitter, then the team will never reach its potential.
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    ewen21 reacted to TheLeviathan in Will Dozier Maintain His Value?   
    He doesn't need to "fall apart" to lose value.
    He just has to do all of these things that are guaranteed to happen:
    1) Age
    2) Have less team control
    3) Not have a career year
    It's not "if" Dozier will lose value, the only questions are really how quickly he'll lose value and how much he'll lose.
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