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  1. On 11/16/2021 at 6:42 PM, Vanimal46 said:

    If we somehow end up trading Berrios and Buxton within a calendar year of each other, I’m going to have to take some time to see if I really want to prioritize the Twins and MLB in my free time. The pain is going to be too much to handle. 

    The FO created 2 self-inflicting, horribly managed situations. There’s still time to right this ship before it’s too late and a trade occurs  


    Those were my exact thoughts. I've been accused of having permanent rose-tinted contacts in when it comes to the Twins, but if Buxton is gone this year, I think I'm taking a year or three off watching baseball. At least MLB.


  2. Just now, Squirrel said:

    Pineda is the only head scratcher for me ... I would think someone would want him, but maybe not? <shrug>

    Eh, I don't think trading Donaldson is a disappointment ... but I could see no one wanting Sano or Simmons

    Agreed. I also think trading Sano now would be likely a bad sell-low moment. He's not worth giving away and still has so much potential, even though he's incredibly frustrating.

  3. Just now, Mike Sixel said:

    Another AA arm! RP only, but I'd put him in MN right now.

    As much as I like aggressive promotion, he started the year in A+ and has only pitched 6.2 innings in AA. Looks like he strikes everyone out and doesn't give up HR though. What the hell, why not?


  4. Fangraphs just dedicated an article on Arraez: https://blogs.fangraphs.com/luis-arraez-sui-generis/.


    Summary is because of his insane plate discipline, his lack of power is not the hindrance it seems. So long as he keeps putting balls in play all the time, he'll at least be an average offensive player. Average being his floor with this plate discipline

  5. Arraez winning the batting title. I love it.


    If we could get a front-line starter by trading Lewis or Kirilloff, I think we have to do it. Particularly if it's for more than a year. Opportunities to with championships don't come around often for us. With our depth, we wouldn't be sacrificing the team's future by doing so.

  6. Pineda, and I think he can. Last year was his first after TJ, and the more he pitched, the better he looked. Here is his ERA and xFIP by month:


            April    May    June    July     Aug  Sept/Oct

    ERA  6.21    4.50     3.58    2.59    3.52     2.25

    xFIP  5.1     4.80       4.07    3.98    3.81     3.28


    He increased his k/9 rate from 8.16  to 9.45 between halves. He dropped his HR/9 from 1.55 to 1.18. His second half k-BB% of 20.2% would have tied him with Robbie Ray for 15th in baseball. Berrios was 17.1% in 2019.


    I think Pineda has the skills and mental fortitude to be an ace. If he steps up next year, we're going to be scary good.

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