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    Minny505 reacted to Dodecahedron in Three Questions Awaiting the 2022 Twins   
    Those statcast numbers really make Kepler look like an all-star player having a career year.  But he's not.  He's just not.  We can call any metric that suggests Kepler is doing fine as "Fake News."
    The front office approach has been, I believe, to maximize statcast production and that would equate to greatness for the players and lots of wins.  Kepler seems to be doing everything he was told to do, and it's simply not amounting to anything meaningful for him or for the team.  It is perhaps not fair to blame Kepler for being mediocre in his prime.
    As for Sano, I wish him all the best.  I know he will have great moments in the future.  It is my pie-in-the-sky wish that his future accolades happen on another team.  The Twins need consistency, not occasional highlight reel footage.
    I'm optimistic about who the Twins have in the pitching pipeline.  But who the heck am I?  I predicted this year's starting staff, sans Shoemaker, would be incredible.  *sad trombone*
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    Minny505 reacted to Rosterman in Three Questions Awaiting the 2022 Twins   
    Sano Garver Donaldson floating thru DH duties. Miranda sharing time at 3rd. Kirilloff at first. Question is who is at shortstop, and who do we carry as catchers/spare infielders.
    Rotation is Thorpe, Jax, Dobnak, Ober and Ryan with Smeltzer in the wings with Barnes. I see 75 wins from this group easy! (If they pitch at least five innings a start).
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    Minny505 reacted to Monticore in One Buy Low Candidate to Solve Minnesota’s Shortstop Need   
    Nope. A premium fielder is needed. And, Torres ain't it. 
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    Minny505 reacted to TwinsAce in One Buy Low Candidate to Solve Minnesota’s Shortstop Need   
    I don't like the idea of trading for a player who can't play SS well.
    I like the idea of Swanson, but that's really only an option if Atlanta signs a top SS...
    What about Miguel Rojas? 32, one year vesting option (which will vest in the next game or two), 3 WAR this year with 102 wRC+, 8.6 UZR/150 and 5 DRS in 2021.  Although after looking further, it appears he wants to finish his playing career with the Marlins.  Defense might be declining too.

    I'm guessing Nicky Lopez would be a bit far fetched.
    Kevin Newman? His offense stinks this year, but defense looks solid this year? Also, since July 24th, he has looked a lot better with 95 wRC+ and 736 OPS.  (Lateral movement has been positive this year vs. negative previous years.) 

    Nick Ahmed? He's had a down offensive year, but has typically been slightly below average at offense and solid defense. It seems like he has similar advanced offensive stats except that his barrel and hard hit % is down, 
    I think my main takeaway after looking at shortstops around the league is there are either the stars (either signed or FAs) or the dart throws with the occasional younger SS that a team is hopeful for.
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    Minny505 reacted to a-wan in One Buy Low Candidate to Solve Minnesota’s Shortstop Need   
    I’d rather that than Baez and his 300’ish lifetime OBP.
    Or Torres who is another Polanco, a 2B who isn’t a good SS.
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    Minny505 reacted to RonCoomersOPS in One Buy Low Candidate to Solve Minnesota’s Shortstop Need   
    Hard pass. We don't need a shortstop that can't hit, and we really don't need one that can't field. We further don't need a second baseman. I'd rather try Arraez at second and Polanco at short again than trade for Torres, and I don't really want to try that alignment again.
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    Minny505 reacted to Bigfork Twins Guy in One Buy Low Candidate to Solve Minnesota’s Shortstop Need   
    The mantra from the FO and the Manager has been a good SS glove helps our weak pitching. We need to rate SS defense highly and go there.  No to this option please!
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    Minny505 reacted to Trov in One Buy Low Candidate to Solve Minnesota’s Shortstop Need   
    You did not sell me on why he would fix SS.  One of worst defenders and subpar hitter.  Sure he may get better hitting like he did when first came up, but defense is rarely something that changes with teams, so I would not expect an uptick in that area. 
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    Minny505 reacted to DJL44 in One Buy Low Candidate to Solve Minnesota’s Shortstop Need   
    I think the Twins still believe in Royce Lewis as the starter for several years but probably want to get him some time in AAA next season since he's coming back from a lost season.
