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  1. Kudos and congrats to a well-manmaged game, I guess! Hey, WE WON!
  2. Somehow today's lineup doesn't seem to be the best lineup. Is it construction? Wrong guys on the bench in the same game? Is the Royals pitching that good?
  3. Yes, a true over-analysis. I would really like to see a corresponding look at how Royce has fared in AAA ball to have a better idea of how he is doing, and the differences between AAA ball and major league pitching.
  4. Well, if keeping Garlick, can he play first base? Miranda really needs to go abck to St. Paul and do the work. Or, are we waiting to swap him out shortly for the return of Kirilloff. Now down to 13 pitchers, a week early!
  5. Interesting piece on Major League Trade Rumors. Seems the Mets were wary on the health status of Paddack. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/05/mets-notes-paddack-hosmer-smith-bassitt.html
  6. Ernie Yake was dropped to Wichita. Seems to be the Jimmy Kerrigan of this season. A low-level minor league guy with frequent flyer miles.
  7. I'm sorry, getting send down after a second decent start? Maybe Smeltzer is a starter for the future. But right now, he could serve as a decent mid-iunning long guy. A lefty who can pitch thru a batting order. Winder, Ober, Ryan, Maeda, Gray can be locks for 2023. And who knows who else is coming up, what the Twins do with Bundy and Archer. Whatever. Winder and Smeltzer both need innings, but not full start innings, to build up for future jobs with the Twins. 3-4 innings a game (or even just two) can see them thru the season.
  8. Well, it was purely a salary dump. Hoping Miranda gets his hitting act together and becomes our third abseman of the future. Yankees have to be a bit peeved that Rortvedt was damaged goods.
  9. For some reason, I felt the Twins didn't feel Rogers was worth going to arbitration with. I was almost surprised that they did. But that doesn't explain them sending money to San Diego, which means we are basically paying more for Pagan and Paddack. The plus, of course, is we have another season of Pagan and that he CAN close. The lights out guy we want? Naw. Man, I worry about him almost as much as I do Duffey. Brent Rooker ended up being a nothing. The Twins would've been hard-pressed to keep him, and we see he is on the verge of not being kept by San Diego. I so wanted Brent to succeed, but... We still got a prospect out of the deal. I truly wanted the Twins to get Blake Snell (because he was a lefty). But that would've turned out probably worse. As well as get Eric Hosmer in the deal, and one of the rookie catchers. But in the end, I just felt the Front Office wasn't happy with Rogers. And that field staff felt he wasn't a closer and that the team could live with other options (one of which was Lewis Thorpe).
  10. “Hey, we are sending Royce Lewis down to play everyday in St. Paul. And not just at shortstop, the position he needs to excel in. But let’s try him at other positions around the diamond. Like third base.” “Don’t we already have a third baseman we got from the Yankees, Gio? And Luis Arraez is a better fit at third base than anywhere else on the diamond. And don’t forget Jose Miranda. Shouldn’t he be back in the minors and playing third base and working on his hitting skills.” “Miranda is playing mostly at first base in the major leagues. He needs to get his feet wet at that position.” “But in the majors?” “Well, he is hittng better than Sano. Until he hits worse than Miguel has, he stays. And Arraez can also play there, although the other fielders complain that he doesn’t give a great target. Besides, Kirilloff is playing there everyday in St. Paul, well almost. We need him in leftfield possibly until we figure out where to play Larnach in the majors.” “So Larnach is coming back…” “And we will send Celestino down to St. Paul, as he needs to play everyday. Besides, we got Garlick. And if he doesn’t work out, we can bring up Contreras again. Or maybe bring back Cave.” “But should’t our best players be playing on the team trying to win the division, make the playoffs, and go to the World Series?” “Hey, St. Paul needs to keep the stands filled. Besides, no one comes out to Target Field until school’s out, Mother’s Day is over, and fishing season is in full swing and people discover there really ain’t fish in those 9,827 lakes. As long as we piece together a win, that’s all that matter. Remember, the Target Field Experience is the key.” “Winder and Smeltzer are doing a nice job…” “And Winder got injured, just when we were going to send him down when the pitching rosters shrink back to 13. We need him to pitch at least every six days as a starter, maybe only four innings to get a full season out of him. Same with Smeltzer. Guy hasn’t pitched forever, but we need him to start, none of this mid-inning stuff. He is also a lefty. We don’t want any lefties on the major league staff. Too confusing for the manager and pitching coach.” “But we are barely getting production out of most of the arms starting games already.” “Don’t worry, they are vets. They will come around. Besides, we still have another dozen bullpen arms at AA and AAA we want to look at before the trade deadline. All guys we signed on the cheap. Can’t trust those prospects totally yet. We will work these guys for every inning possible while we save the arms of all these pitchers we brought in during the off-season as rehab projects,” “But wouldn’t Smeltzer and Winder work best pitching consistently 2-3 innings, maybe every third or fourth day, especially when starters like Archer, Bundy, Ober and even Gray barely get us into the fifth inning?” “Hey, we don’t want guys learning in the majors. We want them doing what’s best, and where else should they be doing that than in St. Paul. Hey, been to a game there? Great ushertainers. Wish we could do that in Target Field, but just too big to have people running up and down the aisles. Notice we got rid of the vendors? People too spread out to make it cost effective.” “Okay, so two of our better pitchers should start in the minors, because we can’t find important roles for them to play in the majors. And guys who are hitting are going back to the minors, while those hitting league average….” “You said it, ‘league average.’ What, they need to do more than just produce like everyone else in baseball?” “But...but...but…don’t you want to win?” “Sure, but we also want to play players in as many positions as possible besides their own strong position. And we sign all these minor league free agent pitchers that see us as their last shot for the big leagues and, well, our prospects got a year behind in 2020 and most of them can’t throw more than 50-60 pitches in a game or 100 innings for the year, but we gotta keep them active down on the farm. Don’t worry. The team will be better than last season.” “But that is only because the division appears weaker.” “Hey, we won the division with 85 wins in 1987 AND the World Series. Probably will be able to win it with as few as 75 this season. Don’t worry. We are going all the way. But, hey, how about that lineup and that pitching staff in St. Paul. They rock!”
