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  1. 17 hours ago, gil4 said:

    Even then I'd say he's a long-shot. Rosters don't expand nearly as much as they used to.   

    Rosters only expand to 28 these days. 

    I never quite figured that out as I would think the player's union would love to see 5-7 additional guys get major league play and join the big boy's union.

  2. I had wished that the Twins had included Sano in their earlier trade and taken on Hosmer and also got Campusano. I also wish they had dangled, at that time, Strotman, and taken on the Snell salary. The Twins could've afforded both and made San Diego very happy. Hosmer as a 1B/DH. We got a future catcher. A lefty starter. Lots of dollars spent. Strotman might've been tantalizing back then. Probably could've thrown in a Gipson-Long at that time, too. And San Diego might've sent some $$$ along in the deal, too.

  3. C'mon, Bundy could've given us five.

    Is there any reason Jax can't go two these days?

    Sure, a hit and walk the bases loaded...with one out...he can get out of it. 

    You are a starting pitcher and expected to be up to pitch EVERY 5th DAY But we have to send 4-5 guys out there every game because the starters can't do their job. If you want to be a major league starter, you get a rhythm, you excel as you get deeper into the game, you mix up your start. It would be different if the Twins rotation arms were hitting 100+ pitches, but they aren't. Season is more than half-done. Our starters have been given every opportunity to buildback, and most all of them can double their inning output for the remainer of the season.

  4. Sano could also have a breakout second half here and get his option picked up for next season.

    Miranda would be a choice for demotion, to play everyday. Since he won't be getting time in a rotating DH spot. And just put in the time in St. Paul because if Sano is a bust, you will be back.

    Of course, Urshela is a trade chip. I would also put Kepler in that potential category. Whioh would solve the roster problem if you are getting back a top flight bullpen arm (and prospect) for either, or if they ae part of a rotation trade. Then you just have to figureout who goes from the pitching staff.

    If Kepler is healthy (and Buxton) I sadly see Celestino going down to the minors. I can also see Miranda going, as he will be the man NOT getting any at bats, which is sad, because he is hot and, in reality, would rather see him as the sub than Gordon at this point, who has cooled.

    Once again, Sano creates issues. Soon he will begone! Unless he really starts to crush the ball. Then he becomes a roster problem again!


    Urshela to Oakland in a package for Montas.

    Kepler to San Diego for a young catcher and maybe the Twins take Blake Snell's salary?

  5. He is owed a hunk of change and we know the front office hates to give anyone away. But remember, if a player is on the waiver wire in August, he goes. No pulling back. No trade worked out.

    So the Twins will run him out as long as they can afford to do so, at the expense of Celestino, Garlick or Miranda.

    And, whew, what happens if he produces, slams like 20 homers in the last two months at DH and hits .250 or above. Do the Twins (ahem) grab his...option for 2023 and go forward from there?

  6. There are two factors when filling out a major league roster.

    A guy is a bench player, filling a hole on the roster.

    A guy is developing in the minors and is brought up to play when a position player goes down, because theya re the future. In this case, we HAD Royce Lewis briefly for Correa.

    In the first instance, the Twins have had a wide variety of names from Reboulet to Hocking to Adrianza who stepped into a starting role fulltime instead of the future (we could add names like Grossman, Cave and Refsnyder to that list).

    This year, the Twins bench has settled into GEM level. If you consider that the DH is basically a rotating spot, you have Hamilton (now) as the reserve catcher, Miranda at first or third, Gordon at second/short/outfield, and Garlick and Celestino in the outfield. In reality, if ANY of the bench players start, whomever they are replacing would probably be the DH.

    Now that will all change when Sano returns, and there are 10 million reasons he has to play. Best at DH. No need to put him ever in the field. Of course, one of the above names will have to depart, and picture it will be between Garlick or Celestino, although IF the Twins would like Miranda to play third/first everyday...just maybe he will go.

    But everyone has been hitting Sano's weight. So......

    A decent luxury for the Twins to have. Especialy with other players being versatile to play elsewhere (Polanco at short, Arraez at second or third, Kirilloff at first). 

    The only BIG change is to keep Sanchez primarily at catcher, and never DH. Can't wait to see if Hamilton has anything in his arsenal.



  7. If you trade for Sano, do you take on his remaining contract for this season? You also have to be willing to pick up the option (or pay the option out) for next season.

    Why not just wait and let him become a free agent.

    Or see if the Twins release him come August.

    Sadly, if he becomes playable, the Twins will have to roster him and play him as they have $10 million reasons to try and get soemthing out of him this season, unless he is just so terribly horrible........


  8. All the wins have invested in him is money, that was reclaimed from the Josh Donaldson contract. Already they are winners for 2022.

    2023 and 2024 they could still come out waaaay ahead if Correa stays.

