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  1. Twins will take the "one-more-year" gamble. But Ryan, if nothing else, could develop into a great shutdown bullpen arm. ALways felt he would be best suited for the role of a closer. But as long as he can put up decent starts, I will run him out every fifth day and, hopefully, get four more years out of the guy in a Twins uniform.
  2. He was still young. Probably should've been sent down to AA for awhile, sooner rather than not at all. And basically has trolled in the Twins system long-enough that he would become a minor league free agent if waived off the roster and someone would openly grab him. For the promise alone. But 2023 is his final year to put something together for the Twins. A fast start with decent numbers could make him part of a trade package. But right now, even as a throw-in, he doesn't have much value.
  3. TWO tWINS ELEASED FROM THEIR RESPECTIVE TEMAS 40-MAN ROSTERS RESIGNED MINOR LEAGUE CONTRACTS. Drew Strotman with the Giants and Jermaine Palacios with the Tigers. SHAUN ANDERSON and minor league free-agent signee last year ARIEL JURADO will both be playing in Korea. WILLIANS ASTUDILLO has signed to play in...Japan!
  4. Gambling is the magic word. The future could be bright...if healthy. Can Royce be the longterm solution at shortstop? How long will we have to wait to see. And, if so, where do we plug in Martin and Lee in the seasons following. The outfield logjam. We know Kepler. But Wallner, Kirilloff and Larnach are unknowns, still. Celestino is also still a prospect. We have half-a-catcher. Arraez is great, but he is far from your typical first baseman. But the Twins still have a designated hitter/bench spot need when all is said and done. Hopefully a right-handed puncher who can also play the field, somewhere. Front office, don't try and sell us on a competitive team. Still doing the tryout thing, and the best we can ask is that the guys get playing time, and do well, and surprise us all before you discover they really aen't that good and have to make some mid-season movements, if the team is still competitive. Otherwise, if not, we look at the next batch scheduled to get playing time come end of '23 or soemtime in '24. Unless you open the wallet and sign two top flight free agents (rotation arm and catcher and/or right-handed bat). Of course, you could also trade for a catcher, depending on who you sign for a pitching ace and a right-handed bat from what would then be rotation arm depth and a surplus of outfield "talent."
  5. Although a good year away, he is so young and still a promising catching prospect. But he will also be eligible for the Rule 5 draft if a team will pay the Twins the fee, as well as whatever the negotiated signing salary is.
  6. I'm hoping he becomes our next Jason Kubel, and not our next Jim Eisenreich. At least in a Twins uniform. Although I would like him to comeback in the same way Eisenreich did...for other teams!
  7. Great that he is going to work on defense with Correa this winter. Miranda may not be the long-term third baeman, but should suffice for the short-term. He is why Strand was available for trade to the Rangers. Plus the influx of players from Martin, Lewis, Julien, Lee, Shuffield and others that need to find a home. The Twins have to figure out Arraez longterm and where he can play best, or dangle him s a trade chip. Miranda could move to first and MAY be better there than...Arraez. Kirilloff also is in the mix for first. I would not worry about third base for 2023.
  8. I say give him $35m for season 1 and 2 with $30m for 3 & 4 and a $25option for year five. Give him an opt out after each of years 1 and 2.
  9. Paying a free agent piotcher is a luxury for msot teams. You hope for one or two good seasons. With the opt-outs that are in many contracts, you have the ability to front-load for a stud, hope they give you the quality, and let them walk. Or even if you sign a guy to a longer contract (3-5 years) you hopefully have the ability to trade them if it isnb't working out, but their stats are still good enough for a contending team to grab. Even with home grown talent, it is a hard decision. Which is often why it is GREAT if you can nab one of your own talents and sign them longer term by the time they enter arbitration, going that distance of, say, a five year contract into a free agent year or two with mutual options. Most of us in Twins Daily land were on the bubble if Jose Berrios would've been worth a $120 million contract before he was traded to the Blue Jays. Yet one or two years ago, we would've been more than happy to see the Twins sign him for 5-7 years (at what might've been less than $120m). In the end, though, I have a hard time seing the Twins wasting $15-20 million or more on 2-3 so-so arms, rather than just investing in a probably one good arm, if available. Besides the horror stories of old, I was disappointed with the Twins final payout on Archer this last season, where the guy ended up doubling his salary because of his starts, but not really giving us...a start. Right up there with Odorizzi taking the qualifying offer. Thank goodness the 2020 season was shortened and the Twins didn't have to payout the full amount. Again, it is a fine line. Be interesting to see where the Twins go with, say, Joe Ryan. We all remember basically not seeing any longterm worth in the likes of Kyle Gibson, as an example.
