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    gman reacted to JD-TWINS in Byron Buxton is Worth It   
    I agree - he’s overhyped. Overhyped because people lean into his athleticism as being his primary value - stealing bases - gold glove defense - etc.
    He’s got raw power. He strikes out a bunch - most power guys in today’s game also strike out too much.
    The fact that you only see greatness a few weeks out of the year exemplifies why he should DH - so he plays more than his average of 74 games per year (excluding 2017).
    130-135 games played with the heavy use of DH & regular rest seems to be a plan. Never tried it before. Gotta do something different other than just cross our fingers.
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    gman reacted to PDX Twin in Byron Buxton is Worth It   
    I agree with this completely. He could be an MVP with his speed and defense. But that's not who he has been over his career. Just another pull hitter who strikes out a lot and hits a few homeruns. If he's a DH and not stealing bases, he's less valuable than Kepler, who gives us elite defense every night and a similar profile at the plate.
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    gman got a reaction from Cory Engelhardt in Where will E-Rod end season in organization?   
    I think Erod gets promoted to St Paul for the playoffs this year. Maybe sooner if there are injuries/trades from the big league roster.
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    gman reacted to rv78 in Byron Buxton is Worth It   
    I find it ironic that the Twins have decided they can't let him play in CF becasue they don't want to lose his offense. Yet they keep and allow Kepler to play mainly for his defense, (because he has become really bad offensively), and they go out and get one of the worst hitters from 2022, Joey Gallo to add to their outfield, which means again they only acquired him for his defense, and they got Taylor who is right-handed, same as Buxton, so a platoon with him doesn't make sense, and again a defense-first type player. But Buxton, who is probably the premier defensive player in all of baseball is not going to be used for defensive purposes, even though he too has become in your own words, "an all or nothing hitter." Based on his past performance I would say the only value that Buxton provides over other outfielders that can hit for decent average and some power is his defense, but the Twins have chosen to throw that value down the toilet in the hopes he doesn't get plunked by a pitch or hurt a knee running the bases. (His last 2 injuries were not from playing defense).
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    gman reacted to CRF in Byron Buxton is Worth It   
    Just my 2 cents. I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I'm in the camp that thinks that we're babying him just a little too much. I don't see why he's not out there in CF a few games during ST. If he can DH/bat, and run the bases, he can play the outfield. He could get a HBP and be out the whole season too. He got hurt last year sliding into 2nd base, not out in CF.  Is he injury prone? Yep. He's sure proven that. I'd be willing to  bet he comes up with something again this year that causes him to miss time. I don't think that's going to change. It can happen to anyone. Buxton should take some turns at DH...AND...play the field.  
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    gman reacted to Bodie in Byron Buxton is Worth It   
    Sorry but I completely disagree. 
    Buxton's average season line sits at .244 12 32
    Yep, a .244 batting average, 12 homeruns and 32(!) RBIs per season.  A pretty pathetic output for any position, let alone for a DH.  These aren't numbers picked from his poorest/ most injury plagued seasons  but career averages (now covering 8 seasons).
    He now seldom steals bases, and I don't see that changing (nor do many close observers) taking away one of his two best demonstrated skills.  If he isn't regularly playing elite CF defense (his other demonstrated skill), he simply isn't isn't the guy that all Twins fans want to see and the Twins need to be competitive. 
    There is an old saying about _____ on my leg and telling me it is raining.
    I really want to see it rain, but his history has shown that we're much more likely to end up with a fetid yellow puddle than than anything else.
    Here is to hoping that he is up for 140 games (most in CF) looking like one of the best all-around players in the game.  I just won't hold my breath...
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    gman reacted to Mike Sixel in Where will E-Rod end season in organization?   
    AAA, possibly MLB if there are enough injuries or things go very badly.
    Lewis is your starting CF at some point, with Buxton at DH most of the time and playing 40 or so games in center. Larnach in left and EROD in right eventually. Martin (if he's ever healthy) the backup CF and LF. It is also likely Wallner forces his way into the discussion at first, DH, right field.....That depends a lot on Larnach's health.
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    gman reacted to chpettit19 in Where will E-Rod end season in organization?   