    A team would have to be pretty desparate to just take a short-term flyer. Of course, a contending team could be down their shortstop for a short period of time here at season's end.

    July 31 (or is it August 2) the date. Otherwise, a player just becomes a salary dump. No withholding them from the waiver wire.

  9. Polanco and Kepler can both be dangled as trade bait. But for now, they have to play everyday to keep any worth they have active.

    The joy is the Twins have otehr infield candidates, as well as outfield possibilities. Younger. 

    But in the end, what are the players worth? What can Sano get you? Or Dufey? Or Thielbar? Maybe even offers for Bundy? Urshela is also a candidate to move.

    The Twins have to make hard 40-man decisions on Strotman, Balazovic (now a relief candidate?). Henriquez is still very young...should be back in AA ball. 

    There seems to be depth. But what is needed to be competitive if they are going for the division. Is winning the division enough or do the Twins NEED to get far in the playoffs? 

    At what point does baseball get back fans after a COVID season, a half-season without fans, and coming off a lockout that didn't benefit ownership or players.

  10. Leach almost fell into the Enlow category. He was available for the Rule 5. But because of injuries was still an A-baall pitcher. He will be a minor league free agent after this saeson.

    Enlow, because he was protected, could be grabbed by another team easily if removed from the 40-man (as would be Balazovic or Henriquez). And then the new team could decide to send them, again, thru waivers before sending to the minor leagues.

    Thus the world of a min or league ballplayer.

    Rooker, also, faced downtime in 2020. Sadly, he WAS given every oipportunity to prove himself a major elague player. As much as Miranda, Larnach and also, now, Kirilloff. He didn't succeed and then was passed over by guys like Garlick, Refsnyder and even Cave and Celestino. 

    So much can change in the life of a minor league player. A bad season in the minors may mean no shot in the majors. A rough time in he majors, and maybe no second chance...or a minimal second chance...because tehre are always memebrs from another draft class pushing you off the depth chart.

    Also, I like stolen bases as much as anyone. But stealing in the lowly minors? Pitchers and catchers are getting used to each other, and also pitchers are working on different pitches. I still remember this grat base stealer in the Twins minors system. Whatever happened to him? 


    I shake my head all the time at the millions spent up-front in baseball drafts on players that amount to next-to-nothing, and the careers that some of the lowlies have in return.

  11. The Twins are in a strange world regarding pitching. Their 40-man currently has Strotman, Balazovic, Henriquez, Enlow - all of whom look doubtful of pitching for the Twins in any capacity in 2022. Will the Twins still roster them in 2023? A fifth, Sands, had been anything but brilliant. All five of these guys, because of their current work, are probably unanted by any other team, unless a waiver pickup happens.

    The Twins also have three players who won't be back in 2023 and are vastly underpforming: Thielbar, Duffey, Bundy. None, again, would be a tradable item unless they really really really improve. Dead weight right now.

    Garlick and Coulombe are also on the 40-man in IL-limbo. Both are happy collecting major league salaries not to play. I don't really see a pa

    lace for either of them in the Twins future.

    Throw in Dobnak, who is at least on the 60-day IL, but when he is ready to come back, designate him off the roster. No team will claim his longer-term contract.

    Plus the Twins have Godoy and Contreras, neither really should ever be called up before anyone else (I would even accept a Cave callup over Contreras at this point). 

    Wow, that's 10 players who we wouldn't miss if the plane lands before the next homestand.

    The Twins missed an opportunity to wheel and deal Balazovic, Enlow and Sands. Basically a couple were added for fear of a Rule 5 loss. In hindsight, would Sands have lasted the required days on an MLB roster?

    So Baldelli deals the deck dealt him. Is a game close at what point? Because, like Twins own scoring, runs CAN happen in bunches and with multiple arms throwing, you jsut never know. What frustrates me most about the Twins is that there are few role players...everyone is expected to come and play somewhere sometime. And the bullpen is on a rotation, rather than a "need."


  12. Old School. Pitchers will never ever go deep again. The days of complete games, and even getting full credit for a shutout are long since past. Sadly.

    Thru the first third of the season, the Twins have ben extremely lucky. All their starters will pitch just south or north of 25 games, if we hold to the current path. The Twins have been able to field a six-man rotation pitching like they were a five.

    All the starters, except for Gray, were expected to implode if pushed past 150 innings. Guys rotating thru injury and COVID lists, plus the ability to short start the season thru mid-June with an enhanced bullpen, has given the Twins a slight edge in that regard. The guys have been able to build up endurance.

    The bigger question is can the bullpen sustain, following Rocco's pre-game schedule of who does what, when. 

    If starters can barely pitch into the sixth, the days of bullpen arms pitching multiple innings without rest inbetween, or a bullpen arm pitching 2-3 and maybe four days in a row, are done and gone.