    There is a cheap, glove-first SS option who will be available as a free agent. Freddy Galvis has been as productive as Simmons with a much smaller paycheck.
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    Minny505 reacted to Doctor Gast in One Buy Low Candidate to Solve Minnesota’s Shortstop Need   
    No, I'd rather have a glove at SS. Torres bat hasn't been good either , I don't care even if his bat improves. But trading for a SS isn't a bad idea if you can find a glove out there. I certainly wouldn't trade Kepler or any other player straight up.
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    Minny505 reacted to terrydactyls in One Buy Low Candidate to Solve Minnesota’s Shortstop Need   
    Torres was just moved back to 2nd base because he isn't a shortstop.  Why trade for another 2nd baseman?  I don't mind looking beyond the big names in free agency, but the Twins need a glove at shortstop.
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    Minny505 reacted to DJL44 in Ranking the 3 Most Underrated Twins Players   
    I think Josh Donaldson is underrated. He gets endless grief from fans because he makes money but he's one of the few players earning his paycheck this season.
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    Minny505 reacted to Brock Beauchamp in How quickly we Forget   
    This argument is so wildly inconsistent and one-sided it makes my head spin. The 2016 squad was injured but the 2021 squad is just bad.
    Here are the five years of winning percentage of the Ryan administration:
    .407, .407, .432, .512, .364
    Here are the five years of winning percentage of the Falvey administration:
    .525, .481, .623, .600, .443
    This "disastrous" 2021 season would have been literally THE SECOND BEST SEASON under Ryan.
    You're talking about the great young core - and there was a solid young core, no doubt - but the Twins were exiting THEIR WORST SEASON IN HISTORY and fresh off a season where the team fielded players like Byung Ho Park, John Ryan Murphy, Kurt Suzuki, Ricky Nolasco, the desiccated husks of Phil Hughes and Glen Perkins, etc. etc etc.
    The 2016 squad wasn't "ravaged by injuries", they were simply a terrible ****ing baseball team, one FAR WORSE than the 2021 squad... and that was the fifth year of bad baseball, excepting the decent-but-still-nothing 2015 season.
    And let's not even get into the draft picks that preceded those seasons where literally a mediocre 11th man was the best outcome out of three consecutive top six picks. Falvey also inherited that complete failure of drafting, one that still reverberates today.
    You're not even attempting to be objective about this front office, gunnar. Up until about 15 minutes ago, you have referenced 2016 as a "total system failure" more times than I can count but now that it's a conversation about the Falvey front office, that 2016 squad was just injured and had so much potential.
    I'm not even making excuses for Falvey, I've been particularly disappointed in their pitching development, but let's inject a dose of reality into this situation. Ryan's teams showed little signs of returning to respectability while this front office has won more often than it has lost.
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    Minny505 reacted to In My La Z boy in How quickly we Forget   
    I guess I am ready to agree with both sides of this argument, and I'll let next year decide for me what I think of the front office. So far, I am not a fan of this front office and I am not a Rocco believer, but I was as ready as anyone to replace TR - and was just as stumped by some Molitor decisions as I am of Rocco's. 
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    Minny505 reacted to chpettit19 in How quickly we Forget   
    Wouldn't the argument then be that it's not fair to call 2021 representative of the 2018-2021 window?
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    Minny505 reacted to chpettit19 in How quickly we Forget   
    So the '16 team gets a break because of injuries, but the 2021 team doesn't and the FO needs to go? Don't follow the logic there.
    Also, don't agree at all that the core of Buxton, Sano, Kepler, Polanco, Berrios, and Rosario were going to win no matter what. That's 1 good, not great starting pitcher, 1 elite talent who took forever to figure it out and has never stayed healthy for a full season, the streakiest hitter in baseball who doubles as the biggest K machine in the league, a gold glove type RFer who's a slightly above average hitter, a top hitting SS who couldn't field the position, and a below average defensive LFer with a slightly above average bat who was prone to more than his fair share of mental mistakes.
