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    Minny505 reacted to Bigfork Twins Guy in Did The Twins Get What They Paid For?   
    That'd be a helpful stat.  I also think that looking at the raw numbers in this article does not take into account the number of games played by each SS nor the ground ball rate of each pitcher/team.  A percentage type statistic would seem to be more accurate.
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    Minny505 got a reaction from ashbury in Did The Twins Get What They Paid For?   
    Is there a double play opportunities converted rate out there? Anyone know? 
    Maybe something similar?
    Otherwise this seems more dependent on the pitcher than it does the fielders.
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    Minny505 got a reaction from RpR in Did The Twins Get What They Paid For?   
    Is there a double play opportunities converted rate out there? Anyone know? 
    Maybe something similar?
    Otherwise this seems more dependent on the pitcher than it does the fielders.
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    Minny505 reacted to ashbury in Did The Twins Get What They Paid For?   
    Turning double plays doesn't correlate strongly with winning.  Just look at the list. 
    Not just a one-year fluke either.  That site offers stats going back to 2007; the top DP team that year finished dead last in the NL.
    I wouldn't put Jeffers or Miranda or Larnach at SS, but it could be that anyone reasonably competent to turn grounders into outs on a reliable basis is good enough, and the main thing you want in this day and age is the bat.
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    Minny505 reacted to wabene in Did The Twins Get What They Paid For?   
    Somehow coming to the conclusion that Baldelli is responsible for Correa playing less than the leaders at his position is mind boggling. Baldelli, huh?
    Gleeman came up with a stat (which I just verified on Baseball Reference) that after Carlos returned from his second injury stint he played something like 96 out of 102 games. A 152 game pace. I looked at it another way. He had 2 stints on the IL missing 21 games. In the 141 games where he wasn't injured he played 132. That is also a 152 game pace. 
    I hope next year there is a least some reduction in people blaming Baldelli for everything they don't like and every outcome that isn't favorable. How about some reasoned discussion instead! 
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    Minny505 reacted to Game7-91 in Did The Twins Get What They Paid For?   
    Stats say Correa was an appreciably better player than Jeremy Pena this season. But Houston was still willing to let him walk and swap out Pena as their SS. Pena's reg season results were good, but Correa was better individually. But the Astros won more games in reg season than '21, won another pennant, and Pena was alcs mvp. For 34.3 million less than Correa made.
    Its still a team game, Somebody needs Correas talent to help them fill out a roster filled with championship caliber potential. It wont be the Twins or Astros. The Astros team functions quite well with his replacement. Correa by himself does not move the needle much for Twins. They are just slightly better than awful with him. Yankees or Dodgers are good fits, with legit needs to fill out their teams. Twins need to find a few more of their own Jeremy Pena's to make spending on the Correa's of the world worth it.
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    Minny505 reacted to Rosterman in Did The Twins Get What They Paid For?   
    The only problem I have with Correa getting the one-year salary (or total 3-year offer), is the bar that it may set for keeping players that have worked years in the minors and busted their butt as minimum wage Twins, and then deserve a payday. Who is to say a Brooks Lee might not be as valuable someday.
    Will the Twins ever again be able to make a comparable offer (one year with opt outs) again?
    And, yes, "blowing" a wad on a Big Name doesn't necessarily make the team better, even if the player performs at or above their average play. 
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    Minny505 reacted to Cris E in Did The Twins Get What They Paid For?   
    I'm convinced these numbers prove we'd have lost 170, maybe 180 games without him. 
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    Minny505 reacted to mac098 in Did The Twins Get What They Paid For?   
    Interesting numbers. But if you look at the 2 world series teams, we're just behind Houston who sits at 122 and only 8 behind the Phillies at 129. So, I don't know if these numbers have any direct correlation to being in the playoffs or not. It is an interesting detail to note about the SS though. Maybe our pitchers were more of a Flyball pitcher than they were Groundball pitcher. I mean the Twin's were 8th in the MLB for the most HR/9 with 1.2, whereas, the Phillies and Astros were towards the least amount of HR/9. 
    So, its hard to judge these numbers off anything as there really is no correlation between playoff teams or not. It could show that our pitchers don't pitch to GB contact but instead let our outfielders take the outs more than the infielders.
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    Minny505 reacted to Avardan in How will these Twins finish?   
    The Twins are due for a good winning streak, and if it's strong enough they just might win the Central.  ...but it'll be {{thisclose}}
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    Minny505 reacted to Vagnavs in How will these Twins finish?   
    I'm thinking 3rd  behind Chicago & Cleveland. Chicago should win it
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    Minny505 reacted to tony&rodney in How will these Twins finish?   
    Twins will win it all.
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    Minny505 reacted to cHawk in How will these Twins finish?   
    I like your confidence.
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    Minny505 reacted to insagt1 in How will these Twins finish?   
    I think the head to head with Cleveland and Chicago decides the division. Twins have 17 games left with those two. If they can beat them, they will win the division. If not, they finish 3rd and out of the playoffs.
    While Twins have been woefully inconsistent, thankfully so have the Guards and Sox. No one really wants to step up and take charge. but I think that will be changing. I'm not real confident the Twins have the horses to compete, but we'll see.
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    Minny505 reacted to IndianaTwin in The Bench (Its a huge team strength gone unnoticed)   
    A hearty "yes" to this post, Brandon.
    I have a feeling we may find out that catcher is the one exception, but there are a lot of teams who would love to have the "Sano problem," for example. A bunch of teams would be forced to rely on the hope of him coming back productively. In the Twins case, he's simply bonus, thanks to the production of guys you mentioned. Similarly, it hasn't been a backbreaker to have a productive, with good potential for more, rookie like Larnach go on the IL.
    I know I'm going to get myself in trouble for saying this, but I think you can carry some of the same observation to the rotation. I haven't gone to the work of checking, but I'm wondering how many teams have had only 21 games started by someone with an ERA+ under 95. That means more than three-fourths of our starts were by someone who is essentially league average or better. The White Sox, for example, have had 42. 
    And much of that is because of depth. In Smeltzer/Ober/Winder, we've got 25 starts from guys who weren't in the opening day rotation and have an ERA+ of 95 or better. I'm guessing not many teams have that many.
    Now the bullpen...
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    Minny505 reacted to tarheeltwinsfan in The Bench (Its a huge team strength gone unnoticed)   
    Really good point Ashbury. And to Roco's credit, the players seem to be able to put the team goals ahead of personal goals. That gets tricky sometimes, but this years Twins, led by veterans, Correa, Buck, Urshela, Gray and Archer, seem to have a "team first" attitude, which I thoroughly enjoy. Now, Rocco, about bunting and advancing those runners with less than 2 outs and hitting against the shift, may I humbly suggest there are some strategic changes which could produce more runs at critical times.
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    Minny505 reacted to ashbury in The Bench (Its a huge team strength gone unnoticed)   
    The weakest hitters on our current major league squad are just barely below league average, and none except maybe Miranda when he's at third seems like an absolute butcher on defense.  So whoever sits for a given game is a capable substitute if the need arises.  That relatively high "floor" does seem like an underappreciated asset.
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    Minny505 reacted to Karbo in All Star Changes Open Letter to Rob Manfred   
    Cool ideas. Would love to see something like the HR challenge for prostate cancer done at the HR derby. People could pledge X amt. per HR hit maybe even pick which player(s).
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    Minny505 reacted to Doctor Gast in Matt's Top Prospect List (June) + Explanations   
    Like you said Martin isn't a SS but is he still playing there? and why? Why isn't he playing CF? I won't mind if Martin becomes an Arraez w/ a glove and still believe eventually his power will come.
    I'm also getting a little impatient with Balazovich.
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    Minny505 reacted to Matt Braun in Matt's Top Prospect List (June) + Explanations   
    He hit the roster time threshold a while ago
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    Minny505 reacted to strumdatjag in How do you solve a problem like Correa?   
    In the MLB Top 100 Prospects St Louis also has #33 prospect Matthew Liberatore (LHP, currently at AAA) and #99 Mason Wynn (SS with a great arm who akdo has the ability to be a pitcher - he is currently at AA).  
    Jordan Walker is #24.  
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    Minny505 reacted to bean5302 in How do you solve a problem like Correa?   
    Even if you believe the Twins are not built to compete or that they couldn't compete, there would have to be a team in the AL Central who was clearly built to lead the way, and there isn't right now.
    The 1987 Twins team was mediocre and they won the World Series. It's a long shot, but until the Twins look to be well out of the division lead, Correa is not going to be traded. This is probably the 10th "Trade Correa" topic I've seen in the past couple weeks.
    Aside from that, the Cardinals have an excellent value shortstop right now... Tommy Edman has 3.4 fWAR. Nolan Gorman, a 22yr old rookie is delivering big time at 2B as well. The Cardinals have no real need for Correa.