  10. Him and Canterino could be studs. Just gotta get the innings. Sadly, see Enlow, at best, becoming a relief arm in the end. He has to advance to AAA. I wish the Twins had sent Balazovic back to AA to work out his rotation kinks. I'm not sure where to be with his status. Should he also start at AA in 2023? Two prospects, along with Canterino, that I doubt will contribute to the team in 2023. And they really don't have a lot of trade value, unless other teams wish to take a flyer on "what could be....."
  11. I hope one is spending an equal amount to Correa's salary on other players to make a winning team.
  12. Maybe they made a bunch already with Urshela's name on them. Should be going for a bargain price...soon.
  13. I'm not seeing the immediate future, as well as long-term, being a third base issue for the Twins. Which is why they felt comfortable trading Strand to the Reds, I guess. Even shortstop looks to have longer depth (not to mention second-base). The bigger question is first base if you look beyond Arraez and Kirilloff (or move Miranda there). And catcher. And you can always buy a bat to be a DH, and it is a bonus if they can play a position on the field.
  14. Former first base prospect LEWIN DAVIS signs with Pirates. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/11/pirates-claim-lewin-diaz-waivers-marlins.html
  15. CHARLIE BARNES resigns with Lotte Giants in Korea. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/11/charlie-barnes-re-signs-with-kbos-lotte-giants.html
  16. Most teams would probably rather trade their player for a prospect, that eat Kepler's remaining contract. If he shines in spring training, and doesn't appear to be an "extra" outfielder amongst the midst of ALL other Twins outfielders shining, he could draw interest in case of an in jury. But if play is the same, teams would probably rather trade for a Larnach, Kirilloff or Celestino. Your best bet would be to package him with, say, a WInder or an Ober.
  17. I would go in on Arbeu first (and soon). Otehrwise, might be a reasonable gamble since he can play 1st and the outfield and cycle thru in DH duties. Plus could be a decent bench bat. His strikeout ratio scares me a bit and lessens the desire to have him come off the bench. I'm totally at a loss as to what it would take to sign him. Is he beyond a one-year comeback contract? Does he offer enough for 2-3 years?
  18. If his speed remains and his defense improves, he could push Buxton to right or left field, which would be good! He has power and speed. If he can stop chasing certain pitches, he will be a "force."
  19. Former Twin TAYLOR MOTTER has signed a minor league deal with the Cardinals. Journeyman catcher/infielder JOHN HICKS has signed with the Phils.
  20. Part of it is saving some face from the Padres deal although all the players the Padres got have moved on. Plus, it won't be a huge contract for a certain skill set. Plus, if he shines in spring training, he could be tradable. The mindset is that he still has closer possibilities. But my concern is how he fits into the bullpen as a whole. Is he a one inning guy. Do you bring him in for the strikeout, albeit with the chance that he will also allow a runner to score. Can he only start an inning, not finish an inning with the Twins in trouble. In the 40-man roster pecking order, who is he in front of, and who is he behind. Is Megill the guy to get designated if the Twins need a roster spot for a free agent relief arm? Would the Twins have been better served cutting him loose and then resigning him after he tested the market? If the Twins do cut him, I don't see anyone really grabbing him, instead allowing him to become a free agent so any team that does sign him only has to pay the major league minimum of his new salary. So that is a gamble of $3 million the Twins are taking. And that is what is frustrating about Minnesota. They invest in a player and will try and get back a return as long as they can before eating a contract. Overall, an interesting analysis. Remembering that both Smith and Duffey had good runs during the season, that were far outshadowed by the bad times. Yes, a relief pitcher can have one bad appearance that totally wrecks their stats. And great jobs in bad games don't necessarily get you a star on the board, either.
  21. Would love to see him as a coach. Hey, is Miranda still working out with Correa at his home!?
  22. Lots of tems should've outbid the Twins on Correa. But they didn't. Yes, I would go for Bogaerts. So we can all mangle the name when typing. I would do a contract that has an opt out after Year Two and/or Three.
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