    Twins win percentages since 2010: .580, .389, .407, .407, .432, .512, .364, .525, .481, .623, .600, .430. Since becoming the Twins in 1961 the team has won fewer than 40% of their games 6 total times. Twice in the last 10 years including the season before Falvine took over. They're going to end around 44 or 45% this year probably. You're so upset about this season that you want the FO fired yet it's better than all but 2 of the 7 years prior to them taking over.
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    Minny505 reacted to Hosken Bombo Disco in How quickly we Forget   
    I don't think it's fair to call the 2016 season representative of the 2015-2018 window. There were several head scratching decisions made prior to 2016, most of all putting Sano in right field. Perkins was very hurt but hiding it. There were other questions, and then the nine game losing streak to start the season. You can't win the pennant in April, but they sure did lose it in April that season. 
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    Minny505 reacted to Brock Beauchamp in How quickly we Forget   
    While there's a lot of merit to your post, this comment feels really disingenuous. You mention they "nearly" made the playoffs in 2015 but fail to mention that they fielded literally the worst team in Twins history in 2016. Let's not pretend as if they didn't inherit a truly awful baseball team, sporting the worst record the franchise has posted in 60 years of Minnesota baseball.
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    Minny505 reacted to Mike Sixel in How quickly we Forget   
    I'm continually confused by statements that the FO has "no idea what it is doing" "they never make good decisions" etc...............
    They literally won the division the last two years. 
    You can be disappointed in this year, I think everyone is. But .... I think saying they are clueless idiots and we are only ever sold hope for the future....seems to completely ignore the last two years.
    PS. Before you point out "last year doesn't count".....every team played under the same conditions, and the Twins won. It isn't their fault Covid happened....
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    Minny505 got a reaction from Nick Nelson in Week in Review: Youth Movement   
    I'm on the Big Mike train with you @Nick Nelson. Would love to see him back. He's either pitching and good or not pitching. Twins need to prioritize those kinds of FA on one and two year contracts with the high minors SP depth right now. 

    Gant continues to look like an amazing trade for the FO. Will make a good swing-man/spot starter in 2022.
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    Minny505 reacted to MABB1959 in Week in Review: Youth Movement   
    I found some fun in baseball again during this sad Twins season.  Watching the AL East race for the playoffs is so exciting.  Of course I am pulling for Toronto and hope either the Blue Jays or Rays go to the WS.  Imagine Berrios pitching in the WS or Nelson Cruz up to bat.  It is what we were supposed to have this year.  
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    Minny505 reacted to Monkeypaws in Week in Review: Youth Movement   
    Positive September results for a last place team are welcome.
    So often they are but flashes in the pan though.
    Just a year ago we were all excited about Rooker, who is now featured in this year's "lowlights."
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    Minny505 reacted to Rosterman in Week in Review: Youth Movement   
    The Twins still need the same TWO things they needed last season, a starter (who this year) would be better than Berrios, and a real closer. Both could be expensive, but the money spent on a bunch of lesser talents could be pooled for a bigger expenditure. Or, if that doesn't work - trade.
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    Minny505 reacted to bean5302 in Bases Loaded - Twins Opponent OPS   
    From MLB.com...
    Remember that “Slam Diego” storyline built off the Padres’ unprecedented success with the bases loaded last season? Well, this is the opposite of that.
    This is the Twins’ opponent OPS with the bases loaded. Yes, this would be a new record, surpassing the mark set by the 2015 Tigers (1.215). But what makes this even more incredible is that the 2020 Twins pitching staff had a .404 opponent OPS with the bases loaded -- the fifth-best mark all-time (albeit in a shortened season).
    At least the Twins have company, because the Nationals’ pitching staff (1.099 through Wednesday) is on pace to set the all-time NL mark.
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    Minny505 reacted to Cap'n Piranha in Joe Ryan Is Better Than His Scouting Reports   
    The fact there is little to go on is exactly why we should be skeptical.
    On a completely different subject, I have this really awesome stock tip.  The company was just founded last year, and grew 1,000% this year!  If you send me some money, I'll invest it for you--I know that's only a little to go on, but that obviously means there's no good reason to be skeptical!
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