  11. Due to COVID, TAYLOR MOTTER returns to the major leagues with the Cincinnati Reds. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/05/reds-make-series-of-roster-moves.html Motter had a frightful 9-game stint with the Twins back in 2018. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/m/motteta01.shtml?utm_campaign=Linker&utm_source=&utm_medium=referral
  12. Twins biggest weakness? Designated Hitter. It should actually be the strength, with guys playing anywhere and everywhere. First, the Twins need to get back a full line-up, which may happen shortly. Larnach returns and plays left. So we can argue who should play the most: Kepler or Celestino? But the odd guy can DH. The Twins need a first baseman. Curtis Terry is available in St. Paul. Give the guy a call. You need a roster spot - Terry or Garlick, what is you flavor? Rotate him with Arraez. Then rotate Arraex with Gio. The loser comes offg the bech or DHs. When pitching rosters go down to 13 come June 1, the Twins will also be able to add another bat. We know it won't be Lewis. I say we should switch out Godoy's 40-man and bring up the next Willians Astudillo - Roy Morales. He can catch, play first base, DH and also hit. Catcher is a weakness. Teams are going to run on our pitchers and catchers. Not much we can do about it except keep certain guys off the bases, or just continue to dominate against most batters.
  13. As much as I would rather see Winder as a starter, the Twins are forced into the Bundy and Archer situation (reminds me of Happ and Shoemaker) because of their investment. Sadly, the team ahs to go down to 13 pitchers come June 1. I poicture, sadly, Smeltzer and Jax and Stashak staying and working multiple innings. Winder will go to St. Paul to be a rotation arm every sixth day (seems they are doing more of that in the minors). He can still be called up for that spot start or maybe even be ready for some innings come season's end. We have to remember that Ryan, Ober, Bundy and Archer are all in "innings" mode. Will any or all of them just reach/crack 150 innings? They aren't set for 200, that's fer sure.
  14. I would be playing Kirilloff at first base! Come June 1, the Twins have to reduce down to 13 pitchers. Assuming Ober comes back, which means Cano will probably return to St. Paul...what Twins pitcher is best GONE? (I predict Winder, getting the Lewis treatment so he can start every sixth day in St. Paul and get his mindset in that universe). They also will be adding another position player. Miranda needs to play...in St. Paul. Probably rotate between first and third base. The Twins COULD remove Garlick and Godoy from the 40-man. I would be happy adding back any of the other catchers on the St. Paul roster if the need happened. The Twins could bring up Curtis Terry to play first base, designated hitter, bench bat. Has to be betetr than what is happening. Larnach will be back, so that should push Garlick out (Kepler, Buxton, Larnach, Celestino with Gordon in reserve). The Twins could add one more player...especially if Godoy oppens up a spot, they can have the pick or any or many. Besides Lewis, who would you choose from the vast members of St. PaulLand. The return of Cave? Kevin Merrell? Roy Morales (a catcher/DH and 1B guy who hits well). Who would be a good bench bat?
  15. Almost thought Larnach was in Wichita so he could more easily gran a flight out with the Twins at the end of their Kansas City run. But Wichita ain't home. Will Larnach come to St. Paul for a few games?
  16. Being lefthanded is his plus. And that he can face a line-up, potentially more than once. Like so many of the rotation arms, he will be questionable for 25-30 starts, so it might be best to use him in the pen as much as possible, or that arm that comes out for a double-header. Heck, I would make him an opener if we are only getting 3-4 innings out of Archer or Bundy right now. But I think he had the mentality to be able to work out of then pen. Something that we shouldn't be mlooking for in, say, Winder, who is a starter - and I fully expect him to be back in St. Paul (Winder) come June 1 and making regular six-day starts for most of the rest of the season. Any team could've grabbed Smeltzer, and surprised they didn't. Now the Twins can't afford to lose him.