    We are seeing 100 mph pitchers happening a tad more frequenbt. As long as batters suffer with pitcher changes (even the sad "must face three batters rule seems a joke"), and you have the ability to actually find relief arms that can pitch 40-50 outings, managers will short the starters and increase use of the pen. 

    Especially if you have a pipeline to the minors. Sure, there are restrictions now where a guy has to stay down 10 days. But that doesn't stop you from rotating guys off the 40-man, especially now as the season progresses and you can bring in a fresh arm (with experience) that you may only need once or twice before sending on their way (Cotton).

    The only flipside of the Twins is that they are pretty much stuck at seven rotation arms right now. Winder is still injured and could thrive as a long man, if you can afford a roster spot - again - for a guy who is pushing it to go four innings, be it as a starter or out of the pen. WInder needs to stretch out as a starter at St. Paul. Bundy is NOT a gem. If they need an 8th, the choices are Henriquez, Balazovic and Sands...none of whom are performing well, and shows the problem of putting unknown prospects that still need minors time on the 40-man.

    And, final point - fans are fickle. We yell if a guy loads the bases and is allowed to try and get out of an inning. We yell if he is pulled too soon in a close game and a pitcher thrtows a home-run ball (which happens more than not). We scream that they pay too much time looking at iPads and video. Yet as long as a manager wins, all is forgiven. Even when we can also blame the front office for not giving us 100% workable, always a win, pieces of players.

  13. I think the bigger concern is the pen imploding.

    All those free agent arms sitting in St. Paul aren't looking too good to even considering rotating in - Angulo, Sanchez, Ramirez, Gonzalez (we saw him - a vet starter - only give us three against Toronto), Bashlor, Viza, Jurado, Patricka. Wood is a project at the training camp. Newbie Thornburg should've pushed any of the previous mentioned name to free agency. Derek Rodriguez probably gets another go, as the Twins hjave been giving Cotton. Not sure if Minaya sticks. But the current bullpen is destined to be worn thru and through.

    Duran could (and should) be the closer. But he, too, can only pitch so many innings. Plus learning to be a pressure pitcher in an environment where every win is important can be daqunting to even the msot experienced vet.

    We might feel better that Alcala, Stashak, WInder (as a bullpen arm), and Coulombe will come back strong. We also haven't seen overuse of Cano, Moran, and Hamilton yet. ALl three could be destined for the second-half bullpen fulltime after working out some kinks in St. Paul.

    The Twins will eventually have a four-man bench. Kirilloff MIGHT push out Miranda. Celestino will probably push away Garlick. I almost wish we could afford to send Jeffers to St. Paul for a month or so, but there is no notable replacement down there (Morales is interesting, but more as a bench bat and third catcher). I wish Jair Camargo was further along. 

    For all the "Twins team" stuff that seems to radiate from Rocci and the staff, I would like to see some consistency in the batting order and an understanding of where guys bat and play on a regular basis. Although I loved seeing Gordon getting hit, making a balk, stealing a base...this is what your super-sub does to make it worthwhile to replace a lineup regular.

    I think the rotation MIGHT just work out in the end. It has, thru various injuries, been a decent six man rotation - thus spredaing the workload that all guys might only need to start 25 games during this season. Add in another dozen starts from the likes of Winder, Sands and - fingers crossed - Balazovic, the Twins may be solid and have a BIG jumpstart on a super rotation for 2023. Especially if Madea can come back. The secret is: sooner guys can pitch into or past the sixth, the better. It would be nice to have another Jax in the pen for 2-3 innings. And we lose an arm come late June (which means the shuttle may be busier between St. Paul - but we will need a couple of rotating door 40-man spots to make it work).

    It hurst when you don't clobber teams like Detroit and Kansas City. But if the Twins can hold their own in the recent run against the East and Seattle, we can breathe a sigh of relief and just worry about where the team is come All-Star break.


    1960s: Eddie Leon, Del Unser, Frank Brosseau, Steve Garvey, Charles Scrivener, Tommy Moore, Roger Freed, Al Hrabosky, Jake Brown, Craig Skok, Ken Szotkiewicz.

    1970s: Rick Burleson, Ron Cash,  Dick Ruthven, Dave Stegman, Pete Falcone, Warren Cromartie, Rick Peters, Jerry Maddox, Eric Show, Paul Mirabella, Marty Castillo, Steve Christmas, Vance McHenry, Jamie Allen, Joe Charboneau, Rick Bordi, Edwin Rodriguez, Bradley Lesley, Dave Leeper, Tony Fossas, Steve Bradley, Ralph Citarella, Mike Couchee, Randy O'Neal.