    MLB.com just ran a story showing where the top 100 prospects are all starting the season. They have Rodriguez at High A to start the year. If that's where he's starting I think reaching AA should be a minimum goal for him this year. AAA should be the highest mostly realistic goal. I don't disagree that MLB isn't out of the question if he's truly a star, but there's a lot of guys to jump in front of him for that to happen. But reaching AAA at the age of 20 would be gigantic. My guess is they don't rush him and he tops out at AA, and that's still great. 20 year old in AA means he has a legit chance of being a 21 year old in MLB in 2024, and that's plenty soon enough.
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    gman reacted to Trov in Where will E-Rod end season in organization?   
    I know season has not started, and E-Rod is coming off of missing significant time due to injury.  However, I was thinking about how high I am on him, mainly the combo of eye and power.  Rarely will you see numbers like his at any level. He hit 9 HR in just under 200 plate appearance, but he walked 57 times only striking out 52.  That is crazy for someone of his age.  It was a HR every 15 at bats, or 1 per 22 plate appearances.  His OBP was .492, and this was in a pitcher friendly league.  
    If he continues to have an eye like that and contact like he has I could see him move very quickly.  I bet he ends up in AA this year, but if there is a ton of injuries to OF like last year, I do not think it is outside the realm that they give him a shot at the majors.  This is only if he does what he did last year and injuries.  I am not expecting majors, but I think it is in realm of possibilities. He may only be 20, but many superstars have made it to majors at that age. 
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    gman reacted to TopGunn#22 in Is Jovani Moran Being Overlooked in the Twins Pen?   
    I've been high on Moran ever since I first saw him pitch for the Twins.  His change up reminds of of Johan Santana.  Yes, he's got to cut down on walks but I think that will come.  Nobody seems to hit anything especially hard off him.  I'm expecting good things to continue this year.  He may emerge as our #1 left handed option.   
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    gman reacted to Fatbat in Is Jovani Moran Being Overlooked in the Twins Pen?   
    Id take him over any other of the possible options. He needs to stay on the varsity team. Good chance he will be the lights out Jovani as he continues to develop his craft. 
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    gman reacted to Parfigliano in Is Jovani Moran Being Overlooked in the Twins Pen?   
    No more sending him down.  He has earned his spot in the bullpen.
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    gman reacted to chpettit19 in Twins 2022 Roster Flaws Even More Evident After the 2023 Offseason   
    No coaching? If they put effort into fixing his swing? Cruz is the only one who cared about Sano? Ineffective leadership? Twins dropped the ball? What evidence do you have of any of this?
    The Twins are a professional baseball organization. They gave Sano tens of millions of dollars. You don't think they were willing to provide him any help he may have wanted? They just gave him millions of dollars and tossed him aside to figure it out on his own? Come on now. This isn't little league. The major league coaches don't take guys into the cages and force swing changes. Miguel Sano is a 29 year old man. He made his own choices about whether or not he wanted to "fix his swing."
    Carlos Correa is one of the 20 best baseball players on the planet and he was in the cage all last year working with Popkins to adjust his swing. But that's because he asked for it. If Sano wanted help from coaches on his swing, approach, physical conditioning, whatever they would've provided it. They gave him individualized plans for every offseason. They would've provided any help he wanted. And very well may have put in tons of work with him. 
    If players don't improve the things we want them to it's because they either didn't want/seek help, or physically weren't capable of fixing it. There is no professional player that a team is simply not willing to help, or not putting effort in to help. I can't comprehend the idea that the Twins paid Sano over $30 million, but weren't willing, or trying to, help him perform.
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    gman reacted to Parfigliano in Projecting the Twins 2023 Opening Day Roster: Final Decisions   
    Im sure of few things.  Im sure Polanco isnt getting pink slipped to start the season.
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    gman got a reaction from Jocko87 in Twins Daily 2023 Top Prospects: #7 Connor Prielipp, LHP   
    I have no problem with him being ranked #7, or even #4, or #15 or #25. What I like is the team took the gamble, jumped out there and grabbed him because he was available and had a high pre-draft projection. Over the years we've drafted plenty of middle relievers, utility infielders or 4th outfielders. Let alone all the picks that never made it to the pros for a cup of coffee. I would rather the team took the high upside gamble and failed,  then took the sure bet whose upside will fill a reserve role on the roster.