  17. Luke Bard was one of those fringe bullpen arms that showed signs of being a Twin until a bad year in AAA ball. Interestingly he was brought in to replace another former Twins prospect, Chris Mazza, who has gone onto a longer IL-list. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/05/rays-add-luke-bard-to-40-man-roster.html The Rays develop so many arms, but somehow they seem to also have become the home for Minnesota Twins castaways. Besides the above two, they have Ralph Garza Jr., Nick Anderson, J.T. Chargois, Calvin Faucher, Brooks Raley, Matt Wisler, Aaron Slegers and Dusten Knight on their 40-man roster or at AAA ball. Anyone from this list that you would love to see back in the Twins pen?
  18. QUIT TRYING TO MAKE PLAYERS VERSATILE. Lewis needs to prove himself as a starting shortstop and is doing a very good job doing just that. Don't mess with him at other positions. Yes, he needs to play everyday, get the at bats, do the fielding, and NOT get hurt. More likely to do that in St. Paul than on the bench at Target, assuming Correa is healthy and will be in the line-up at short every single day from hereon out.
  19. Only 3,000 some fans at the Oakland game. Now with Lewis going to St. Paul, maybe THAT team can win and fill their stands.
  20. We want Lewis to play shortstop, period. If you want to have a guy learn a position, send Miranda to St. Paul to play first base and bring up Curtis Terry (in place of Garlick) on the roster. Kirilloff is also the first baseman of the future and should be getting as much reps as possible. Gio is only here for another season, so Miranda, if he can get his bat going, WILL be the third baseman. Yes, Correa needs to play everday at shortstop. So we better see him at that position everyday for the nhext couple of weeks, otherwise there were better choices to send to the minors in the shortterm.
  21. Having to drop a pitcher is actually a plus for a roster addition, keeping Miranda and/or Lewis in the fold. Yes, Garlick would seem to be the odd man out. But barring the need for a third catcher, the Twins would now have a four man bench, and without a true DH, five men who need to find a place to play (Sanchez, Miranda, Gordon, Lewis, and Kepler). Now that is a bench in your search for a DH and any of those guys could hapily spell a position regular.
  22. Yep! This will be a wonderful series of games. At best, the Twins widen the gap between themselves and other teams in the division. You win your division to get to the playoffs, no matter how bad/good your record. But they do have to match up well against the other BIG teams in the other STRONGER divisions. Expect to see some shuffling with the rotation. The evils when they named Ryan the opening starter was that he woulkd be pitching, for the msot part, against one or the top two starters for any team the Twins face on a consistent level. (I often wonder why teams just don't reverse and start their worst pitcher is a probably losing situation.) But even against Kansas City and Baltimore, not to mention the Oakland, the games have been tough contests. I'm looking for the day when the Twins have Larnach and Coorrea back in the fold. Although I'm still not quite accepting Arraez at first base, but we need to keep him in the game!
  23. Rosterman

    A great problem

    It is too soon to speculate. He would have to get at least a multi-year offer bigger than the remaining two years of his Twins offer. Will he get a 7 year deal for that aveage amount (with, of course, opt outs). Will he be ignored? The joy of the Twins making this possible one-time over-pay run on a quality player is that Correa HAS to produce if he wants to make money. Which is good for the team that is currently playing him. Like players in their free agency walk year, they need to be better than best IN THE BIG MONEY HUNT. The kicker is that Corea could tank (or be injured) and the Twins would be on the bubble for at least another year.
  24. Baseball is coming back after a year of NO fans in the stands followed by a year of some fans, but a bad season of play. Season tickets were Blah! Plus the weather was touch-and-go in April. School happens. And now that the weather is wonderful, people are out-and-about and scrambling to gets things planted, normal springtime activities (they are starting to push 20,000 fans), and summer. Way back, Calvin Griffith was shicked when after committing his move to Minnesota he suddenly discovered (realized) people go fishing, abandon the town on the weekend for cabins and lakes, and other outdoor endeavors. The positive flip side is that people do come to town and do partake in OUTDOOR baseball, either here or in Saints-land. Watch for specials and lotsa of game packages. But it will take some clever marketing to egt fans back in the stands. If I were the Twins, I would be liberally employing former players, or those sitting out injuries, to appear at events (especially major sandlot games). Nothing sells tickets like personal appearances along with TC Bear. (Has TC Bear ever given a commencement address?) Winning will help, if the team can keep it going. Nothing like a beautiful afternoon or evening at one of the finer parks in the country, if you don't fear for your life riding the lightrail or parking outside the ramps in downtown Minneapolis.
  25. They could always trade him! Seriously, they have to add an extra bench bat once we come to the end-of-the-month. And, as someone else posted, if you have to rotate Buxton and Correa thru the DH spot, better to have Lewis playing in the field then, if possible (although Celestino can play in centerfield). The loser in all of this will be Gordon, especially with the return or Larnach. Maybe Kepler can cycle in at first base, although it has been years since he put in any play there.
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