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    GV14218 reacted to nicksaviking in Assessing the Twins Trade for Tyler Mahle   
    Mahle's numbers when he doesn't pitch in Cincinnati are really good. He's a better pitcher than you think.
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    GV14218 reacted to Major League Ready in Assessing the Twins Trade for Tyler Mahle   
    It's not that big of a mess.  Bundy and Archer's options will be declined.  The starting 5 will be Gray / Mahle / Ryan/ Winder and either Maeda or Ober.  Smeltzer / Dobnak and eventually Paddack will be inexpensive depth.  I suspect 1 or 2 of them will be multi-inning RPs.
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    GV14218 reacted to h2oface in Assessing the Twins Trade for Tyler Mahle   
    Because it is sooooooo important who put it to writing first? I, for one, could care less who found out first. Somebody told them and knew before they did! It matters not. Everyone knows soon enough.
    It is the race to be first that so often results in wrong or false info. 
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    GV14218 reacted to ashbury in Assessing the Twins Trade for Tyler Mahle   
    Getting a very good starting pitcher and giving up only one pitching prospect, not a top one really, and filling out the offer with a couple of good bats who don't handle up-the-middle defensive positions and likely would be blocked for a while at their respective spots, is the kind of package I hoped for.
    I wish a similar reliance on excess corner bats would have nabbed us either of the relievers, but oh well, pitching talks and bs walks.
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    GV14218 reacted to minman1982 in Assessing the Twins Trade for Tyler Mahle   
    I have to agree as well.  The Twins will also probably be getting Maeda back at some point before the end of the season.  While he will not be a starter this year, he could certainly provide some depth in the bullpen and play a role in 2023.  Imagine what this season would look like if Maeda was pitching like he did last year every fifth game.
    2023: Mahle, Maeda, Ryan (with a solid year under his belt), Gray, and take your pick from the rest could be the rotation, in no particular order.  If the FO really wanted to make a splash, they could go after a top tier free agent starter and round things out nicely.
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    GV14218 reacted to Monkeypaws in Assessing the Twins Trade for Tyler Mahle   
    They drafted a good lefty pitcher in this last draft, as well as some good hitting and fielding infielders.
    If they keep drafting well, they can keep making this kind of deal.
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    GV14218 reacted to dxpavelka in Minnesota’s 3 Options with Carlos Correa   
    No trade.  You got him to compete this year.  You're in position to do so.  Maybe you lose him in the off-season, maybe you don't.  He didn't cost you anything in terms of player capital.  If you have a good run maybe you figure out a way to keep him.  Trading him for prospects sets you back years.  A year ago we traded our best pitcher for AA prospects who to this day remain AA prospects. You brought Correa in to take a shot.  Take a shot.
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    GV14218 reacted to RJA in Minnesota’s 3 Options with Carlos Correa   
    One is the only option. Boras will not entertain any extension at this point. It would be crazy to do so. Trading him would be nuts as it would totally disrupt the clubhouse. And, they need him if they are going to make the postseason. 
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    GV14218 reacted to AlwaysinModeration in Trading for Thor: Could Noah Syndergaard Provide Twins Stability?   
    Yes, the Twins should absolutely be in on Thor (even if they use him out of the pen).  Trading for him now increases the likelihood he stays with them beyond this year, too.
    What would he cost?  That’s the question. Off to go look up baseballtradevalues…
    …and now back.  Thor is valued at 4.5.
    Twins could offer Julien (2.4) and Hajjar (2.4) and that would be considered an even trade according to that site.
    The closest individual players in terms of value would appear to be:
    Canterino 5.3
    Miller 4.8
    Balazovic. 3.5
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    GV14218 reacted to arby58 in Miguel Sanó’s Looming Return   
    I seriously doubt they would get much in trade for Sano - he's 29, has some history of injury issues, and he's limited in what he can do. That said, I don't see any future for him, as Miranda and Kirilloff are younger and cheaper. Some people fear Sano will be another David Ortiz, but Ortiz was 26 and coming off a year with an .836 OPS when he landed in Boston. Sano's OPS the last two years was .757 and .778 - and then, of course, there is this year's .379. Trade him if you can, or DFA if you can't. If he turns into a different player in his 30s (highly doubt it), so be it.
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    GV14218 reacted to Dave The Dastardly in Miguel Sanó’s Looming Return   
    Putting Sano back at first and benching Kirilloff and Miranda would be criminal. Hand him a check for the rest of whatever he's got coming for this year, pay him the buy-out option for next year and wish him well. Money well spent.
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    GV14218 reacted to umterp23 in Miguel Sanó’s Looming Return   
    Simple answer is time to move on.  Wish him the best but by no means is even close to $14MM a year, especially with younger guys filling in nicely at 1st.  He would be an overpriced DH, rotation guy that Twins can use his money for pitching. Pat him on the back and wish him the best of luck somewhere else
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    GV14218 got a reaction from TwinsDr2021 in Twins Fans Ride Out Severe Weather at Wednesday's Suspended Game   
    “some outwardly questioned why the Twins decided to play the game at all given the evening's forecast.” Twins management showed a lack of good judgement last night. Forecast was clear. Thumbs down on them.
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    GV14218 reacted to Doctor Gast in Why Trouble Could Lie Ahead for One Key Twins Reliever   
    I've heard that San Diego doesn't know how to develop pitching. There's a chance that Pagan & Paddack could improve with MN but the time to do that is before ST not after. So now they have to try to do it on the fly.
