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    Wizard11 reacted to Platoon in Twins Certainly Giving Fans What They Want   
    Mikelink45 has a good point. Exactly what does TC Bear have to do with the Twins? Secret Hamms Beer reference? Or, for a decade we couldn't "bear" to watch the team? And, why was the previous bear actor dumped? What does a bear do in the woods? And do we know about it? There's too many unanswered questions regarding the TC Bear. As for the Smurf Blue? Ugh! UGh! UGH,
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    Wizard11 reacted to howieramone2 in Relief Rallying out of Nowhere   
    Last I looked payroll was at 124M or about 5M under last season. I would guess we will makes moves at the trade line which should take us into the highest ever territory for the second year in a row.
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    Wizard11 reacted to Ted Schwerzler in Relief Rallying out of Nowhere   
    Right now they're at $119, which is about $10MM under. It's also Opening Day payroll that was a record last year. It'd be great if the Twins are in a position to add as the season goes on, but it's starting out committed that's more impressive to me.
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    Wizard11 reacted to mlhouse in A Look Back At The Top Twins Prospects From 2011 (AKA... Yikes)   
    One of the biggest problems the Twins had starting in 2011 was that Ron Gardenhire was the manager.   I get that they were not going to fire him after the 2010 94 win season.  That was probably a very good managerial job.
    The problem was after the 2011 63-99 season it was so obvious that the team needed a manager that could rebuild the squad and Gardenhire wasn't it.  Keeping him on the job for 4 consecutive 90+ loss seasons was a huge mistake that set this franchise back.
    Where is Aaron Hicks career if he doesn't start with a manager that had absolutely zero patience for young players and their mistakes? 
    I would also argue that even though Molitor pulled 80+ win seasons in 15 and 17, almost miracles, he also wasn't the right guy for the job for a rebuilding team either.  
    So, the fact is, the Twins for the past 8 seasons have not hired correctly at the top.  I think they finally have this season, but that remains to be seen. 
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