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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to AK83 in Management Caught Looking....elsewhere...the Continued Over Look of Miguel Sano   
    His ability to do what? Strikeout? He's hitting .163 and striking out about 50% of the time. If the guy could actually hit around .225 or so, things would be much different. Right now, he's nearly an automatic out with an occasional homerun. 
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to DocBauer in 2021 Minnesota Twins Roster Projection 2.0   
    Rooker, a talented and younger prospect, should get the selection before Garlik initially.
    Not sure when Braxton's opt out takes place. Typically it's a month or so in the season from what I've seen in the past. I'd really like to see him stick around for a while. Tons of talent and still potential, but a good week vs a poor past few seasons doesn't put him above Cave.
    Won't find a bigger fan for Thorpe and Dobnak than right here, but not sure there is room for both. But the obvious caveat is the health of Thielbar. Really hope Thorpe gets that 4th option year for both team and player.
    I am a HUGE believer in Kirilloff and his future. I think he's going to be a hitting STUD with decent defense regardless of final spot. But regardless it's up to him to earn his spot. And he can. But with no games above AA except for his one playoff game experience when injury practically forced a promotion, I'm still flabbergasted in regard to all the angst that he might spend a little time at St Paul to better transition.
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to Doctor Gast in The Shortstop factory   
    SS factory? Who could Mike be talking about? It couldn't be our Twins? To my knowledge they haven't produced a bona fide SS since Zoilo Versalles.
    Prospects usually don't pan out and leave or move to a different position. Polanco became an all star because of his bat not his glove. He's a 2B but was thrust at SS when we traded Escobar.
    It seems that any good SS we've had, we gotten thru trade. Lewis is a good SS but will he stay there?
    Why can't we produce our own SS, Mike? It's a question that needs to be asked. Thank you Mike for bringing this to our attention.
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to Platoon in Water on La Tortuga   
    Astudillo has impressed me as being a "baseball player". He is aware of what goes on during a game, and is involved. Like Rosario, Puckett, Oliva, and some other "bad ball" hitters he needs to determine which bad balls to lay off of. I think he will. I am a little surprised by the shade thrown at his glove. One comment was that he had flexibility but wasn't good at any position. That comment on itself doesn't make sense. Players who aren't good at any position aren't flexible, they are likely the 4th OF. You don't get sent to three IF positions, two OF ones, and catch if you aren't any good at any of the positions. That doesn't mean you are a gold glove winner at anyone of them, but you are easily adequate. If that were not the case Sano would be an OF, Gonsales would catch, and Buxton would be at second base. Trust me, none of this will happen! Lastly, while Garver has worked hard and made his glove work less offensive, I don't see anything remotely giving him an edge behind the plate defensively. Garver is a hitter who can catch. He is not a catcher who can hit. And yes, there is a difference.
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to DocBauer in Aces High or Aces Low? Do you Need an Ace to Win the World Series?   
    I think both arguments are valid. However, at the end of the day, all sports and successful teams therein, are built as a team. A strong defense goes a long way to assisting said ACE as well as every other pitcher on the staff. A strong offense produces runs, which ultimately decide the outcome, whether it be 1-0 or 11-10. A weak bullpen can do a lot to damage a team's overall record, and certainly their chances to win an important series of any sort. I'd offer up several Tiger teams of recent past. And the Royals are a clear example of the bullpen holding thing together, albeit their rotation certainly wasn't a bad one. Over a full season, or a series, there are a lot of ways to win, as well as lose. Stating the obvious? Perhaps so.
    But here's a caveat to the ACE arguement; two really good teams, one with an ACE and a couple solid starters and the second team lacking said ACE but having 3 rather legitimate #2 starters, I'd probably go with the second team.
    And that's where the Twins are now, 2018 at least. Let's say a healthy Santana is the same pitcher he was last season, or close to it. Berrios has the best pure stuff on the staff and should be better in 2018. Largely successful in previous years, young enough to still have upside, just how good can/will Odorizzi be? Of course, looking beyond 2018 is a different story, but similar tale via trade, FA, promotion and development of Gonsalves, Romero, Thorpe, etc.
    My final answer short, there is a major argument for that true #1 guy in your staff. But good defense, potent and versatile offense, (the Twins have both), and a quality bullpen, (they may have built one and have additional arms close), a team can absolutely win it all without that true ACE. But you need those 3 #2 guys you can march out to the mound.
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to Hosken Bombo Disco in Twins Showing Interest in Wade Miley   
    I've got it the other way around than you.
    The way to do it IMO is to sign the broken vet to the minor league deal and let Gonsalves or Romero start the season in the big league rotation. Then if the young guy falters you option the young guy and add Miley to the roster for a few starts. If the young guy doesn't falter then that's a good thing. 
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to adorduan in Twins Showing Interest in Wade Miley   
    no,  just no.  I thought we done bottom feeding?
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to twinsfanstreif in Twins Showing Interest in Wade Miley   
    My big question is why? To me he isn't an upgrade over Majia or even Gibson, he's more of a 4/5 guy but if we signed him he would only block Gonsalves, May, and Romero from getting any sort of meaningful time
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to theBOMisthebomb in Welcome to the Hall Jack - to ESPN, get over it!   
    Amen. Jack Morris deserves the Hall of Fame induction. There are no qualifiers or disclaimers - Jack was one of the best of his time and came through when the spotlight was brightest.
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to HitInAPinch in REPORTS: Twins to Promote RHP Felix Jorge from Chattanooga for Saturday Start   
    Fantastic!  I'm hopeful the Twins are finally done with Gibson and Santiago.  Time to replace the mediocre with prospects.
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    Dave The Dastardly got a reaction from Oldgoat_MN in Twins Medical Staff Starting To Wonder About Peer Review Process At Yahoo! Answers   
    I get the feeling the Twins staff was short-armed by this report. Everyone knows the most accurate information is on Twitter.
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    Dave The Dastardly reacted to mikelink45 in Twins Medical Staff Starting To Wonder About Peer Review Process At Yahoo! Answers   
    Nicely done.  I hope you did not tear a rotator cuff typing this. 
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