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    GV14218 reacted to wsnydes in Why Trouble Could Lie Ahead for One Key Twins Reliever   
    I see this as a two part question.  Can he be a reliable option in the backend of the bullpen?  I'm not convinced either way.  Perhaps the bigger question is this though; are there better, more reliable options there?  I don't know that there are.  At least right now.  So, it's sort of a case of he's basically got to be one way or another until Rocco is able to find someone that is.  And they need more than just one reliable arm for late game situations, so it becomes a circular argument.
    Not a confidence instilling scenario.  
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    GV14218 reacted to Dman in Why Trouble Could Lie Ahead for One Key Twins Reliever   
    Pagan was more of a throw in type veteran replacement for Rogers than a real solution IMO.  We all knew he was headed in the wrong direction sans the trade and yet given the state of our pen he looks like one of the few arms trusted in high leverage situations.  So I am hoping the Twins can find something to make sure he can be a solution and not another problem.
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    GV14218 reacted to tony&rodney in Why Trouble Could Lie Ahead for One Key Twins Reliever   
    Pagan is mostly an asterisk. The Twins have incredible confidence in their assessment that Chris Paddock will be the real deal (J.D. Durbin). Paddack was a strong prospect in the same vein as Fernando Romero, Stephen Gonsalves, and Lewis Thorpe. Paddack, unlike the others, had a little success in The Show, so the love for him. Emilio Pagan was part of the price extracted to win the Paddack sweepstakes (TR to SD, $6.6 to SD, $2.3 for EP, & $2.25 for CP). The Twins won't keep Pagan past this year and his usage will depend on having some success. We shouldn't be surprised if ZIPs is fairly accurate but relief pitchers can also have short runs where they find their groove and the Twins are hoping for a few good outings from Pagan. Pagan is likely happy enough to be on the roster. He was destined for release by San Diego. Let us hope the new pitches work.
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    GV14218 reacted to Vanimal46 in Tyler Duffey's Dreadful Start Is Déjà Vu All Over Again   
    I’m 100% with you Nick. I don’t think you’ll find anyone who will disagree with you. I won’t go as far as saying DFA him, yet. But it’s clear for the immediate/short term he can’t be relied upon in high leverage appearances. If his FB has lost all effectiveness, his time will be limited in Minnesota and MLB. 
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    GV14218 reacted to old nurse in CJ Cron vs. Miguel Sanó: Did the Twins Swing and Miss?   
    Away from Coors last year Cron had a .730 OPS Just one small piece of homework…..
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    GV14218 reacted to LastOnePicked in CJ Cron vs. Miguel Sanó: Did the Twins Swing and Miss?   
    I seem to recall that Cron's thumb was injured at the end of his year with us, and the injury seemed pretty bad at the time. I liked Cron, and I'm glad he's had a resurgence, but I can't really fault the choice of Sano over Cron. Sano seemed on the verge of stardom.
    All that said, the bad luck and the missed opportunities are starting to add up again.
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    GV14218 reacted to GKuehl in Miranda, Larnach Optioned, Nine More Reassigned to Minor League Camp   
    I agree with the decisions to send Larnach and Miranda down for the time being. Both of them have immense potential, but they need more than periodic playing time, and each of them would be relegated to a redundant bench piece on the fully-healthy 28 man roster. As a lefty corner outfielder, it wouldn’t make much sense to keep Larnach around when Kepler and Kiriloff, two left corner outfielders, are our presumed starters in the corner OF spots. This looks like good news for Rooker, who can take over in LF with Kiriloff sliding to RF for Kepler against tough lefty SPs. With Miranda, he just wouldn’t see much more than spot starts at the beginning of the year, especially since it looks like one of Arraez or Urshela will probably be on the bench on opening day and Miranda looks best suited for 2B/3B just like Arraez. 
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    GV14218 got a reaction from Karbo in Three Twins Arbitration Eligible Ahead of Tuesday's Deadline   
    Sanchez’s declining stats the past few years lead me to say no to an extension. 
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    GV14218 got a reaction from Matthew Lenz in Three Twins Arbitration Eligible Ahead of Tuesday's Deadline   
    Sanchez’s declining stats the past few years lead me to say no to an extension. 
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    GV14218 got a reaction from mikelink45 in Three Twins Arbitration Eligible Ahead of Tuesday's Deadline   
    Sanchez’s declining stats the past few years lead me to say no to an extension. 
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    GV14218 reacted to roger in Assessing the Donaldson and Kiner-Falefa Trade With the Yankees   
    Unlike many, I really liked the deal that brought K-F here.  Loved his defense, speed and the fact he got on base, albeit with singles.  Loved the fact we finally had a shortstop who appeared to want to be with the Twins.
    Loved the deal that brought Gray over, even if the cost was Petty.  In the big picture, the best use of #1 picks taken late in the first round may be to flip them after a year in the organization.  Works well especially if there is a boatload of top prospects at the same position who are near ready.
    Absolutely hate the Yankee trade, which I consider to be a HUGE loss for the Twins.  We gave up that defensive shortstop and again have a big hole at the most important infield position.  Have never liked Sanchez, who seems to be injured more than Donaldson (I don't know if that is true, just seems like it to me).  And our catching depth and defense took a huge hit when Rortvedt was included, who I believe will become the Yankee's regular catcher for the next decade.  
    Yes, there is now a ton of money available.  Will they use it to sign a shortstop...there are two available?  And what will they do for catching depth, both this year and beyond?  We all think they need at least one more starting pitcher.  Well after late last night they also need a shortstop and catcher.  Was really happy when I went to bed.  Flat out threw up when reading the Strib over breakfast.
    I pray that they aren't done and there will be at least three more deals (sign a shortstop, sign/trade for a young catcher, and sign/trade for another starting pitcher) today and tomorrow, please!
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