    The Giants might be a legitimate destination, with Brandon Crawford struggling at the plate and moved to the 10 day IL, but Crawford has another year left at $16MM on his contract. I could potentially see a Correa for Crawford and Kyle Harrison trade or something like that. It's unlikely Correa (at $35MM and a rental) brings back great talent on his own.
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    Minny505 reacted to Trov in How do you solve a problem like Correa?   
    I would challenge your last claim that NO team would trade MLB pitching that would take on Correa.  If you recall a few years ago Cleveland traded away their top starting pitcher for offense.  They were so deep in pitching they knew they could give up one of them at the top of their value for a win now player.  I would agree it is rare and unlikely, but pretty sure Yankees could afford to give up one of their guys, you only need 4 in the playoffs and they run 5 deep right now. Not saying we should trade with them, but pointing some teams would be willing to part with MLB ready starters. 
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    Minny505 reacted to bean5302 in Grading Falvey's Drafts Mid 2022   
    I don't know. It's a concern to me that an "A" grade might be unachievable with my grading system, but analysis and write up work like this takes hours so it's not really feasible for me to do this for 29 other teams.

    That said, rounds 1-3 for Falvey's front office over the past 5 drafts seem to be short on quality regular players as of today, but still with some potential. The C grade as of now seems fair.
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    Minny505 reacted to bean5302 in Grading Falvey's Drafts Mid 2022   
    I am not bullish on Larnach and I was pretty critical of his projectability last year.

    But, the fact is he made huge strides against one of the most popular breaking pitches in the game which he was lost against last year, the slider. He's still been nearly useless against changeups, but there is some minor movement forward on that one too. I'll give credit where it's due and that's the reason he got a little bump up.
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