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  1. I imagine BABIP captures what I've seen a few times. In looking through his game log, I found this interesting:


    5/25 - BABIB .444 - His defense included Santana, Nunez, Parm outfield.

    5/18 - BABIP .333 - OF of Kubel, Hicks, Parm

    5/13 - BABIP .267!! - I can't tell who played CF, but the lineup included Nunez, Parm, Santana, Kubel and Escobar. I imagine three of those played OF, but it's hard to know who.

    5/7 - BABIP .357 - OF of Kubel, Fuld, Colabello.

    5/2 - BABIP .286 - OF of Kubel, Fuld, Colabello

    4/24 - BABIP .391 - OF of Fuld, Hicks, Colabello

    4/18 - BABIP .435 - OF of Mastro, Hicks, Colabello

    4/12 - BABIP .200 - OF of Kubel, Hicks, Colabello

    4/6 - BABIP .353 - OF of Kubel, Hicks, Bartlett!!

    3/31 - BABIP .421 - OF of Arcia, Hicks, Willingham


    Point is that he's had some pretty bad OF defense behind him. Particularly bad for a flyball pitcher. It seems to me that since May, he's been pitching about how we should expect him to, and if we put a good defense behind him (a topic in another thread, I believe), we might actually see good results.

  2. Offensively (wRC+), he's had a similar season as billy hamilton and grady sizemore, and he's been more valuable than BJ upton, Jackie Bradley Jr, Will Venable, and Revere.


    By the same measurement, he's actually been above average (119 wRC+) over the last 30 days - granted, he hasn't had many at-bats. In that time, he's hitting .231/ .388 / .359.


    It's hard to say what his defense will look like by the end of the year, but I think he's given us reason to believe he can provide positive value. I hope his bat and defense will improve to the point where we could put him in RF, but if he never reaches that point, I think it's likely he will be worth more in trade value this offeseason than Revere was.

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