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    GV14218 reacted to Rosterman in It Don't Sano in July   
    He is owed a hunk of change and we know the front office hates to give anyone away. But remember, if a player is on the waiver wire in August, he goes. No pulling back. No trade worked out.
    So the Twins will run him out as long as they can afford to do so, at the expense of Celestino, Garlick or Miranda.
    And, whew, what happens if he produces, slams like 20 homers in the last two months at DH and hits .250 or above. Do the Twins (ahem) grab his...option for 2023 and go forward from there?
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    GV14218 reacted to RpR in Opening Weekend Thoughts   
    After two more weeks of games, we will have an idea of which of these three games are most like the rest of the season.
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    GV14218 reacted to bean5302 in What should the Twins offer Byron Buxton?   
    The Twins should offer Buxton... the opportunity to play somewhere else while the Twins focus on players who play full seasons.
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    GV14218 reacted to cHawk in What should the Twins offer Byron Buxton?   
    The tough thing is that you don’t know how many games he’s going to play. He’s only had one (1) season where he’s played 100+ games.
    You know how good he is going to be when healthy: One of the best players in baseball. In 2021, he put up 4.2 WAR in 61 games. Over a 162 game season, that’s a ridiculous 11.1 WAR. (That tells me that his 2021 success wouldn’t be sustainable over a full season) That being said, he’s going to be a Mike Trout-type player when healthy.
    If you extend him, you should make the base 60 games/year, which would be about $25M/year. So, I would do 4 years/$100M with incentives galore. 
  5. Incorrect
    GV14218 reacted to Andrew Mahlke in What should the Twins offer Byron Buxton?   
    Thank you I really appreciate that! We need to lock Buxton up for the long-term I agree.
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    GV14218 reacted to TopGunn#22 in Wheeling n' Dealing in The West - Dodgers and Padres   
    Either trade would be pretty good...even though I'm not overly eager to trade Berrios/Rogers.  As a Twins fan #1 and a Dodgers fan #2 I would be O.K. with the Dodgers deal.  Berrios is durable and dependable.  May is coming back from Tommy John surgery.  And Rogers gives the Dodgers a dependable LH arm out of the bullpen who could possibly close in 2022.  However, even though the trade adds up in San Diego's favor, I like Hassell and Weathers.  THAT would be a trade that (I can't believe I'm saying this) would be HAPPY with.  Weathers is just 21.  Hassell is just 19.  These are guys you can build around for years.  The other two are good filler with "potential."  I'd make this trade.
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