    1980s: Mike Fuentes, Steve Ellsworth, John Marzano, Steve Davis, Ralph Bryant, Greg Mathews, Tim Belcher, Bill Swift, Oddbie McDowell, Clay Parker, Joe Bitker, Mark Grace, Mike Benjamin, Mike Schwabe, Dan Smith, Craig Paquette, Aaron Sele, Derrick White, Tony Urbani.

    1990s: James Moulton, Tim Davis, TJ Mathews, Gary Matthews, Craig Dingman, Kelly Dransfeldt, Travis Lee, Danny Kolb, Emil Brown, Jason Varitek, Lance Carter, Brian Lawrence, AJ Hinch, Robert Ramsay, Matt Kata, Mike Lamb, Josh Bard, Mike Gosling, Kevin Thompson, Brian Slocum.

    2000s: Aaron Heilman, Paul Maholm, Daniel Davidson, Jason Vargas, Adam Lind, Jeff Clement, John Gaub, Garrett Mock, Travis Metcalf, Steve Pearce, Yonder Alonso, David Herndon, Charles Leesman, Andy Oliver, Chase Anderson, Mickey Storey, Seth Rosin, Aaron Barrett, Adam Cnley, Mario Hollands. 

    Recently: Cody Martin, Mark Payton (White Sox prospect), Andrew McCreery, James Marvel, Taylor Hearn, Sam Hilliard, Mike Baumann, Kyle Cody, Blake Cederlind, Greg Deischman.....

    I also like how the Twins go after unsigned draftees and trade or sign them late. Some notables: CHuck Baker, Pat Light, Chris Heston, Clete Thomas, Matt Macri, Jesse Orosco and recently Kyle Barraclough. Plus they have Elliot Soto currently in St. Paul.

    How would the Twins success have been over the years if they ahd signed Steve Garvey, Mark Grace, Tim Belcher, Jason Vargas, Adam Lind amongst others?

  15. 20 hours ago, RpR said:

    Most seem certain Correa will not stay, but then they also thought there was no way he would come here, amazing.

    It is too soon to speculate. He would have to get at least a multi-year offer bigger than the remaining two years of his Twins offer. Will he get a 7 year deal for that aveage amount (with, of course, opt outs). Will he be ignored? 

    The joy of the Twins making this possible one-time over-pay run on a quality player is that Correa HAS to produce if he wants to make money. Which is good for the team that is currently playing him. Like players in their free agency walk year, they need to be better than best IN THE BIG MONEY HUNT. 

    The kicker is that Corea could tank (or be injured) and the Twins would be on the bubble for at least another year.

  16. Correa would have to be hitting huge for another team to even think about his deal...plus that he COULD walk or stay. At any point, if he walks, you can just try and get him yourself the next season. But, yes, if the Twins are contending, you don't want to make other teams better!


  17. The problem still is SHORT STARTS. The rotation arms have to get to six innings. Winder did it (Yes). Now can we get that from the vets?


    The Twins also DON'T HAVE A REAL CLOSER. Would you trust Duran yet? I would sure give him the chance.


    Otherwise, it is musical chairs. Duffey, Thielbar, Pagan, Coulombe. Are we happy that Stashak is back? Is JAX the real thing (hey, maybe he is the closer). 


    But now we have 7 starters, if you count Sands. When Ober comes back.....


    Minaya got roughed up. Cano and Smeltzer are pitchiung real well. Moran is coming back well. Do you trust guys like Petricka, Mason, Megill, Bashlor, Sanchez, Pinto more than we really have?

  18. The Twins need starter innings in the grand scheme of things. You can pretty much say that April will be full of 3-4 inning runs by starters, so with careful management of the pitching staff, the Twins may actually win some games depending on piggy banking of pitchers.


    Remember, Ober and Ryan MAY NOT be capable of 30+ solid starts.


    The Twins hope Bundy AND Archer will take up some of the early season slack. Happily the April expansion of pitching rosters have given teams the ability to really stretch out proespects, and for the Twins that means that Ober and Ryan CAN probably pitch for the full season, push up against 150 innings at the least.


    Paddack is a sold addition to the team going forward (moreso than Bundy and Archer). The Twins get Maeda back, hopefully, in 2023 (if not September of 2022). Gray is still around for another season.


    No matter how we look at the grander scheme of things, Balazovic, Winder, Sands, Henriquez, Enloow all need to be workhouses - in the minors. In a pinch the Twins can call up Strotman or use Jax (if he isn't cut today). Dobnak is somewhere in the mix along with Smeltzer.


    And looking forwards to 2025 you still have Ober, Ryan, Paddack...a couple of the above names, as well as Varland, Canterino, maybe Sammons, Woods-Richardson.


    I'm thinking the front office is being clever, as well as planning for the longterm. 


    Yes, the Twins needed a closer last year and, in the early months, Colome wasn't the guy. Rogers is a set-up guy. The Twins have Thielbar and Coulombe right now. Moran is in the wings. 

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