    Its all right if we like our players better than other projection services, but we should like them as least as well as those other services.  Personally I like the thought that he could be an ace, better than the thought that he could be an oft injured middle inning reliever.
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    gman got a reaction from TopGunn#22 in Ranking the Twins Top-5 Power Tool Prospects: 2023   
    I am surprised that Lewis is rated this high in the power department. Always thought he was more hit and run type player. The others I expected including Lee. I do expect Lewis, Lee and Rodriguez in the everyday lineup in a couple of years when added to Kirilloff, Larnach, Buxton, Correa and Jeffrey, along with Julian, Wallner and Martin there should be consistent power throughout the lineup.
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    gman got a reaction from Doctor Gast in Ranking the Twins Top-5 Power Tool Prospects: 2023   
    I am surprised that Lewis is rated this high in the power department. Always thought he was more hit and run type player. The others I expected including Lee. I do expect Lewis, Lee and Rodriguez in the everyday lineup in a couple of years when added to Kirilloff, Larnach, Buxton, Correa and Jeffrey, along with Julian, Wallner and Martin there should be consistent power throughout the lineup.
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    gman reacted to FlyingFinn in Report from the Fort: Updates from Twins Territory South   
    Is it just me or are road teams, including the Twins, more often than previous years bringing mostly AA/AAA lineups to road games and playing the regulars at home games? That makes the spring training stats even more worthless to evaluate for major leaguers as they aren't getting to face many players that are at their level.
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    gman reacted to Tyler from Oregon in The Twins could have Six Top-50 Draft Picks in 2024   
    Straight up, if Gallo, Grey, and Mahle all have good seasons, I'd absolutely throw them each a QO. I'd have to assume that none of them take it (maybe Gallo?) but draft picks are pretty cool.
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    gman got a reaction from davidborton in Spring Training Audio Diary: Edouard Julien Optioned   
    Julian could possibly play firstbase if Kiilloff is not ready.. At 6'2" and 200 lbs, I think he is big enough. But if Kirilloff is not ready it looks like Gallo will get firstbase and Larnach left field. But if not, I'd prefer him getting fulltime play at Triple A over sitting the bench in the majors.
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    gman got a reaction from SF Twins Fan in Whats up with Buxton ?????   
    I suspect another year or 2 of extreme injury totals and they will re-think not playing into game shape.
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    gman reacted to Valdespino in Twins Spotlight: LHP Jaylen Nowlin   
    Geez, he just turned 22.  Give him a chance. A lot of great pitchers struggled with control at that age.  He sounds like a hard working guy with tons of upside.  I’m looking forward to seeing him progress.
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    gman reacted to Doctor Gast in Sandy Valdespino, Member of the 1965 World Series Twins, Passes Away at 84   
    For being short Sandy Valespino could really jump. I will always remember that catch that he made. I was in awe because I thought it was gone. Also I remember watching it with Dad.
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    gman reacted to jmlease1 in Joe Pohlad and the Next Generation of Twins Ownership   
    Hopefully, Joe Pohlad can fix the issue with the team's TV contract and broadcast "partner", get them into a better position for streaming Twins baseball, and position themselves to generate better local revenues and continue to have them spending consistently in the middle of the pack or better on payroll.
    I will say, it's always better to have an owner (or lead from the ownership group, or whatever the setup is) who likes baseball, and Joe Pohlad certainly seems to care about it. I hope the Pohlad Family looks to the Rooneys in the NFL as their model for a family ownership of a professional sports team.
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    gman reacted to roger in Joe Pohlad and the Next Generation of Twins Ownership   
    Jim Pohlad was a businessman who inherited the role of Twin Chair from his father. 
    Joe has been groomed for his role as chairman since graduating from Boston College in the early 2000's.  Between graduation and joining the Twins in 2007, Joe was working at the League offices in New York.  I am not aware of what his job/responsibilites were while with the League, but it certainly provided valuable experience and contacts when moving back to the Twin Cities.  With 15 years of experience the Pohlad who is now in charge is a 'baseball man.'
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